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National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep Denies ANSWP Commander Bill White's Report Of The NSM's Imminent Demise

In an e-mail sent to an individual and posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum today, National Socialist Movement (NSM) Commander Jeff Schoep (pictured at left) emphatically denied that the NSM is to be disbanded. This follows in the wake of similar denials issued by Jim Ramm, who operates the NSM Northwest website (since replaced by the Zogsnightmare website) and coordinates NSM activities from Portland, OR, as well as another senior NSM official, Tim Bishop.

The statement by Schoep was prompted by a report posted by American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White on the Overthrow website, the ANSWP Yahoo Group website, and the Vanguard News Network Forum on Saturday October 6th, claiming that the NSM was going to disband and that dozens of its members would be offered the opportunity to join the ANSWP. Here's White's report:

Leaders To Hold Meeting On ANSWP Affiliation

The National Socialist Movement disbanded today after Tim Bishop, Mark Martin, Jim Ramm, Nick Chappel, Taylor Bowles and dozens of other prominent NSM leaders tendered their resignation, an NSM member informed today.

Today [Saturday], the group's Southeastern regional and state leadership contact ANSWP Commander Bill White to discuss affiliation with the ANSWP. White reached a tentative agreement to rehabilitate into the movement several former NSM leaders, including several critics of the ANSWP, and to absorb certain state units of the NSM, insofar as their membership can pass background checks and meet ANSWP membership criteria.

Tomorrow [Sunday], NSM leaders in the Southeast are expected to meet and discuss affiliation with the ANSWP.

White also spoke today to other former NSM leaders across the country, and discussed possibilities for absorption of other National Socialist Movement units across the country.

According to sources, Jeff Schoep is planning to announce the disbanding of the NSM in the near future. White has said the ANSWP would consider permitting Schoep to join the ANSWP as a leader in the ANSWP's Minnesota state organization and dismiss legal action against him and others. Some former NSM members, however, will not be extended offers of ANSWP membership.

Details on this developing situation will be available in the next few days.

After a delay of nearly 24 hours, Jeff Schoep responded with an e-mail sent to another individual and posted on the same VNN Forum thread, rebutting White's report:

From: "Commander NSM"
To: "Bill"
Subject: RE: NSM Disbands?
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 15:57:00 -0500

Ha ha ha, this is more Bill non-White lies, not one member of the Party left, he is making up lies as usual. Anyone that believes word out of that kikes mouth should be put out to pasture. Seriously after all the bad that yid has done, why does anyone still listen to his lies?

A statement I sent the NSM Membership recently:

Party Comrades,

I write you all this weekend to address a couple of matters, and to remind you all why the NSM is the Premier NS group in America. The NSM is like a big Family, we all stand and fight together, no matter what. Sure, like all Families we have ups and downs, and Brothers and Sisters that scrap with each other every so often, but at the end of the day we still stand solid, united, and as ONE. The Party (NSM) is not about the individual, it is about the whole, just as when National Socialism was first established by our Fuhrer, we NS fighters today remain unchanged in many ways. We still put the Party over the individual, and still fight united even if we don't like the way certain things turn out, we still fight for the greater good, because it is the right thing to do. That is what makes a National Socialist, first and foremost it's Loyalty. When all others prove unfaithfull, we still remain true, unshakeable, stalwart, and unmoveable like a solid foundation built of steel. That Comrades is the NSM, we are that force, and we always will be. It is bred into us, it is who, and what we are, it is in our blood, and it was in the Oath you took in your membership handbook when you joined this Party. It defines who you are as a person, a soldier, a warrior for your Folk, now, forever, and always. It is an Honor to stand with each and every one of you that serve this Party with undying conviction. National Socialism did not perish in the ashes of 1945, it is alive and well in 2007 here in America, and with our NS allies Worldwide too.

Everyday, our enemies are relentless in their attacks upon our Party and the Folk. In fact just today, a notorious lie site stated that various NSM Leaders resigned and quit, and were possibly joining some rogue group of misfits widely suspected of being tied to anti-racist groups, or working in some manner for the ADL or another jewish group. Normally I ignore such tripe, lies, and probably should have this time too, but I felt compelled to smash the lie this time. The NSM is stronger than ever, and no one has sent in any such resignations. The NSM Remains on the Frontlines until this battle for our Folk is 100% finished, and National Socialism rules the land. Hail Victory!

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
National Socialist Movement

In addition, in a discussion thread opened up on Stormfront, one poster claimed that Tim Bishop told him over the phone that there was nothing to White's story, while NSM Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles, posting under the nickname of "Chaplain Bowles", similarly denied White's report.

And here's Bill White's follow-up response on VNN Forum:

Taylor Bowles was suspended from the NSM several weeks ago, and is also a notorious liar. I take his public statements as seriously as I do his claim that the NSM gains "1000" members per month.

I received a phone call yesterday from a mutual acquaintance saying Taylor wanted to join the ANSWP, and I did say we would consider the application if it was received.

I cannot judge the authenticity of this Stormfront post, but several of the individuals who have been named as leaving the NSM are individuals I am very reluctant to take seriously. If there were not more worthwhile individuals than the ones named involved in this, I would not have a lot of interest in the continuing NSM collapse.

I am continuing to see how this situation develops, but I will say we have received several applications or phone calls from NSM activists in the Southern states.

Right now, I am continuing to slog through the hundreds of letters we have received lately, but expect more information on this in about an hour.

It's quite possible that John Taylor Bowles was suspended from the NSM; this would explain why the primary NSM website no longer links to Bowles' campaign website.

It's also quite possible that a number of NSM cadres, particularly some from the Southeast, might indeed be considering bolting from the NSM. After all, the ANSWP has been receiving far more national publicity from their Jena-6 political counteroffensive than the NSM has for its admittedly well-crafted September 1st rally in Omaha, NE. The ANSWP is increasingly perceived as on the cutting edge of front-line activism, pushing the envelope further than most others.

However, this does not mean that the NSM, as an organization, is disbanding any time soon. Consequently, in light of Jeff Schoep's statement, I will assume that the NSM intends to remain in business for the foreseeable future.

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