Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Elisha Strom Denies Having Burned Or Destroyed The Revilo Oliver Collection, But Cannot Account For Its Whereabouts

Time for a return to "movement drama", but primarily to clear up a nagging misconception within the white nationalist community. The issue is whether or not Elisha Strom (pictured at left), the highly unpopular estranged wife of Kevin Alfred Strom, burned or destroyed the Revilo Oliver collection.

This story arose in the wake of a report on Kevin Strom's successful deflection of charges against him. The Hook published a story about how the judge dismissed the charges against Strom due to lack of evidence, and included these paragraphs:

The trial of the nationally known and controversial Strom, who was the ideological disciple to William Pierce, the man who wrote the book that reportedly inspired homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh, drew friends and foes from the radical right. American National Socialist Workers Party founder Bill White was there, eager to see Strom go down, according to his website.

I think Kevin Strom is a fine man,” said John Justice, who travelled from Tennessee to Charlottesville to attend the trial. Justice, a Strom friend since 1994, said they were both close friends of Revilo Oliver, a professor of antiquities known as a major white supremacist intellectual in Illinois. Oliver bequeathed his 4,000-volume library to Strom, which was destroyed in Elisha’s bonfire, according to Justice.

And it was the last sentence that set off the white nationalist community, with a discussion thread on the issue started on the Vanguard News Network Forum. Poster after poster denounced Elisha Strom, some using rather robust terminology. Elisha herself contributed to the controversy by failing to address the issue straightway. In another VNN Forum thread, she failed to respond to repeated invitations by "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich to appear on Free Talk Live and address the issue. After Yankee Jim was forced to go with the information he had, Elisha then showed up to throw a PMS-style hissy fit, bitching at Yankee Jim for going with bad information even though she was offered the opportunity to set the record straight. Talk about freaking chutzpah! Finally, after "White Will" Williams (a former National Alliance official) "pushed the right buttons", Elisha responded with the following post:

There was no "three-day bonfire." I did burn some National Vanguard material. It consisted of newer National Vanguard magazines, Who is National Vanguard? pamphlets, and all the membership applications (both blank and filled-in). I did this only after Kevin stated he did not want it, and after the several dozen phone calls I made to top National Vanguard members regarding it went unanswered and unreturned. As an afterthought I tossed a ripped lampshade and a broken spinning wheel into the fire. I really can't say what happened to the Oliver material, but I do know I absolutely did not burn or destroy it.

For the record: The man, John Justice, who is quoted in that article, within the last year bought Kevin a $300,000.00 house, continues to rent another home for him, is helping to fund Kevin's invasion of privacy lawsuit against me (apparently Kevin is none too happy that I was smart enough to install cameras in our home), has tried to force his way into my home resulting in the police being called twice, knowingly paid for Kevin to send gifts to a ten year old, and after hearing Kevin's public admission of being pedophile still calls him "a fine man." And those are just the minor things. I used to believe the guy was just another gullible victim of Kevin's, but I don't anymore.

And several respected VNN Forum members came to her defense. As initially disclosed in my previous post on this issue, VNN Editor Alex Linder discounted the possibility that Elisha had burned the collection. And longtime white activist Ron Doggett disclosed that Elisha had sent him a PM denying she had burned the collection.

So this should settle the issue once and for all. Elisha Strom may well be a bitchy, catty, domineering feminist who drove Kevin Strom to seek out porn in search of emotional solace. She obviously should have taken immediate steps to rebut the allegations rather than dawdle around. But that doesn't mean that she committed the sacrilege of burning the entire collection of one of the intellectual cornerstones of the Cause. And until someone can prove otherwise, I will take her word on the issue.

More information about Revilo Oliver can be found HERE. A sample of some of his articles can be found HERE.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've heard the MP3s of Elisha's mad ravings at Strom, who is, frankly, a pathetic figure (Why does this man who idolizes women get involved with such deranged specimens?) Her ultra-juvenile rantings leave me with little doubt that this creature WOULD indeed burn the RPO collection (at least, the items she didn't sell off), as KAS suggests.

Anonymous said...

How does driving someone to watch porn because of the 'emotional solace' equate into Storm being a Pedo. Why would you want this man for your cause?

Anonymous said...

White people have run the industrialized world for many many years and for you gentle folks to run a site as pro-white is simply your gnawing your liver that others are now doing ok and can be on top too. Get over it. things change. get a life.