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Dr. David Duke: Islamic Supremacism Is A Symptom, Jewish Supremacism Is The Disease

One of the thorniest issues within the white nationalist community is determining how to relate to Muslims. While many commend Muslims for struggling against Jewish domination and supremacism, particularly in the Middle East, many are equally irate over Muslim immigration into and attacks upon historically white countries. American white nationalists look at the gaping hole that constitutes Ground Zero in New York City, and find it difficult to feel any type of sympathy or kinship with Muslims.

However, the danger in allowing ourselves to become preoccupied with Islamic supremacism is that it may blind us to a much more persistent and insidious form of supremacism. Muslim attacks upon Western countries are singular in nature; once the target is attacked, that's the end of it. However, the effects of Jewish supremacism, while less visible and less volatile, may be more destructive because they are continuous. Jewish domination and manipulation of the media as a form of cultural aggression against Western countries is continuous and corrosive on a daily basis; it erodes away the foundations of Western society. And Jewish supremacists are quick to employ their history and their tragedies as a card to be played against those who attempt to expose, confront, and combat it; the canard of "anti-Semitism" is used to quash debate and to oppress opponents through disenfranchisment and even imprisonment.

On the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum, Dr. David Duke started a thread to discuss this issue. Here is his opening post:

Islam is simply the religious expression of the Arabic and a number of other people's around the world. Before judging what I say please read the whole post to end.

Overall, Islam is good for the people of Third World countries for it demands strict moral behavior, no drinking, no criminality, no adultery or sexual licentiousness, responsibility to the elderly, sick, etc. By mandating prayers six times a day it reminds them of their religious beliefs and obligations.

When women are covered mostly from head to foot and socially segregated from men at almost every level, you begin to understand why non-White Muslim countries have practically no rape compared to non-Muslim non-White countries and hugely less rape than non-White ostensibly Christian countries such as in South America or even Black "Christian" inner cities in America.

In America, too, practicing Muslims who are Black have a much lower crime rate than those of no or other religions.

And, there are no death bed free passes to heaven in Islam, you must live a moral life if you are be rewarded in heaven (as contrasted to Christianity which gives a free pass if someone has a few moments before death to ask forgiveness).

It is dogmatic in many ways and most European people would chafe under its restrictions of freedoms, but it is their way, and I must say seems to be suited for their own people. In Bahrain, for instance, there is a significant portion of the population that is dark African, yet they have very little crime, good social and medical services and a fairly well run society.

At the same time, Islam is an aggressive religion that is far from turn the other cheek and mandates that a Muslim protect and defend a fellow Muslim, physically if necessary.

There are radical strains and sentiments in the Koran, but there can be found many in fundamental Christianity, and of course, Judaism is the most vitriolic and radical of all.

All peoples, nations and religions have a will to power. Muslims have had period of expansion and conquest, but then again, they are no differe nt than the Christian world at that. In the last 60 years the United States under Jewish extremism has done a lot more invasions and bombings and killings at attempts at control in the Islamic world than vice-versa.

Certainly, we have an obligation to defend ourselves, our borders, our homelands, our culture and religious traditions, our freedoms, so we must be ready, as were our ancestors, to repel any invasion.

For the last few hundred years we have been more than capable of doing that. Until, of course, we endured the invasion of our nations by that other Mideastern people, the Jews with their extremist leaders. They have taken control of our media, politics and economics -- opened our gates, and taught our people to hate themselves.

So our real immediate threat is not the Muslim people. Our threat is the Jewish extremist power that has enabled them to be a threat.

- Muslims did not change our immigration laws or open our gates.
- Muslims did not start MTV and promote massive race-mixing propaganda for our people
- Muslims did not make abortion on demand for tens of millions of Europeans.
- Muslims did not start and promote radical feminism, communism, Freudianism and egalitarianism.
- Muslims did not initiate forced integration, affirmative action, or demonization of the South or Robert E. Lee.
- Muslims don't control the politics that are leading us to destruction.
- Muslims don't control the Federal Reserve.
- Muslims don't control the filth of Hollywood and the record industry.
- Muslims don't promote homosexuality and sexual deviance.
- Muslims aren't the ones responsible for Americans not being allowed to sing Christmas Carols in the schools.

So, I say again, protect our borders all over the European world. Compensate and repatriate non-Europeans. Preserve our heritage.

But, if you focus on the Muslim problem rather the Jewish extremist one, you will be completely defeated because you will not be fighting the real enemy. You will be only fighting the effect and not the cause, so the enemy can continue to make effect after effect until they destroy us, and this is exactly what they have done.

The truth is that as long as Muslims in other countries respect our sovereignty and our borders we can respect them.

All over the White world, there is but one reason why we face a crisis of existence, Jewish Supremacism.

If we defeat Jewish Supremacism in our own homelands, the rest will be easy.

We don't defeat Jewish Supremacism we will continue to be wiped off the earth.

It is that simple.

I hope it becomes as natural for our people to understand this as to breathe!
Rep. David Duke, P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, Louisiana
Call to order books: (985) 626-7714 European American Unity & Rights Organization (EURO)

I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Duke had derived at least some of his inspiration for this post from a much more detailed essay entitled "It Wasn't Arabs", published by Edgar Steele back in November 2003.

The salient point made by Dr. Duke is simple; while Islamic supremacism is a conditional problem, Jewish supremacism is a continuing problem. Addressing it within this context makes it easier for American white nationalists to redirect their focus against Jewish supremacism. But we have an advantage over our kin in other historically white countries; our Muslims, for the most part, avoid politicizing Islam, accept in a few areas like Dearborn, Michigan, where they have concentrated.

However, convincing our European and Australian kin to accept this approach is a bit more difficult for them to swallow. While America's social discord is generated by blacks and Latinos, much of Europe's discord is generated by Muslims from Asia and, to a lesser degree, Africa. When Muslims put 300 cities to the torch in France in a two-week period, it becomes quite difficult to convince them that the Jew is the real problem. Indeed, whites of different ethnicities still struggle to get on together, as the growing distemper between Flemish and Walloons indicate. There have been disagreements between white Britons and Eastern Europeans in the U.K., and the Czechs and Slovaks had to undertake an amicable divorce a decade ago. Europeans could better deal with their Muslim problems by subsuming their ethnic differences in favor of a common racial identity when under a common threat.

Europe's Muslim problem has been primarily triggered by mass immigration. However, a second problem occurs when we venture into Muslim lands to impose our will militarily. Arabs widely perceive that the Western world in general, and the United States in particular, is biased in favor of Israel. And this, combined with Western-style cultural pollution, enrages many Arab Muslims.

If Europeans resolve not to impose their will upon the Middle East, then they will gain more political latitude to deal with their Muslim problems at home. But it is foolish for Europeans to allow a Muslim terrorist state to grow in Kosovo while intervening in Iraq or other Arab Muslim countries. Leave Muslims alone in their own countries and deal with those in your countries.

The enemy of our enemy cannot always be our friend, but enemy of our enemy does not need to become our enemy as well.

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