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Ex-NSM Member Jim Ramm Fires Back, Claims Over 100 Members Have Quit The National Socialist Movement Over Burgeoning Scandal

Former National Socialist Movement member Jim Ramm (pictured at left - real name Matthew Ramsey) is fighting back. After having both his website and his NSM Watch blog stolen from him by the NSM, he has started a new blog in which he tells the full story behind his sudden departure from the NSM. The blog is called JohnSchaferWatch. The theft of his websites was previously discussed HERE.

Mind you, I am no fan of Jim Ramm. I was incensed over his gutter campaign against ANSWP Commander Bill White, and I took him to task on this blog. On the other hand, Ramm's NukeIsrael website was, in my opinion, one of the five best WN websites on the web, extremely informative and entertaining. The guy doesn't put you to sleep. And notwithstanding his erraticism, he is a proven boots-on-the-ground activist. I respect his other accomplishments for the Cause.

In case his new site gets hacked, I am reproducing his post, entitled "What Happened To Jim Ramm And NukeIsrael", in its entirety below:

What Happened To Jim Ramm And NukeIsrael?

For nearly four years I have completely dedicated myself to the cause of the National Socialist Movement. I designed a massive website that received 3000-5000 views daily, The Zog's Nightmare videogames, shot and edited dozens of video's, sponsored 6 events and rallies in the Northwest, made 74 radio shows and spent thousands on the cause of National Socialism. Now I have been discarded and treated like a jew by the same organization I have spent nearly every spare second working for. Many people have heard rumors...But few know what really happened. Jeff Schoep and his internet-bullyboy John Schafer have been working overtime to silence me. It will not work, the truth will be told..

Here is how I went from being one of Jeff Schoep's closet personal advisors to one of his many enemies rivaling that of Bill White:

It all started when a young woman I had a short term-relationship with wanted to do some volunteer work to help out the party.

First remember, when Jeff or anyone say "the party" they really mean "our business" which is NSM records. in 2006 NSM records did over $110,000 in sales, and the rumor is that the current projections for this year are around $180,000. NSM records is a business that doesn't report total profits to the members so nobody knows just how much is going in and what it's being spent on. Not even colonel bishop knows the final numbers, only Jeff and John. NSM members are expected to just smile and just hope Commander is spending the money wisely.

Anyway, this young woman contacted the guy the who runs the forums to get involved. John Schafer (AKA REICHSMARSHAL). Johnny is the server administrator for new Saxon, NSM Forum and nsm88records is also co-owner of A business and he doesn't want this fact advertised. John is a net nazi whom has never been to any NSM rally or gathering. John was informed that this woman was involved with Jim Ramm but he still tried desperately to put the moves on her. John did his best attempting to brainwash her against me and her friends but It didn't work. When I found out about the acts of severe dishonor I informed Commander Schoep. Schoep phoned her and investigated, he later told other members in the party that the dishonor never happened and the woman said it was a mistake. Schoep lied for John and it wasn't the first time, but why would he do this?

John is a talented but lonely hacker-geek who has nearly godlike abilities on the internet. Egomaniac John Schafer has a fiber-optic connection into his house at 38 Wilson Dr, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. At that location he has the servers that run new saxon, NSM 88 Records and the Main NSM site. John's business is called Schäfer Gerig & Associates (SG&A) and he rumors to have some non-white clients. Phone: (973) 698-7542, Home Phone (908) 464-0920.

at this point I decided to take a leave of absence from the NSM and get out quietly while causing the least amount of harm to the party. I redesigned nukeisrael and removed all links to the NSM. However Schoep was very angry. He directed Schafer to hack into the account where nukeisrael was located and change the registration, password, username and redirect the site to the nsm88records money-machine. They then made up some lie about how I was encouraging genocide to use as justification for the outright theft of nukeisrael which has always been my site. Unfortunately, the domain name was registered in Canada which makes it extremely unlikely that the Canadian government will pressure the US government to extradite John Schafer for breaking Canadian law. Nukeisrael was once estimated to bring in at a domain name auction between $2200-$3000. This site was never donated to the NSM, it was always registered in my name until Schafer stole it and transferred everything. This isn't the first domain name Schafer ever stole. After the Eric Adams scandal (Eric was accused of theft by Schoep who provided no evidence) John Schafer hacked into and stole outright 6 domains that Eric had owned. His skills for evil on a computer cannot be overestimated, Schafer is very good at the crimes he commits.

Refusing to be treated like a nigger, Jim Ramm fought back. I converted Bill WhiteWatch into NSM watch and begin to tell the truth about what had happened. Unfortunately I underestimated Schafer's abilities and he also broke into the blogger account probally using a password guessing program. The blog site is now a NSM propaganda site. He even broke into my yahoo email addresss and stole that also thinking he would completely silence me from telling the truth about the crooks in the NSM. It didn't work and I am now openly speaking out against the NSM backstabbers whom will gladly screw their own white brother for a buck.

Over a hundred NSM members have now quit over this scandal and others that popped up about the same time. Nick Chapell resigned and with him went the NSM meeting Hall in Laurens S.C. Presidential Candidate Taylor Bowles has resigned and many more people too numerous to mention. The NSM is truly imploding. and Nick and Taylor have starting a new organization called the National Socialist Order of America that I urge all current and former NSM members to join. website: If that site ever gets hacked we will all know who did it!

NSM members make no mistake: Jeff Schoep is in this just for the money and he really doesn't give a damn about the White Race. Devil-Worshiper Chairman Herrington never left the party and is still actively involved. Herrington still owns and controls the National Socialist Movement and uses Jeff Schoep as his proxy. Your donations to the NSM and the NSM 88records profits are going to buy Jeffie toys and pay for the Joy of Satan devil-group that is run by Herrington's mentally-ill wife.

I underestimated John Schafer once and that won't happen again. Zog's nightmare will be soon available free online, that will put a damper on videogame sales...Schoep and Schafer might have won a battle, but we are in it for the long haul, and will win the war. Heil Victory against the Traitors within our own race!!!

Posted by Jim Ramm at 1:22 PM (21 October 2007)

Another former NSM member who recently quit is Hans Kammler. On his NSM Files blog, he offers similar insight into the situation. He claims that the NSM has lost 80% of its membership during the past month. Specifically, he states the following about Jim Ramm:

Jim Ramm was completely spot on when he formulated his concept of socialization of people into Nationalist thought before fully initiating them into the party. To this end, his concept of presenting National Socialism almost in the background of a larger context of a simple meeting (in one case, a fairly successful pot luck) was far more successful in terms of hearts and minds than through the internet which seems to ebb and flow with the influx of crazies and undesirables, including Federal Informants, Satanists, Homosexuals, Felons and Child Molesters. has been stolen, and now the blogspot "Bill White Watch" has been hijacked as well. Nuke Israel was re-directed to their main records sign, and the latter contains no more than a cryptic plea for loyalty to Schoep and the party. More on that later. For now, the concept of theft seems to be not beyond Schoep having plead guilty to it once before, as well as the head of his security forces the ever stylish "SS." For now I will keep the torch burning for Jim Ramm as they hijack site after site, even given the fact that they've lost Virgina, Kansas, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Washington and Oregon units, and those are the ones I'm aware of independently, without confirmation from Ramm.

The issue of Jim Ramm has been the subject of serious discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum. Several members of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) have expressed some skepticism over Ramm's change of heart. This is understandable; Ramm was the point man for a series of bitter and scurrilous propaganda attacks against ANSWP Commander Bill White. Ramm even started a quasi-pornographic blog photoshopping Bill White's wife in various compromising positions. To bring someone's wife into your battle with them is gutter tactics and implies as misogynistic attitude towards women.

However, the larger issue is this: A white nationalist stole from another white nationalist. This is intolerable and unacceptable. Regardless of how you feel about Jim Ramm, he is clearly a victim here. His website contained one of the most comprehensive collection of pro-white material under one roof, to include dozens of videos and dozens of books in PDF format. When the NSM stole this website, they made this material unavailable to the general public in one fell swoop. This is something only an anti-racist would do.

Consequently, the white nationalist community needs to suspend its grievances against Jim Ramm for the time being and get behind him in his battle to recover his stolen websites. What Ramm says about Jeff Schoep is apparently true; Schoep is an opportunist who is in it for the money. Don't forget Nordic Fest 2006, when the Vinlanders gang-stomped some NSM cadre the same way the Jena 6 gang-stomped Justin Barker. Did Schoep get revenge? No, he told his victimized NSM troopers to suck it up. This began a sequence of events leading to Bill White's exit from the NSM and the formation of the ANSWP.

White activists need to stay away from the NSM until Jeff Schoep is removed as Commander.

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Anonymous said...

The anti-racist freaks from the national satanist movement have been dwindling, Jeffie has been desperately crying for donations...

Hopefully,someday, some crazed NSM member will put a bullet in jeffs empty brain and that will be the end of this circus.