Sunday, September 02, 2007

White Revolution's Steven Lee Provides Eyewitness Account of National Socialist Movement's (NSM) Omaha Rally Against Illegal Immigration

In preparing the composite post on the mainstream media reporting of the September 1st Omaha Rally Against Illegal Immigration hosted by the National Socialist Movement, I noticed that the mainstream media accounts, for the most part, appeared relatively fair and balanced, with very little judgmentalism. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for an actual eyewitness report, particularly from an experienced white activist.

And while we still await an official NSM report on the rally, an experienced white activist has stepped up to the plate and provided us a good account of the event, with numerous photos. Steven Lee, a member of Billy Roper's White Revolution organization and the leader of the Nebraska unit, participated in the rally as a supporter. He's posted his account on the White Revolution-Nebraska website.

However, his posting technique, which centered all of the photos, frequently interrupts his narrative, disrupting the continuity and requiring excessive scrolling. So I have cross-posted his account here to make it easier to read the narrative. However, I only cross-posted one of his photos, so you will definitely want to visit his site to see the remainder.

Wow, yesterday was incredible. I was able to network with enough people in the Omaha area that we were able to assemble a sizable group of people to come together and support the NSM, or, in the much larger picture, the Pro White movement itself.

The police made a huge list of what couldn't be brought to the rally. It included food and drinks, steel-toe boots, signs, banners or notices, noise making devices, toys, radios, bullhorns, CD's, DVD's, Clothing with sharp protruding objects, cigarette lighters, laser pointing devices, aerosol cans and any other device that could be converted to use as a weapon.

I was initially told I could not bring a camera or video camcorder. My heart sank when I heard that. I thought I would challenge them on this and took my smaller Canon Rebel with me anyway. Once we got within sight of the Police they quickly rushed to us asking what we were doing. We told them we were going to the rally, duh. I asked them if I could record the event on my Camera as I'm basically an independent journalist for the movement. They told me I would have to get the permission of the officials at the rally area.

We were searched for weapons and then proceeded to the rally area near the consolute. Once we got there we saw large fenced-in areas. One for supporters, one for antis and one for the NSM. The local media was positioned directly across the street from the NSM members, perhaps 100 feet or so.

I asked the police if I could use my camera to capture the event. I told them I had no intention of using my $1000 camera as a weapon. I assured than I had better sense and anger control ability than that. They told me this was an "emergency situation" and that all precaution must be taken to ensure safety. They asked me if I was here for the rally as a supporter or non-supporter. Fearing that they wouldn't let me in with the camera had I told them I was here in support of the NSM, I told them I was "unbiased." They pointed to the top of the hill, far away from the event and told me to go there. I asked them if I was in support of the NSM where I would be placed. They said in the supporters area. I told them I would be in support then.

I was again searched for weapons and had to walk thru a portable metal detection unit. Of course with the camera around my neck, the unit sounded off. I was asked to walk back out and the police waved a detection wand over me taking note that it was indeed the camera setting the detector off, as I had left all but my personal identification in my friends car.

My friends that came with me were ordered to leave the area since they had cigarette lighters in their possession. They were told that if they took the lighters back to their vehicle, they could return though. So, for 20 minutes or so I was the only one in the fenced-in supporters area. The NSM had not arrived yet, and I was early. But nobody knew what to expect and as such we decided to arrive well before the rally was scheduled to start.

I had never in my life seen so many law enforcement officials congregated in one small area. It was amazing. Riot police lined each side of the street. There were Police on horseback and several police helicopters hovering overhead. On each side of dodge street, large dump trucks blocked access to the street in each direction. Barricades were erected. Ambulances were in place. You would have thought Osama bin laden and a team of deadly terrorists were scheduled to arrive.

The supporter section began to fill with people. Some had driven as far away as South Dakota. Normal, everyday-looking people. Not the radical, freakish societal outcasts the media portrays the Pro White movement as.

The NSM arrived in two City buses. They parked and walked perhaps 150 feet to the rallying area directly in front of the Mexican Consulate. I was very impressed at the speeches the NSM members gave. Very intelligent, very factual and powerful. No "nigger", no "Heil Hitler", no "kike", no "spic" or any other racial epithets were used. I found the NSM to be very organized, very professional and very fearless.

I found it ironic that we the supporters were separated from our White Brothers and Sisters. We wanted to come over and stand with them, but we were divided by security fences. It wasn't even an option. Incidentally, opposition was very small in number, maybe 75 misinformed, brainwashed liberal dingbats.

When the NSM ended the rally and headed towards the buses to transport them back to their motel, we tried to get closer to shake their hands and thank them for coming, but we were rushed by police officers telling us to back away. I had NSM commander Jeff Schoep's cellular phone number and I called him to tell him several of us would come to the motel to meet him and the others. It was a honor to shake the hands of these gentlemen and speak with them. I got to meet the band members of Total War and was given a CD by the Guitarist. None of these guys fit the image that the media gives them. These were all responsible, well-read, hard working individuals. I want to thank the NSM for coming to Omaha and speaking out about immigration and the horrific effect it is having on our Country. It was a proud day for me and the others that attended this event. We will be proud to support any Pro White effort that helps to ensure the survivability of our great Nation, and one that will serve the interest of the 14 Words, which is: "We must secure the existence of our people and future for White children".

Steven Lee doesn't tell us if any other prominent white nationalists were there. The reason I bring this up is because in this Stormfront thread, David Pringle, of all people, suddenly stepped in from the cold and announced his possible intention to attend the rally. Pringle did NOT dissociate himself from the movement willingly or through a change of heart; it was imposed upon him by his present employer, who told him to choose between his job and the Cause. Because he had just welcomed a new baby into his family, he understandably chose the job, but he makes it perfectly clear that he remains FULLY COMMITTED to the cause in his heart.


Judith said...

Of course they were fearless! There were more cops there than beer bellied white boys.

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You need to get your eyes checked, Judith. I didn't see too many beer bellies. But then, you revel in stereotypes about WNs, don'tcha?

Or perhaps you're upset because David Pringle didn't invite you to join him.

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About the same as you revel in Jewish stereotypes, Tinpot General Flash, Sir!

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