Monday, October 22, 2007

Former Columbus Cop Susan Purtee Exposes Racist Black "Cross And Shield" Organization Within The Columbus Police Department

In a story filed today (October 22nd, 2007) by WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, they report that former Columbus Police Officer Susan Purtee has posted a new series of videos in which she exposes a black organization, the Cross & Shield, which she considers racist, within the Columbus Police Department.

Purtee said she is upset about comments two of the officers made against her in a television interview in August and has filed a complaint with Internal Affairs claiming the officers have violated the department's rules of conduct. "They are not supposed to talk to the media in a disparaging way about another officer, it says that," Purtee said.

Purtee herself continues to deny allegations that she is racist. "I was trying to do something good for America and try to warn people you're being taken advantage of by the media and people go to the lowest level and say you're a racist," Purtee said. "It was a shock, it never entered my mind." Purtee told 10TV that a month after resigning from her position, she still stands by what she said in those videos. "Maybe I could have softened it a bit in the beginning, but I didn't so now it's out there," Purtee said.

10TV tried to contact Anthony Wilson and James Wilson, the two black officers specifically named in Purtee's videos to get their reaction, but have received no response so far. However, if they are part of an Internal Affairs investigation, then, as serving officers, they will probably not be allowed to comment publicly on the investigation until it is concluded.

Upon visiting the SubieSisters YouTube site (Susan Purtee, along with her sister Barbara Gordon-Bell, refer to themselves as the "Subie Sisters"), I found three videos relating to the WBNS story, entitled "Racist Organizations". On the first video, Part I, Purtee discusses the Cross & Shield at length and identifies it as an exclusively black organization within the police department. She claims that the black police chief, James Jackson, allows it to exist although he doesn't explicitly promote the organization. The two black officers involved are Anthony Wilson and James Wilson. Here's "Racist Organizations, Part I":

And here is "Racist Organizations, Part II":

And finally, "Racist Organizations, Part III":

The sisters also refer to themselves as "The Patriot Dames".

An examination of the Cross & Shield reveals NO explicit racism. There is no language on the website that promotes it as an exclusively black organization, nor is there any language denying membership or affiliation to other races. Perhaps this is why Chief Jackson tolerates his officers belonging to it. However, all pictures of members on the site are of blacks. Links are exclusively to other black organizations and enterprises. It does not appear to be the type of organization that would welcome white participation.

But if Cross & Shield is not to be considered "racist", then, by the same standard, Susan Purtee should not be considered "racist", either. Or perhaps the Subie Sisters might want to realize that they will be considered racist by some regardless of how many disclaimers they issue, and that their best course of action is simply to continue naming the Jew and the non-white, and not worry about whether a bunch of gadflies consider them "racist".

Susan Purtee first came to public notice when her first batch of videos were outed to the media on August 27th, 2007. A fifteen-year veteran of the Columbus Police Department at the time, she defended her actions and expressed her intent to remain a cop. In response to a black-orchestrated public outcry, Chief Jackson transferred her to a desk job. After criticism continued to mount, Purtee, rather than recant her views and take down her website, chose to resign from the force effective September 22nd, a decision facilitated by the possibility of her obtaining a disability retirement. Review all previous posts on Susan Purtee on this blog for more details.

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