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Jeff Lodor Arrested And Jailed On A Battery Of Hate Crime Charges For Distributing "Racist" Flyers In Porterville, CA

Police arrested a man Thursday evening (October 4th, 2007) in connection to "skinhead flyers" found at a Jewish man’s Main Street jewelry store in the Central Valley community of Porterville, CA, on Wednesday (October 3rd). Full story published in the Porterville Record on Tuesday October 9th. This same story, along with its aftermath, also published on Newsnet14.

Jeffrey David Lodor, 27, was arrested during a search warrant served at 5 p.m. October 4th at his Porterville home. According to Porterville Police, Lodor was jailed on suspicion of intimidation/criminal threats, hate crime based on ethnicity/religion and defacing the real or personal property of another with intent to deprive or interfere with the victim’s constitutionally guaranteed rights. He was held in Tulare County Jail on $50,000 bail until Tuesday, October 9th, when, according to the Newsnet14 story, he was released without being charged or having to post bail.

Sgt. Larry Rodriguez said that David Horowitz reported Wednesday that an employee arrived at work that morning to find racial flyers around the outside of his business. Horowitz told police that he felt targeted by whoever distributed the flyers due to his race/religion and that he was in fear of his safety. Presumably, the reason Horowitz felt targeted was because he saw no flyers put up anywhere else.

Police spoke to people at six other businesses on the same block as Horowitz’s jewelry store but there were no other flyers put up at those businesses, Rodriguez said. But later that same day, a man reported seeing someone put up other flyers, one identical to the ones put up at Horowitz’s shop.

Police called the number listed on a flyer and spoke with Lodor, who confirmed that he had distributed 50 flyers at various businesses. The police report indicates that a Porterville police gang expert had a lot of information on Lodor and put the initial investigating officer in touch with Lt. James Giles with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Field Intelligence Unit. Giles told the investigating officer that Lodor had spent time in prison in Pennsylvania, had “an extensive criminal history” and had such convictions as for harassment, criminal mischief, arson and possessing instruments of crime. In addition, Giles claimed that Lodor allegedly told him he had once discharged a pipe bomb on the front porch of a Jewish family.

Based upon all that derogatory information from Pennsylvania, police concluded that Lodor posed a much greater threat to the community's safety than he actually was. They also concluded that Lodor was targeting Horowitz as an individual. So they procured a search warrant and sent a SWAT team to make a "dynamic" entry (euphemism for breaking and entering). Porterville Police Lt. Chris Dempsie said the search warrant was sought because the investigation into the skinhead fliers “led us to believe that yes, in fact, Mr. Horowitz was targeted as an individual.”

The house was entered by the SWAT team in a dynamic fashion with weapons and protection — helmets, shields ... — and this was based on prior violence on Mr. Lodor’s part,” Dempsie said. “ ... Not local violence.”

Dempsie said police found evidence to support their investigation, from both statements Lodor made and “paperwork indicating his Aryan beliefs and regarding his skinhead organization.” Lodor was cooperative during the search.

A neighbor said a woman has lived in the residence for about seven years and that he just recently saw Lodor over the past five or six months. “The woman is a very quiet, nice person,” Bobby Powell said. “They’re pretty low-profile and keep to themselves. “They don’t bother us.”

Dempsie said the Police Department has a “zero tolerance approach to hate crimes as well as any other types of crimes of threats or intimidation.”

A message left on the voice mail of the skinhead flyer hot line number left at Horowitz’s business was not returned by Friday evening.

Horowitz said he was notified of Lodor’s arrest by police Thursday night. “My main concern really isn’t so much him now, because he’s been arrested,” Horowitz said. “My concern is, now, his followers and, if they’re as screwed up as much as he is — for lack of a better way to put it — and if they’ll try to retaliate against me because of him ... I hope not. Most times, when you take down a leader of a group, the followers are lost and, hopefully, this will put enough of a wound in the organization to cripple it ... For now we’ll just continue on with our lives and that’s that.”

Commentary: The Newsnet14 account offers more details that the Record conveniently chose to omit. First, the Porterville Recorder contacted Lodor. Being unashamed of his actions, he owned up to distributed the flyers and explained his reasoning. The paper responded by printing an article which twisted the story into the harassment of a local Jewish jeweler. They also use the term "skinhead" throughout the story even though there's no evidence that Lodor or his people shaved their heads.

The next day, as previously described, Lodor’s home was invaded by the local SWAT team with an MP5 sub machine gun pointed to his head. His young daughter was also abused by the cops, thrown down to the ground and immobilized. Lodor says that he has no violent record with the police and there is no reason for the police to worry about a violent conflict with him. The police also seized all paperwork pertaining to the racial group, Church of the Creator, of which Lodor is the local leader.

On that same day the Porterville Recorder put together a story which told of Mr. Lodor’s arrest and gave out his home address. They published the story but pulled it from their internet site a day or two later (the Recorder story cited above is a DIFFERENT story).

On Tuesday, after spending 5 days in jail, the police released Jeff Lodor before his arraignment without any charges. 72 hours excluding weekends is the maximum that someone can be kept without charges. The police still have his paperwork and literature. They claim to be holding it pending "investigation". Since Lodor has been released, one must wonder what is being "investigated".

The police clearly overreacted. First, they failed to investigate the scene thoroughly; had they done so, they would have found that other businesses had received flyers and would have known that Horowitz was not being personally targeted. Second, they attached too much significance to the Pennsylvania report; they should have focused more upon Lodor's record since moving to Portersville. But then again, the complainant was a Jew, and many police departments get special "hate crimes" training from the ADL and the SPLC. Such training normally conveys the message that Whitey is guilty until proven innocent.

Jeff Lodor is in the process of obtaining an attorney so that he can defend himself from further police harassment and have his materials returned. He could use financial help. Please send a donation right away to:

Rev. Jeff Lodor
Ecclesia Creatoris (Church of the Creator)
PO BOX 1603
Porterville, CA 93258


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