Friday, October 12, 2007

Overthrow Redux: Do Whites Still Have Bigger Cocks Than Blacks?

One of the most controversial and frequently-viewed reports I've ever seen was posted on the Libertarian Socialist News website ( The report, entitled "Whites Have Bigger Cocks Than Blacks", has been the subject of much levity and even a certain amount of derision, particularly amongst more "highbrowed" people. Yet this essay, week after week, month after month, was the most viewed essay on the Overthrow site.

However, when the host kicked Overthrow off its server a couple of weeks ago, I was concerned that this report might become lost forever. Consequently, I captured the cached version, archived it here, and sat on it, waiting to see if the Overthrow site would be completely resurrected.

And to date, the site has not been completely resurrected. Since it is uncertain when Bill White will completely resurrect the site in its fulness, and restore all the old reports, I am re-posting the original essay, along with pertinent links and an analysis of the information (note that Bill White never posted a source link in the original).

Whites Have Bigger Cocks Than Blacks
Scientific Study Proves It

7/10/2005 7:21:13 PM
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LSN Staff

Science -- A scientific study has proven that white men have bigger cocks than blacks, despite lies about black sexuality perpetrated in Jewish mass media and pornography.

According to the study, published in a Canadian scientific journal, white men's average cock length is 6.4", two tenths of an inch longer than black cocks, which are an average of 6.2" long. Hispanic cocks are an average 6" long, and East Asian cocks are an average of 5.6" long.

For decades, whites have had to listen to the insulting and false derision of Jewish propaganda claiming that African barbarians have giant cocks that somehow make white women attracted to them. While very few white women are actually attracted to blacks, and most of those who are are mentally, emotionally, or physically defective in some way, this myth has been eagerly propagated by Jewish entertainment media, Jewish movies, Jewish music, and, most importantly, Jewish pornography.

Like all Jewish myths about black "superiority", such as alleged black musical ability, alleged black dancing ability, alleged black sports ability, and alleged black entertainment ability, the myth of giant black cocks has been proven to be a racist lie designed by Jews to psychologically undermine white society.


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Commentary: It is questionable whether there is a consistent correlation between race and penis size. A Google web search of the phrase "race+penis size" reveals that different surveys and references yield different results.

According to, their findings support Bill White's conclusion:

Since the release of the fifth edition, the number of Black and Hispanic participants has not substantially increased. Because of the continued low sample sizes therefore, the results reported below concerning the aforementioned groups must be considered tentative, pending a larger number of responses.

Surprisingly, it would appear from Figure 5 (posted above left), that contrary to popular myth, Black males have shorter erect lengths than their Caucasian counterparts. However, due to the small sample size and large variation in lengths, this "difference" is not statistically significant. The average flaccid length among Blacks however was 93.8mm (3.7") compared to 87.7mm (3.4") for Caucasians, which may be responsible for the impression that Black men have greater erect dimensions. Again, I emphasize that these observations must remain tentative.

There was a significant difference in length between Caucasians and both Hispanic and East Asians (those of Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese descent). Whereas with Hispanics, such a difference was limited to erect length only, with East Asians all five measurements were statistically lower in comparison to Caucasians. Although part of this difference may be due to the shorter stature of East Asians, height matched comparisons with Caucasian subjects nevertheless failed to alter this finding.

And a survey cited on the website also seems to validate Bill White's conclusion. While I could not find the specific scientific journal he cited, the numbers cited below correlate precisely with what White published in the original article. Consequently, he must have been referring to Masters & Johnson:

Sex Project - sex, love, and relationships

Myths concerning males: Black men have naturally larger penises than white men.

"This couldn't be further from the truth. Based on a number of surveys (most notably Masters and Johnson), of thousands of men of many different races, white males actually have the largest penises. White males averaged an erect penis length of 6.4" while black males averaged 6.2". Hispanic men averaged 6.0" and finally east Asian men bring up the rear with a meager 5.6".

However, the website tells a different tale. According to their research, blacks are largest at 6.89 inches, followed by whites at 6.22 inches, Hispanics at 6.15 inches, and Asians at 5.33 inches.

Consequently, there is no consistent consensus on this issue. And that's precisely what Wikipedia has to say about it - no correlation. However, in a sense, this does validate one of the other points that Bill White made in his original essay - that lurid tales of black sexual prowess and black "supercocks" were clearly exaggerated. Whites may not have bigger cocks than blacks, but blacks don't have bigger cocks than whites, either.

Although Asians, for some reason, seem to come up short in nearly every survey.


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Vnn vs SF said...

read Sir John Baker's Oxford Press book RACE, he states, with evidence, that Whites have larger and longer penises than blacks in Africa.

It is true, the Jewish media has given the REVERSE impression.

They always tell the BIG LIE don't they?

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Anonymous said...

Averages are one thing...

But, since 'black' isn't a race, but a group of races...and africans have more genetic diversity....

Then, it stands to reason that they will have more extremely large, and extremely small specimens.

Think of the pygmies, and the really tall tribes.

Blacks are more diverse, hence, have more variance, hence, are more likely to have oversized genetalia, even if 'average' is less.

Whites are still genetically more refined. We look like adults. At best, we look like angels.

Konstantin said...

Okay so first off who gives a fuck. White people, black people; that's all we are, people. Unless you're someone who has a unusually small penis, what's the difference. Obviously, it's all about everyone's fucking egos. African Americans aren't going to walk around boasting, "actually the average black penis is no longer than the average white" or "although I'm black my penis is x,y,or z size." of course you're going to play into the stereotype, everyone plays into a positive stereotype and ostracizes the negative ones. And on that note, I find that the douche bags who do go flaunting their "enormous" size really don't have anything else going for them, it's overcompensating for lack of confidence or to try and cover up a lack of education, money, looks, etc.

On a side note, I hate this stupid stereotype of Asians having tiny dicks (which first off 5.3" or 5.6" or whatever it is isn't even small. I happen to be asian, well part some kind of asian (idk adopted) and part Russian. I'm 5 foot 4.5 inches tall. But contrary to popular stereotypes, my penis is 6.83" long. How exactly do stereotypes explain this one?

That's all they are, stereotypes and until we take a poll of every living human male or at least a reasonable survey (at least into the vast millions), we're never going to be able to classify one as this or another as that. Not all African Americans are in gangs or are great at sports or have huge dicks, not all Hispanics are lazy or clean for a living or are in gangs, not all whites are hicks or are rich or wealthy, not all Asians are smart or have tiny dicks or have squinty eyes or can't speak english. If we go by one stereotype, then we need to at least be consistent with ALL the stereotypes.

And we just can't do that, so those who want to boast something that isn't the truth can go ahead and do it. Because someone who is secure in who they are, i.e. the size of their penis, doesn't feel the need to go around telling everyone and that's that.

Anonymous said...

No matter how big or how small your penis is, it's what you do with it (and how clean you keep it) that counts. And anyway, actual, reliable studies show that when erect, small penises can grow to be twice the size that they are usually. And because the clitoral nerves in the vaginal wall aren't at the end of a seven-inch tunnel, it's how thick a penis is that "really matters".

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But I can tell you for a fact that on average the black brain is smaller then an average white brain as evidenced by actual studies of cranial cavity size as well as by consistently lower IQ scores by blacks on standardized tests.

What would you rather have, a bigger brain or a bigger penis? I'm sure many Negros would choose the later while most whites are smart enough to choose the former.

Just my two cents.

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Anonymous said...

The best being that can tell you whether or not the size of a man's penis can make a difference is a woman. My wife has explained in great detail the effect that a man would have on her during sexual intercourse, and the lesson learned is that size does not matter. What matters in sex is quality and not quantity.

Anonymous said...

Waayy to funny! LOL, really? THIS is something worthy of posting in defense of 'white ?'

LOLOL - I can't stop chuckling :-) this was obviously written by either (a) a VERY insecure man or (b) a woman looking for chuckles ;-)

There is NO way this was a serious study :-) just to freaking pathetic to be real ... honestly, Why Bother?

Anonymous said...

Nigger monkeys are mad because the truth is being told. The MUH-DIK myth is busted.
Mandingo had nothing on John Holmes

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the majority of penis you see in porn are fake. they use camera angles and optimizers/lenses and editing etc to increase the peniz size, doubling the size etc or using weird angles. Also females in porn are all under 5ft 6, some females in around 5ft, they have small hands and on lets say a 6ft dude that dudes cock will look big. theres many other tricks they use, some even having pumps and plastic fake penises etc.

fact is no pornstar has ever done a serious measurement with their penis on camera becuase they don't want the truth coming out.

The reality of the whole thing is that only one man in the world has a penis above 13 inches and he is a white man, his name is jonah falcun. its an anomaly.

people should study the science of the human body and they would realise penis sizes above 10 inches is extremely unlikely if you look at how much blood is contracted in erection.

One one pornstar John Holmes was probably the biggest penis in porn at around 10 or 11 inches, this was mostly before the fake camera tricks in porn.

The only black pornstar people cite is mandingo, however he rejects to have his penis size measured and theres a tonne of evidence he had surgery hes also known for directing and editing his own movies, its all fake.

There is no evidence blacks are bigger than whites, it is a perverted myth that needs to be eliminated.

The current biggest *real* penis in porn belongs to a white man matt hughes aka whitezilla and hes about 10 inches. Once again it is very rare to see a penis above 9 inches in porn. Most pornstars are 6 - 8 inches.