Monday, October 08, 2007

Four Swedish Nationalist Patriots Attack And Trash Andres Serrano's Degenerate Art Exhibit In Sweden

Ever since Andres Serrano's degenerate "Piss Christ" exhibition, where he deployed a crucifix immersed in urine, art has progressively grown more risque and degenerate. Recently, Serrano launched an exhibition of degenerate art in the Swedish city of Lund. Four courageous Swedish patriots decided to take action. They didn't write letters to the editor of their local newspaper or to their lawmakers. They didn't start an "e-petition" campaign. They didn't hold a rally at the location behind 400 cops.

Instead, they took DIRECT ACTION. Read the account from the Den Svenske website (Hat tip to PC Apostate, whose own post alerted me to this story):

On Friday four National Socialists acted out against an exhibition in the Swedish city of Lund by half Honduran, half Afro-Cuban Andres Serrano. Several objects at the exhibition were destroyed by the quartet, enraged by the degenerate content of this so-called art.

The exhibition called "A History of sex" was made up of explicit photos of deviant sexual acts, among others of a white woman masturbating a horse, a woman peeing in the face of a white man, a woman putting her whole fist up a white man's anal, and of a white man kneeling and performing oral sex on a black man. What is worse, parents were encouraged to take their children to the exhibition to make them less prejudice and to learn about "alternative manifestations of love".

It can be seriously questioned whether parents who willingly expose their children to bestiality, pee sex, and fist fucking, should be allowed to have guardianship, no matter whether they show such photos to their children in private at home or in public under the pretext that the sexually depraved images are some kind of art. It is even harder to use polite language when commenting the fact that the exhibition was partly financed by the taxpayers' money.

While the attack on the Serrano exhibition has gained a lot of media attention in Sweden, few news items have mentioned the real content of the photos. Instead, the occurrence is generally described as an unprovoked attack on democracy and freedom of expression in the media. However, by way of forums on Internet a lot of ordinary people have been made aware of the true background and a strong support for the act has been voiced.

LiveLeak video embedded below:

Commentary: We need more of this type of action. The avant-garde crowd continues to push this crap at us despite our objections. Note that this "history of sex" did not depict any of the vast majority of normal people in normal, loving relationships. Instead, the exhibit showed nearly every form of perversion imaginable - from fisting to bestiality to miscegenation to what is euphemistically known as "water sports". And, in accompaniment, the gay rights lobby demands the continued protection, promotion, and subsidization of the homosexual lifestyle.

Very few political leaders speak out against this sort of nonsense. One of the few exceptions is Russian President Vladimir Putin. On May 30th, 2007, in a speech in Moscow, President Putin decried the low level of the "culture of behavior" present amongst many young people. Because the youth of Russia, as well as other nations, are becoming increasingly technocratic, he cited the Internet as having a great impact, but asserted that only 0.5% of its resources as "culturally informative".

In that speech, President Putin identified television as a major source of the problem. He decried its common trend towards commercializing culture, and its failure to satisfy more sophisticated tastes. He criticized domestic television companies for taking the easy way out by purchasing too many foreign T.V. shows, many of poor quality, simply to save money. He concluded by calling for the development of cultural immunity in the young.

However, the lack of such leadership in Sweden motivated the Swedish patriots to resort to direct action, which got the job done. Towards the end of the video, comments indicate that some of the destroyed works may be irreplacable. Good show, mates!


Anonymous said...

And what next my friends? The magazine racks at the local bookstore? Cable netowrks. This action was about violence and cowardess. Photographs are not real things, these sadistic violent acts are.
Creating an atmosphere of hate is not moralistic.

IrishPride said...

Pornographic magazines and pornographic cable shows are not subsidized by taxpayers, and children are not encouraged to view either. Your argument holds no water. Hail Sweden!!