Wednesday, October 24, 2007

National Socialist Presidential Candidate John Taylor Bowles Explains Why He Left The National Socialist Movement

As the National Socialist Movement continues to steadily erode away, another major player has stepped forward to reveal why he left the organization. That player is none other than John Taylor Bowles (pictured at left), who is an official Presidential candidate.

Bowles was purged from the organization for "defeatism" by erstwhile Commander Jeff Schoep after an escalating round of disagreements. According to former NSM member Jim Ramm, at least 100 members have left the NSM during the past month, which may account for as much as 80% of their membership. The NSM is rapidly becoming a shell of its former self just one and a half months after a seemingly successful rally in Omaha, Nebraska. I don't take any particular joy in chronicling these events, but the story should be told to the public and we should get the public statements from all the primary players under one roof.

Here is the statement by John Taylor Bowles, posted on the website. I replicate it in full below:

Fellow National Socialists:

For 60 days now a battle has been waged behind the NSM scenes between the NSM Commander and a lot of NSM rank and file because of his web team consisting of Mike Connelly, Cathy Griggs, and John Schafer. The NSM Commander has given them free authority to do as they please in the Forums and New Saxon without ever disciplining them. For six months, I have received steady requests by NSM members and friends of the NSM to do something about the web team because of their tyrannical and unjust ways of banning people and cussing at people. Recently, I discovered a secret room in the Forums where they regularly meet and post messages about NSM members behind their backs and the NSM Commander participates and allows it. This is bad character on the part of them all and the reason the NSM Commander expelled me and came up with that lie of me and others being defeatist. Is defeatism running as the first National Socialist for President in the USA, 24/7, and giving up a $50,000 a year job to do so? Is defeatism being a National Socialist for over 33 years? Is defeatism running the first NSM candidate for office last year in Montana and obtaining 17.5% of the vote which is astounding? [Ed. Note: The Montana candidate in question was Shawn Stuart, who ran in 2006 as a Republican for State House District 76, encompassing the Butte area. When the Republicans learned of his NSM membership, they not only repudiated him, but publicly resolved to work for his defeat.]

Go ask Jeff Schoep what happened to that NSM Scholarship fund that NSM members generously donated into? He will tell you it’s (his puppet master John Schafer will back him up and lie for him) still there. It isn’t! NSM Commander told Nick Chappell at the Omaha Rally it was used to move the Commander and his family. If you don’t believe it, have you seen it issued to any high school student yet? Not.

Also, the NSM Commander has barely made any effort to push the 2008 Presidential election campaign. When people were making a fuss about his lack of enthusiasm about it he would occasionally take up a collection once in awhile (like the book burning and National Meeting). I accuse him of deliberately sabotaging it. He is a saboteur. His lack of effort along with the web team chasing potential contributors away destroyed the Presidential campaign.

Also, the NSM Commander called the former NSM Viking Youth Corps Director a defeatist too. Does a defeatist take his inheritance and buy a building so the NSM could regularly meet there and be safe?

Within the last week, the NSM Commander along with his web team and himself have lost the NW Regional Leader, NSM Viking Youth Corps Director, NSM Election Director, Meeting Hall in SC, and its 2008 Presidential candidate, plus so many members it would make your head spin. Notice he doesn’t mention the number of NSM members that wrote him back about his e-mail about loyalty and oath that resigned. I showed that e-mail to genuine German National Socialists from the 1930’s-1940’s and they laughed at it explaining that he was wrong and isn’t a National Socialist. They thought a Marxist wrote it at first. They explained that the message conveys that NSM members are suppose to have strict and faithful loyalty to their leader without question. They point out that this isn’t National Socialist thinking from the NSDAP because a leader is suppose to have responsibility of making proper decisions downward. Responsibility comes with leadership and making decisions. The former NSDAP leaders explained that Schoep's interpretation was Marxist thinking or tyrannical thinking because the message insisted that everyone must be loyal and faithful with nothing in return from the leadership. Go back and read it yourself and you will see.

There will come a day when you get the boot. Remember my words here.

Best regards,
John Taylor Bowles,
Expelled NSM 2008 Presidential Candidate.

And where does Bowles go from here? Not to the rival American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), commanded by another former NSM member, Bill White. Bowles has expressed disagreement with the ANSWP's approach and has been critical of White's style in the past. However, instead of wasting time bashing White, Bowles has now taken the high road and is launching a new organization, the National Socialist Order of America (NSOA). This organization will be similar to the NSM, but will be more transparent and strive to avoid duplicating the personality cult which sprung up around Jeff Schoep.

One other message I get from the NSOA - it is OK to enjoy life once in a while. Fighting for race and nation is serious business, but it doesn't mean one cannot enjoy and savor successes. A national socialist or white nationalist strives to balance and master ALL emotions. This means it is permissible to display all emotions at their appropriate times. One does not need to be a stoneface like Jeff Schoep to be a proper national socialist.

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I think John Taylor Bowles is a better leader then Schoep or that asshole krebs.