Sunday, September 09, 2007

YouTube Censors The Patriot Dames, But Columbus Cop Susan Purtee Refuses To Surrender To Political Correctness

Courageous Columbus Police Officer Susan Purtee continues to stand strong and refuses to surrender her convictions for a mess of political pottage, despite an all-out attack on her professional standing and personal integrity by Columbus' civic plutocracy, including the black mayor Michael Coleman, the black police chief James Jackson, the black chairman of the Urban League Eddie Harrell, and their craven cowardly hirelings at the Columbus Dispatch. At least Chief Jackson has some shreds of residual integrity; he merely transferred Purtee to a desk job instead of firing her.

But now YouTube, groveling before Jewish interests, possibly because of Murray Rothstein's legal threats, has censored Purtee and her sister, who call themeselves the Patriot Dames. They disabled two of their videos, the first in which they provide an overview of Jewish supremacism and its effects (the now-famous graphic in the upper left is from that video), and the second, entitled "The Ebonics Plague", which addresses the black problem. Note very carefully: THEY disabled the videos - she did NOT voluntarily take them down. Here's a part of their statement, posted on their YouTube page:

"Since we have done this and gotten the message out to America about WHO controls the U.S. media and government, the Jewish League called Channel 10 T.V. [Columbus] in an effort to ban us, and on 9-6-07, YouTube bent under pressure and disbled our videos about what Jews are controlling America".

Yet inexplicably, a few ideological squarebritches within the white nationalist community threw a hissy fit when they found out that at one time, the Patriot Dames expressed some positive views about Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who emotionally seduced millions of Americans with his orchestrated "he-man" photo ops at Ground Zero. It is only now that the REAL Rudy Giuliani is surfacing - the Rudy Giuliani who now proclaims that illegal immigration is NOT a crime. The self-appointed "purity guardians" ignore the fact that the Patriot Dames have done something publicly that not even Pat Buchanan has done; to wit: Name the Jew using the term "Jew". Buchanan, for all his positive advocacy, tap-dances around the Jewish Question, using euphemisms like "Zionists" and "Goldman-Sachs", instead of saying "Jew". We need to follow Alex Linder's example - when we mean "Jew", we say "Jew". These ladies did it, and they deserve support regardless of what they may have said about Giuliani way back when. The white nationalist community could use a little less "purity" and a little more "practicality".

However, they didn't pull all of the Patriot Dames' videos; in fact, one of them was saved on Podblanc. Here's the URL of the video saved on Podblanc (I've not yet figured out how to actually embed a Podblanc video here - it doesn't work the same way as a YouTube video):

Now here are the remaining YouTube videos that have survived the initial purge. Here's the one entitled "The Money Changers":

And here's another one, about the Cuban Question in Miami:

Unlike so many others who subsequently apologize for similar sins against political correctness, Susan Purtee has stood firm like a rock against the forces of neo-Marxist oppression who grip this country by the hair of its head. She openly proclaims her intent to continue the struggle. The Patriot Dames deserve the support of all Americans who treasure the First Amendment, regardless of where you stand on racial issues. Visit their website at

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