Monday, October 29, 2007

Richard Barrett's Nationalist Movement Planning A "Jena Justice Day To Empower The Majority" On January 21st, 2008 (Martin Luther King Day)

The Nationalist Movement, which describes itself as "pro-majority," announced its intention to hold a rally in Jena, La., on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2008. Full story published on October 27th, 2007 in the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The organization issued a statement this week saying "Jena Justice Day to Empower the Majority" would be held on January 21st, 2008, the day set aside to celebrate the birthday of the slain American civil rights leader. The statement also said the Nationalist Movement will be "bringing their tools for empowerment to Louisiana to defeat the demands of Al Sharpton." The events planned include a two-mile parade, speeches, ceremonies and petitions "as a centerpiece to abolish King Day." The Nationalist Movement describes the event as "No to Jena 6, No to King". There also will petition for abolition of the Civil Rights Bill and give a voice to the voiceless," the release stated. Full statement available HERE.

The announcement of the event follows a massive rally held in Jena on September 20th, 2007 when 20,000 blacks invaded and occupied Jena for one day in support of six black teenagers arrested in December 2006 and charged with attacking Justin Barker, a white classmate at Jena High School, and knocking him unconscious. Demonstrators claimed that LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters was treating blacks more harshly than whites, because his office didn't file charges against three white teens accused of hanging nooses in a tree on the high school's campus shortly before the attack on Barker.

Reverend B.L. Moran, who has worked with the "Jena Six" families, said they wouldn't try to stop the event but may plan something around that time. Moran also said there are normally events planned in support of unity on that day — not division.

Jena Mayor Murphy McMillin said Friday that the town had received information about the January event but that no application for a permit had yet been made and no permit yet issued. "Here in Jena, we are very careful to abide by the Constitution of the United States," he said. "So we will do the appropriate thing to keep with that document."

Messages left Saturday October 27th on the answering machine of the Nationalist Movement headquarters in Learned, Miss., were not returned.

Richard Barrett, the leader of the organization, also informs us that he received a written apology from the producer of the Dr. Phil show for having misrepresented the Nationalist Movement. I watched that program myself, and Dr. Phil was extremely rude to Barrett, verbally berating him, and cutting him off when he (Barrett) attempted to defend himself.

Read the transcript of Richard Barrett being interviewed by WJZD radio HERE.

If Richard Barrett is serious about launching this rally, he needs to publicize it - far beyond his website. He should be posting and recruiting on the major white nationalist forums, at least on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum. Both these venues know from personal experience it takes at least two months to organize a rally properly.


Anonymous said...


Richard Barrett

Brian Moran, the Negro who tried, unsuccessfully, to shout down
pro-majority sentiment on the "Dr. Phil Show", now says that he is
not going to try to stop the "Jena Justice Day" parade and rally. How
nice of him. But, it is not his largesse which has backed him into the
corner. It is the determination, zeal and victories of Nationalists, who
have emerged not only as opponents of the pro-minority Moran, but
as proponents of the majority-ruled America. As the showdown
between democracy and tyranny shapes up, new faces and voices
emerge and invigorated freedom marches back into the fray.

The first salvo was fired by "Black-Moslem"-honcho Louis Farrakhan,
who accused Nationalists of being "criminals" for sending their
newspaper to prisoners in Maryland and, then, breaking a ban
which officials had imposed. He called it a "crime" to publish a
cartoon of a Negro with aboriginal-features and to display a noose
to protest the black-power invasion of Jena, notwithstanding free-speech
guarantees of the First Amendment. What he wants, however, is for
the high-school students, loggers, saw-mill workers and townsmen,
marching in January at Jena, to be locked up. His cohort, Lamont
Jenkins, had already put out the word to "stop" Nationalists rallying
in New Jersey.

The only problem was that Nationalists sued and won, so it was the
Negroes, not the Nationalists, who went to the slammer. It's been
years and years since any Nationalists have been arrested, as they
were in Georgia and California, for delivering speeches. In fact,
Moran is being faced down by the very ones who had written the
law of the land on parades and rallies, mandating police-protection
for Nationalists and shutting down "permit" schemes, which used to
be used to keep pro-majority paraders off the streets. Now, that
push has come to shove, the Mychal Bells have no shoving left.

It was not that Moran pulled back out of the "goodness of his heart,"
but, rather, from the knowledge that he and his co-conspirators
would be busted, if they tried to ape the rioters of yesteryear. And,
the same went for Mayor Murphy McMillin. Mayor John Brenner
had just tried to ban the Nationalists, but when the City of York,
Pennsylvania had to pay $100,000.00 damages to the Nationalists,
for violating their First-Amendment rights, lo and behold, McMillin
came around and announced that he would be "very careful" to abide
by the Constitution for "Jena Justice Day", January 21, 2008.

However, Moran knows that he does not have to riot. He can leverage
the sell-out politicians, like McMillin, into setting up the "inter-racial
committee," to shove more Americans out of jobs and offices and
more Negroes into courthouses and schools. Because, nothing
stands in his way, except the courage of Huey Long, vision of John
Rarick, steadfastness of Leander Perez and mettle of Jimmy Davis
on parade by the youth of Jena, patriots of Louisiana and backbone
of America. The "Jena Six" will be named the criminals they are,
because Nationalists, as Moran concedes, "can't be stopped."

© 2007 The Nationalist Movement

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for your input. It doesn't surprise me that the Times-Picayune would mis-report this story. It is the custom and tradition of the mainstream media to mis-report the activities of white nationalists with an eye towards marginalizing and demonizing us.