Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ebonics For Dummies: Houston Cop Witch-Hunted And Fired For Creating And Distributing A "Ghetto Handbook"; NAACP Rejoices

A 34-year-old Houston Independent School District (HISD) police officer was fired this week for creating and distributing a "Ghetto Handbook" to fellow police officers at a roll call meeting last spring, according to a report released Friday October 26th, 2007. National story published by Fox News, local stories published in the Houston Chronicle and on KTRK Channel 13 Houston (including video).

Roby Morris, a gang investigator who's worked for HISD since 1999, was placed on paid leave in late August for handing out an eight-page pamphlet with "ebonics" definitions — something he told district investigators he did to get back at one of his bosses.

The controversy first surfaced during a May 23rd roll call meeting at Barnett Stadium, when about a dozen employees received a copy of the pamphlet. The document tells officers that learning the definitions will allow them to speak "as if you just came out of the hood". Although six officers' names are listed as having contributed to the booklet, the investigation showed that Morris was the lone participant. The report on the investigation also said that Morris' supervisors spoke to him shortly after the incident and issued a written reprimand in June. However, it wasn't until Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra learned about the incident in mid-August that Morris was placed on indefinite leave with pay.

Click HERE to view the eight-page Investigation Report Summary in PDF format.

Roby Morris may have had some excellent first-hand technical advice on drafting the pamphlet. He is married to a black woman and have produced three biracial children. However, when he cited that fact in his own defense, HISD officials weren't buying it. "This incident represents an egregious violation of our standards of conduct and decency," spokesman Terry Abbott said. "HISD condemns it in the strongest possible terms".

And of course, the local NAACP started crying the blues. NAACP President Carol Mims Galloway, who was outraged from the first time we showed her the booklet, supports HISD's decision. "It should send a message to any public entity employee," she said. "Everyone is sensitive when it comes to culture". [Ed. Note: This is what multiculturalism has done to society; forced everyone to walk on eggshells, constantly policing ourselves to make sure we don't "slip" and say the "wrong" thing. Multiculturalism is totalitarian in nature and has destroyed the fabric of society.]

However, attorney David Donohue, who is part of Morris' legal team, stated that "It's way blown out of proportion. There was no malice, no intent, no racial motivation".

Morris, who was slated to earn $40,748 this year, couldn't be reached for comment on Friday. However, some activists did comment, and said they don't plan to let the issue rest. They plan to push HISD to take action against Morris' supervisors, including the police chief, for not issuing a harsher punishment in the spring. "He should not be the only one losing his job," activist Quanell X said. "There should be others in the unemployment line with him." Quanell X happens to be a local leader of the New Black Panther Nation in Houston; here is a past story from KHOU showing some typical "activism" on his part.

Commentary: It sounds like another witch hunt. They initially disciplined Morris in June, but then let him resume duty. What happened between June and August to warrant additional punishment? Absolutely nothing. Yet he was additionally punished, and ultimately fired. Once you discipline someone, that should be it. Firing the officer could be interpreted as a form of double jeopardy.

This shows that there is no forgiveness for sins against political correctness. It has infected our society so deeply that I see no possibility of a peaceful resolution. Nor am I personally interested in a peaceful resolution any more. Not after 20,000 niggers invaded and occupied Jena in defense of six black thugs.

If I find a copy of the "Ghetto Handbook", I'll post it on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I almost bought your story that this was PC gone overboard until you used the "N" word. It's really hard to take someone serious when they "say hey lighten up, this isn't racist" when they drop the N bomb so casually. FYI, the N word is never ok. While I think they might be overacting to fire him, he showed a lack of judgment. Lastly, Texas is an at-will state which means that anyone can be fired for anything. If it is legal to fire someone for wearing pink shirt (which it is)it sure as hell is legal to fire someone for distributing stupid material.

Anchorage Activist said...

If you think the "N-word" is never O.K., would you advocate going back through all the books ever written, like "To Kill A Mockingbird", and delete all references to the "N-word"?

Focusing on a single word seems to be a form of idolatry. I customarily refrain from the use of the word not becaude I think it's evil, but because it's distasteful. But it's a personal decision I made for myself without input from anyone else. I do NOT allow society to dictate my syntax.

I sure wish society would find the "f-word" just as objectionable.

Anonymous said...

news flash: the first amendment to the US constitution guarantees you the right to say nigger, nigga, negro, fag, faggot, jew, kike, paki, slant, slope, zipper head, gook, chink, and whatever else your conscience compels you to utter. any restriction on free speech and/or expression constitutes a descent into the abyss of communism and should be resisted by whatever means necessary i.e. second amendment.