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Fifth Black Suspect Arrested In The Murder Of 12-Year Old North Carolina Girl Emily Haddock; Rumors Of Rape Surfacing

After the arrest of a fourth suspect in the murder of 12-year old Emily Haddock, most of us believed that this phase of the case had been put to bed. Fortunately, for the benefit of public safety in North Carolina, law enforcers didn't make that assumption, and so their local area is safer today because they located and apprehended a fifth suspect. Full story published October 5th in the Daily Dunn Record, which has provided the most comprehensive and balanced coverage of the case. Supplemented by an additional report from WRAL Channel 5 in Raleigh, NC.

Ryan James White (pictured above left, on the bottom), 18, of Sanford, NC, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and felony breaking and entering. Those are the same charges faced by Perry Schiro, Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, Michael Graham Currie and Van Roger Smith, all of Harnett County.

The group is accused of killing Emily Elizabeth Haddock. They allegedly broke into the home in an attempted burglary and found Emily. She was at the home on Marks Road, less than a mile from Harnett County, because she was sick and was not able to attend school.

Moore County Sheriff's Capt. Richard Talbert said investigators determined Mr. White was in possession of the murder weapon within days of the murder. That information resulted in the murder charges. Capt. Talbert said Mr. Smith also was in the company of the other suspects at different times before the murder. "We know he was an associate with some of the other suspects," he said.

Capt. Talbert said more progress is being made in the investigation, including finding out who actually fired the weapon. "We have a good idea, but we haven't pinned down anything we can release," he said. The suspects are cooperating by providing information.

In another development in the case, the Harnett County Sheriff's office filed additional charges against Michael Currie. Currie was served with county warrants for nine counts of larceny of a firearm, nine counts of possession of a firearm, two counts of felony breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods. He had a secured bond of $500,000 placed on him for the Harnett County charges. He remains in the Moore County jail on no bond for the murder charges.

At this point, it would be a good idea to present a consolidated list of all five perpetrators and the charges levied against each one in a common source to prevent confusion:

From left to right: Currie, Harrison, Smith, and Schiro; on bottom, White

(1). Michael Currie: First degree murder, breaking & entering, larceny of a firearm, possession of a firearm, larceny after breaking & entering, possession of stolen goods.

(2). Sherrod Nicholas Harrison: First degree murder, breaking & entering.

(3). Van Roger Smith: First degree murder, breaking & entering.

(4). Perry Schiro: First degree murder, breaking & entering, burglary, larceny, possession of stolen property.

(5). Ryan White: First degree murder, breaking & entering.

As previously reported, three of the suspects have prior criminal records and were on probation at the time of the crime against Emily Haddock:

(1). Nicholas Harrison was serving a concurrent 36-month suspended sentence, which he received in February 2006 for four burglary convictions.

(2). Michael Graham Currie was serving a concurrent suspended sentence for six crimes: Trespassing, simple assault, possession of stolen goods, unauthorized use of conveyance, breaking and entering and larceny.

(3). Perry Ross Schiro was serving a concurrent suspended sentence for five crimes: Assault, two counts of simple assault, possession of Schedule VI drug and possession of stolen goods.

Van Roger Smith has no prior criminal record, and Ryan James White has not been identified to have a prior criminal record as of this post.

However, delays in finalizing the autopsy report on Emily Haddock are giving rise to the usual spate of rumors that pop up in the wake of such a tragedy. One particularly persistent rumor is the possibility that Emily Haddock may have been raped before she was killed. Curt Maynard, the editor of the PC Apostate blog, has discussed this possibility in this post in order to ensure that law enforcement leaves no stone unturned in the prosecution of this case and to expedite the release of the autopsy report. Maynard suggests five reasons why the possibility of rape might be plausible:

(1). Black Males were involved. [Ed. Note: This is indeed important. A breakdown of Federal arrest records for 2005 clearly shows that blacks are much more prone to commit rape than whites.]

(2). The Authorities have NOT publicly released the autopsy report.

(3). There is another nationwide media blackout on this story.

(4). Despite initially stating that the murderers left behind a "brutal scene," there has been no further elaboration of how or why this "scene" was so "brutal."

(5). Almost immediately after the murder the local Jews media began pumping stories into the local papers hinting that Emily Haddock's parents were somehow responsible for her being murdered because they allowed her to stay home from school because she was sick. [Ed. Note: This possibility was quashed almost immediately.]

On the Vanguard News Network Forum, a response to Maynard's e-mail to the Chief Medical Examiner was posted. Patricia Barnes stated that the autopsy report on Emily Haddock is not complete, and cannot be released until finalized. She advised interested persons to submit a formal request for a copy of the completed report to her via e-mail, fax, US mail or on their website http://www.ocme.unc.edu/ so that they have your name and address on file.

However, I think the chances of rape are slim. First, none of the perps with priors have a previous track record of sexual crimes. Second, the perps were B&E artists; this means in-and-out quickly, with little delay. It is unlikely they would have exponentially increased the chance of apprehension by hanging around long enough to commit rape. And finally, the idea of a 12-year old white girl getting raped, particularly by blacks in North Carolina, is so horrific that somebody connected to the case would have spilled the beans by now if it had occurred. It simply could NOT be suppressed very long.

Until the autopsy report is publicly released, we cannot exclude the possibility of rape altogether. But until then, I see no reason to pour gasoline on the fire by engaging in unfounded speculation. The crimes committed, and the perpetrators thenmselves, are repulsive enough as is.

On a brighter note, Auto Racing Daily reported that on Saturday September 29th, during a race at Fayetteville (NC) Motor Speedway, dozens of drivers circulated through a crowd of 3,500 race fans soliciting donations to help Emily's father, Jeff Haddock, pay for Emily's funeral. Combined with a donation from the speedway itself, they raised $3,750. Jeff Haddock had been there off and on through the years as a tow-truck driver and crewman.

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