Monday, October 15, 2007

Canada's Aryan Guard Stages Rally Against "Veiled Voting" In Calgary

Two people face assault charges after members of a "white supremacist" group protesting a decision to allow veiled voting faced off against anti-racism demonstrators outside Calgary City Hall on Sunday. Full story published on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) website, and on This post is primarily directed toward non-Canadians who may not fully understand Canada's legal environment; consequently, I also include some background information on the legal challenges faced by the pro-white movement in Canada.

As many as 15 members of the Aryan Guard, characterized by mainstream media outlets as a "white supremacist" organization, assembled at Calgary's City Hall on Sunday October 14th, 2007 for three hours to protest against a decision that allows Muslim women to wear niqabs or burkas while voting in Monday's municipal elections in Calgary, Edmonton and other Alberta communities. The devices completely cover a woman's face except for her eyes. [Ed. Note: The term "white supremacist" is commonly used by antis and mainstream media to denigrate those who work to preserve white civil rights and to oppose anti-white racism. Most so-called "supremacists" are actually separatists who would prefer to have a peaceful separation of the races.]

It's the first time that veiled voting has been permitted in the province's municipal elections. Elections Canada also recently decided to allow veiled voting if Muslim women prefer to keep their faces covered for religious reasons. They are to prove their identification in other ways. Canadian law allows three forms of I.D.; either one picture I.D., two non-pictured I.D.s, or someone to vouch for you. This has been interpreted by Elections Canada to allow veiled voting.

The Aryan Guard group covered their faces with ski masks and waved flags and banners, including a white pride Celtic Cross flag. About 60 anti-racist demonstrators, many also wearing ski masks and bandannas to hide their faces, showed up to confront the group. The difference here is that Aryan Guard members wore masks to protect themselves against state-sponsored persecution of pro-white activists. Canada not only has more stringent anti-hate laws, but places more constraints on free speech. Professional gadflies like Richard Warman persecute white activists by filing spurious hate complaints before the Canadian Human Rights Commission, who then force the targeted activists to appear before a tribunal. More information on the complaint process HERE. The Human Rights Tribunals do NOT observe the presumption of innocence; among their victims include dedicated pro-white activists such as Paul Fromm, Brad Love, and Tomasz Winnicki, just to name a few.

Police stepped in when an anti-racist protester tried to remove a ski mask worn by one of the Aryan Guard contingent and that person responded by throwing a water bottle at the face of the anti-racist, sparking a fight. Both parties were arrested and charged with assault. Note that it was the ANTI-RACIST who started the fight, as is usually the case when anti-racist activists confront pro-white activists.

Anti-racist protestor Lindsey Ross briefly said the white supremacists are a tiny minority, but shouldn't be totally ignored. "I think free speech is cool, but if you're promoting hatred, it's not. I think most Calgarians aren't listening to this. I think that if you have groups like this that preach hatred, I think that shows fundamental problem at a lower level that we should be addressing", said Ross.

Apparently the media was not interested in getting any reaction from the Aryan Guard.

The question of veiled voting has spurred controversy across Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was those who criticized the recent decision by Elections Canada. The country's chief electoral officer defended the decision and said politicians would have to change the Elections Act if they wanted more stringent identification requirements on election day.

You can find out more about the Aryan Guard from their main website or their blog. Here's the Aryan Guard's mission statement and their five activist values:

Mission Statement

We are family orientated folk with strong family values and goals - we measure our overall success through the accomplishments and achievements of our family and race. We do not condone, nor promote illegal activities and we wish to achieve our success through a political "awakening" perspective. We are a team of individuals, we have no leader - based on societies degrading downfall we need equal cooperation from members, associates, supporters, and conscious whites to fulfill our goal. Only after a new white conscious government is put into place may we answer to a leader. We wish, and demand the absolute best that each member has to offer - for only through hard work may we reach our goals. We believe that through a combination of everyone's skills and resources we may sufficiently aid the White Race in it's ongoing struggle for survival. We are an organization for all respectable whites - the young and old alike may be a part of our organization for we are all a part of the same struggle. We are Guardians of the White Aryan Race, and as guardians we focus our lives and efforts towards fighting for the culture, freedom, achievements, happiness; our children, purity, sanctity and the future of our beautiful people.

Our agenda is simple and can be summed up in 14 Words:

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

Statement of Activist Values

1. The Aryan Guard completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity as a means to achieve our political aims. Aryan Guard will use the tools of education, training, community activism and example to gain public support.

2. The Aryan Guard acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear, oppression, exploitation and foreign domination.

3. The Aryan Guard will use political non-violent means to achieve our goals, in every case striving to educate rather than offend the communities in which we operate. We reject the simple psychology of reactionary politics as a recruitment tool.

4. The Aryan Guard will only use force in self-defense in accordance with local laws.

5. The Aryan Guard’s main goal is to remove infighting once and for all from the pro-White movement so we can move forward for the common good of our race.

As you can see, the Aryan Guard is clearly a law-abiding organization dedicated to the use of non-violent political activism to achieve their goals.


Bastion Stuyvesant said...

The whole point of the demonstration was to get people talking.

It worked.

Aryan Guard- Lethbridge said...

Heil from Aryan Guard! 14/88 How are things going up there in the racial war? Respect to you Comrades!