Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Racist" National Alliance Stickers Allegedly Distributed In Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

"Racist" Sticker Allegedly Showing Up In Fort McMurray

The presence of Somali cabdrivers in the Canadian Far North was apparently enough to spark racial awareness among some white people in Fort McMurray. Rumours of the distribution of "racist" stickers have circulated throughout the community. Local authorities say they have not actually heard reports of stickers espousing hate speech in this northeastern Alberta city, but added they are very concerned if the signs are appearing in the Oilsands City. Full story published October 24th, 2007 in Fort McMurray Today. Click HERE to see map of location, approximately 300 miles NNE of Edmonton.

Their response comes after an e-mail received by Today this week included an image of a sticker the writer said was found on a garbage bin in the city. The man who sent the message did not respond to an e-mail from Today and could not be found in the local telephone book. The sticker, which describes Caucasians as “Earth’s most endangered species,” directs attention to a hate group based in West Virginia that has been described as "Neo-Nazi" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leading tracker of such organizations in the United States. [Ed. Note: The organization in question is the National Alliance. The sticker in question is displayed at the beginning of this post.]

Constable Sandra Milner of the Fort McMurray Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said there has been no reports of the sticker to police, but added that they will definite pursue any case of hate crime if a confirmed report is received. “As far as specific reports, we haven’t seen anything,” Milner said. “But any hate propaganda is very concerning. There is hate crime legislation, and if the comments (on the sticker) are racist or sexist in nature, it certainly could constitute a hate crime”.

Local groups in close contact with the various cultural communities in Fort McMurray, such as the YMCA’s Immigration Settlement Services, also haven’t seen or heard any reports of the stickers, officials said. Irena Raicevic, executive director with the Fort McMurray Multicultural Association, said her organization also has not be informed of hate signs being posted in the community, but added it is disappointing if such stickers do exist, considering the region’s diverse nature.

It’s very disturbing if that’s the case,” Raicevic said. “It’s exactly the thing we don’t want to see happening here. This sort of thing should not be going on.” She added that reports of such signs is perhaps a good reminder for organizations like the multicultural association to continue its effort to foster understanding between various groups in Fort McMurray. “It goes to show the importance of having an association like ours working towards ensuring equal civil rights for all people,” Raicevic said. [Ed. Note: Yep, it's equal civil rights for all people, alright. Equally against whites.]

Similar incidents in the community have surfaced in the past, when unfounded rumours about local taxi drivers preying on local women were circulated earlier this year. Those rumours prompted the local Somali community, many of whom are taxi drivers, to consult with the YMCA and RCMP about their civil rights and their role in the city.

Commentary: White racial awareness and activism seem to be spreading throughout Alberta. On Sunday, October 14th, the day before Alberta's elections, as many as 15 members of the Aryan Guard assembled at Calgary's City Hall to protest against a decision allowing Muslim women to wear niqabs or burkas while voting in elections.

Former Canadian political prisoner Brad Love, who was sentenced in 2003 to 18 months in prison for writing non-threatening letters to public officials, lives up in Fort McMurray, and recently a letter from him written from the pro-white perspective was posted on this Stormfront thread:



Here's what's goin' on up here in Fort McMurray, Alberta.. On a rare day off, I was walking about the downtown core, when I came upon a small demonstration of seniors protesting the lack of long-term care facilities in town. I stepped up to sign their petition out front of city hall as well as to put forward my points on how much our gov't wastes on foreign aid and foreigners while at the same time ignoring the people whose money it is in the first place.

I was bang on and so were they but do you know how many passersby would not sign the petition? Seniors with a good cause and not only did these walkabouts refuse to sign but they actually looked scared when approached by little old ladies.

What the hell is wrong with these morons? What are they so afraid of? Even the local radio DJ whom I call to chastise from time to time uttered the same bleats: "I don't want to lose my job, I have a kid to feed", blah blah blah. Unbelievable! This DJ doesn't have a kid. She has a convenient crutch to lean her cowardice and apathy on. And besides, if you are working for a company that would fire you for participating in common sense democracy, then why would you ever spend even 1 hour working for such close-minded bullies? And because you do have a child is all the more reason to help secure the future and speak up. Seriously. our troops fight and die in Afghanistan for our own people to behave like this! Ouch!

One really gets a grasp on what's going on up here in stupidville when you line up at the grocery store. I mean with what these badly dressed, overfed, apathetic slobs spend on our junk food, we, with that amount of money and devoted to our cause as we are, could rally a well-paid army of activists who could work full time on setting our nation on a better path. And to think that these people are poisoning their kids like this?

Surely the state, as much as I despise them, should step in, for this is child abuse on a massive and subtle scale. These people and their kids are a very expensive health care nightmare just waiting to happen. I kid you not! And to think that the taxpayers just paid for a hideous-looking $150 million sports centre that will barely get used, save for the snack bar, I bet. Oh well, it will be a great place to put up all of the homeless people for the nights to come. Build a seniors' center. Hell no. We gotta play basketball in the air conditioning. Come on people, there are lakes, forests, paths and parks galore. Go outside and play!

Just yesterday, the perpetual holocaust promoting NATIONAL POST ran a front page article on Basque terrorists arrested in Quebec. "In post-9-11, anti-terrorist times how could this happen?" Writer Stewart Bell asks. How could it happen? Our own gov't lets them in, that's how!!! And probably, gave them a 'newcomer loan' and a housing allowance as well. "Course for we real Canadians to complain or even alert authorities to such tripe constitutes a hate crime according to the Jewish lobby groups who seek to influence our justice system in Canada. And, yeah, watch the police come crashing in and once your kangaroo trial is wrapped up, you'll actually do more jail time than the criminals you dared to complain about. Only in Canadastan!

Oh, and look who's also in the NATIONAL POST, our old friend, Ed Morgan. Yep, Ed used to dictate policy at the Canadian Jewish Congress but now of all things, he is using his lawyerly brain to defend Toronto Somalians and their right to use and import the illegal drug, khat. You see, in Ed's world, discussing the holocaust is an offence where jail time is the solution, but drug use and the violence that comes with it, and all in the name of one's obscure 'culture' are ok and reason enough to file an expensive federal court appeal, which, of course, all of us fed up taxpayers will have to pay for. What a contribution these bums and Ed have made to our nation.

Good riddance to them ASAP!!!



As you can plainly see, Brad Love's passion for the Cause is clearly undiminished. ZOG may have bent him, but it couldn't break him!

By the way, WTF are Somalis doing in a sub-Arctic Canadian city???


Anonymous said...

I just happened on this site in my goggle of Fort McMurray. And I am ashamed to even say you live in Fort McMurray. No one will ever be pleased with everything. MacIsland will be a wonderful center for the people and KIDS of Fort Mac. You complain about our kids but when a new facility opens for our children you have nothing but negative things to say.
As for these stickers if I ever personally see them I will take them down or ruin them. This is our problem in the world today. This people who have rants about every race and every government and wonder about all the unrest in this world it is because people like you.
My saving grace is knowing that your thought stream is getting less and less with every passing generation. Every generation is becoming more and more open minded. I will teach my childeren not to hate people like this, then we would be not be any better then you. I will teach them to be sorry for you. Your life of discrimation, hate and pessimism.
Oh and by the way I would have signed the petition because probably unlike you I have elderly family in old age retirement homes in Fort McMurray.

Bob F said...

SPLC is a hate group. They hate white people, esp American white males!

Bob F said...

I thought "40 below keeps the riff raff out." I guess braving the cold is easier when the Somali gangs get free housing, food, and social services from a washed up socialist government that has deserted its people.

Anonymous said...

who ever saying don't see RACISM in Fortmcmurray is ether untrusfull or them self are racist so that s they don't do self reflection thinking

Anonymous said...

I am an immigrant to the US, and after reading Brad's letter I was puzzled by Cassandra's response, because I could not find anything resembling hatred or racism in Brad's letter. I am not saying that Brad has not written anything else that would appall me; only that this specific letter did not.

Let's put aside emotional rhetoric and talk a little common sense (as much as it's possible with liberals).

Anyone seeking to become an elected government official, at some point affirms one's allegiance to the country and its people as part of the election campaign, explicitly or implicitly.

Practically, such allegiance means supporting the policies directing limited resources of your economy first to benefit your own citizens - and only what's left to any one else.

I wonder how many aspiring politicians would ever become elected by openly promising to benefit non-citizens at the expense of citizens - none, I suppose? Yet, if that's what they start doing upon being elected, who are they, if not liars?

If the majority of your electorate happens to be white, it does not make such policies racist; the color-blind fashion in which such policies are worded would benefit the majority of any country where they are practiced - I hope it is clear.

In regards to the immigration policy, by the same token, any democratically elected government must view its immigration policy as the way of benefiting its people. It means favoring skilled and law-obedient workers, while limiting entry to anyone likely to become public burden, let alone anyone with the criminal background or terrorist connections.

It also means favoring those whose cultural background is more aligned with the western democratic values, simply because these are the values that the vast majority of the Canadian people still view as critical for their society to function.

I am not trying to impose my views on anyone - I am only telling that this is what the government ought to do in order to be democratic. It may do the opposite, in which case it is no longer democratic. You just cannot have it both ways, that's all.

If people like Cassandra value free speech, not just "their" free speech, they ought to be ashamed that people like Brad get jailed just for speaking their minds.