Saturday, October 06, 2007

Diversity Watch: White Family Experiences Group TNB At A Movie Theater

Recently a typical white family at an unspecified city decided to visit one of their city's newest movie theaters to take in a film. Having arrived just minutes before the show, they secured seats in the front rows sufficiently distant from other patrons so they could enjoy the show with a minimum of disruption.

Then a black family arrived - and plopped themselves down in the seats immediately behind. Read the full story on the Newsnet14 website. Here's an excerpt:

We performed our good movie neighbor practice of turning off our cell phones and prepared for the feature presentation.

Then just as the movie began, a small group of black primates, which consisted of a thin “bluegum” adult male and several niglets, came walking out of the long hallway that lead back to the lobby. They carried a huge tray of sodas, popcorn and various multicolored candies. The children ran like living shadows and unceremoniously plopped in the vacant seats behind us.

Within seconds the infighting started, “Gimme dat!” was the word repeated over and over. The backs of our seats were under a constant bombardment of tiny nasty little black feet. “Mama, he got mo din I did” and “He won’t give me any o dat coke” was heard several times.

I groaned and looked at my son, our eyes met and we knew exactly why these seats were vacant. This has happened many times before. Foul and unruly black families disrupting the white masses, they act as if they are at home, sitting on their genetically corrupted DNA soiled couches. Their constant loud talking, loud eating, and loud cursing is only a fraction of their low crass demeanors.

I had hoped that this moment of “bad negro behavior” would be short lived. I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, this troop of ebony urban nightmares would get settled, shut the hell up and watch the movie that we had anxiously planned for weeks to see.

So we sat there, listening to the pitter patter of empty cola cups and small popcorn boxes hit the movie theater floor. We listened to their manic shredding of candy wrappers, which met the same fate as the cola cups and popcorn boxes. And of course the incessant monkey chatter from these uncouth social retards.

As I sat there in total disgust, I noticed out of my peripheral vision, a small dark simian face, it appeared to be floating behind the chair next to me. It was one of the nasty black children and he was looking at me and my movie snacks. I turned and gave the most evil glare that I could muster. He quickly turned away and proceeded to hang from the same seats hard plastic back in an ape like manner.

My son was having his own share of problems with the father of this uncivilized troop. Every minute or so, the babies daddy would kick the back of my son’s seat. My son abruptly stood and turned to the man “Please QUIT kicking my chair” he snapped “Oh..ah, sorry” the father croaked without remorse.

I looked at my son as he sat back in his seat, he looked at me and just then a new problem arose.

The foul odorous stench was unbearable, someone removed their shoes or did some other unmentionable thing, but whatever it was, that was the last straw for me. I stood and turned to the audience and said “fuck this, I am not putting up anymore with this shit” and glared at the family of nigs. They looked dazed and confused. Now I had the picture screen at my back and the family of this black plague was fully visible.

I looked at each of them, the redbone mother appeared to be whacked out of her mind from some type of illegal substance, the bluegum father was badly dressed and sat cross legged (without shoes) and the little pickaninnies were all a disheveled mess.

On the way out, they complained to management, and asked why this sort of behavior was tolerated. Mangement responded by explaining that the last time they evicted black patrons for disruptive behavior, a local civil rights group complained.

Much like the 20,000 blacks who came to Jena - to support six black thugs who severely beat Justin Barker and call for their release. Free the Jena 6, they cried!

I have a better idea - free us! Free us from the burden of blacks befouling every neighborhood they move into. Free us from the burden of blacks bankrupting every city they take over. Free us from the burden of blacks assaulting, torturing, and murdering whites like Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

Yes, I know there are whites who behave the same way - or far worse. The case of John Ditullio, discussed on the anti-racist Nikki's Nest blog, is a particularly egregious example. If Ditullio is found guilty of his crimes, he should be executed, just like anyone else who commits first degree murder. But the facts clearly show that blacks are much more prone to that sort of behavior.

But while we must deal with the problems of black misbehavior on a daily basis, let us not lose sight of who assumed the leading role in stoking up the blacks against the white community in the first place. Let us not become so preoccupied with the symptoms that we forget about the disease. No Jews. Just Right.

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