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A White Nationalist Perspective: Dr. David Duke Defends The Town Of Jena Against Media Slander And Uncovers The True Victim, Justin Barker

In my continuing effort to get the official reaction of all major white nationalist leaders to the Jena 6 situation "under one roof", I am presenting the official reaction posted by longtime white nationalist leader Dr. David Duke (pictured at left). Unlike many who have weighed in, Dr. Duke's lifelong ties to the state of Louisiana provide him with a personal expertise not effectively duplicated by anyone else.

And Dr. Duke undeniably knows his state and its people. He knew them well enough to convince a majority in his state house district to elect him to the Louisiana State House of Representatives in 1989. He also ran persuasive, if unsuccessful candidacies for the U.S. Senate in 1990 and Governor in 1991. In the latter campaign, he was less than 10 percentage points behind Edwin Edwards at one point until a desperate political plutocracy pulled out all the stops, employing then-President George H. W. Bush to campaign against him. The Edwards campaign even produced anti-Duke bumper stickers saying "Vote For The Crook, It's Important", openly acknowledging and even celebrating the fact that Edwin Edwards was dirty. And the gutter tactics took their toll as Dr. Duke finished a distant second, 22 percentage points behind Edwards.

And by doing this, they promoted the idea that it was better to elect a dishonest crook who would steal the people's money instead of electing an honest "racist". And this principle has since become formally enshrined; corporations who steal jobs and pension funds from workers get slapped on the wrist at worst or preferential tax cuts at best, while white Americans who are revealed to be "racist", like Dan Schildhauer or Michael Regan, are summarily fired from their jobs, or framed and convicted on bogus civil rights charges like Shaun Walker in Utah or bogus weapons charges like Chester Doles in Georgia. Nothing goes right until we go white.

In response to a literary hatchet job inflicted by then-New Orleans Times-Picayune reporter Tyler Bridges in the form of a "book" entitled "The Rise Of David Duke", Dr. Duke responded with two books of his own. The first, entitled "My Awakening", is a 700+ page tome outlining his entire worldview on race and the Jewish Question. Quite frankly, I was so moved I read it twice; it spawned my own "awakening". However, the importance of the Jewish Question necessitated the creation of a shorter second book entitled "Jewish Supremacism", which focused on this issue in greater depth. While non-whites are considered the symptoms, Jews, or more specifically, Jewish supremacism, is considered the disease. No Jews. Just Right. While this book can be purchased, Dr. Duke has generously made this entire book available for viewing and downloading (in PDF format) on the Zogsnightmare website.

Speaking of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Dr. Duke maintains that it has long ceased to be a genuine Southern newspaper reflecting local and regional interests. This analogy, unfortunately, applies to most major metro dailies as well as national magazines and the national broadcast organs. Click HERE for an explanation of how this came about.

And now, to David Duke's explanation of the situation in Jena, Louisiana, originally posted on his website:

David Duke Speaks out in Defense of Jena Louisiana

Much has been made of the fact that I won an overwhelming majority of votes in Jena Louisiana in my election bids for U.S. Senator and for Governor. Such is said to falsely label the people in Jena as “racists.” In fact, I won the overwhelming majority of the White vote in the entire state of Louisiana, not just in Jena. Since the people of Jena voted for me twice to speak for them as their Senator and as their Governor, I will ardently speak for them now.

The people of Jena, the people of Louisiana and I are not racist. We simply want justice to be done. We understand that White people in America have lost our basic civil rights. Whites are now deprived of human rights by racial discrimination in jobs, promotions, scholarships, college admissions and in many other programs. More importantly, Whites are increasingly victims of Black racial violence and hate crimes. In fact, a White person is 40 to 50 times more likely to be a victim of Black gang violence than a Black is likely to be a victim of White gang violence.

Michael [sic] Bell, the Black hate crime attacker who has now become a hero with hardly a mention in the media of his previous four convictions for violence

Not only is there almost no media coverage of the Black violent hate crimes against Whites, but in high profile cases when Blacks are prosecuted for heinous crimes against innocent Whites, the White victims are ignored and the Black criminals are turned into “real victims” by the media.

Nothing more clearly illustrates this point than what has occurred over the past year in Jena, Louisiana and the orgy of hatred that Jena has suffered. today, September 20, the town has been invaded by thousands of thugs like Al Sharpton who seek to make violent Black hate criminals such as Michael Bell and the rest of the so-called “Jena Six” into heroes. Even worse the entire White population of the town is facing a media lynching by being labeled racists who are unjustly persecuting Black young men.

Michael Bell, who has been convicted of four previous violent crimes, (a fact scarcely revealed by the media), led a group of six Black students to attack and unmercifully beat a White Student at Jena High School in what can only be described as a vicious hate crime. Motivated by racial hatred, the six Blacks attacked one lone White student, Justin Barker. They stomped and kicked him to unconsciousness and continued to kick him and stomp him as he lay helpless. The attack could have easily have taken his life if others had not intervened. Only by the grace of God did he survive.

To show the insane bias of this whole case, just imagine if the facts were reversed.

If a gang of six Whites motivated by racial hatred and led by a White with four previous violent-crime convictions had attacked a lone Black student, kicking and stomping him into unconsciousness, would there any concern that the leader and the other White gang members could be charged with aggravated assault? Would not there be national demands to charge the White attackers with the most serious of federal civil rights violations and hate crimes? White leaders from all over the country, even the leaders of the local town of Jena, would not be defending the White attackers, they would be condemning the attacks and calling for the harshest of punishments allowed by the law.

As far as the Media are concerned, oh yes the supposedly unbiased media, they would be interviewing the Black victim on every TV talk show across the land, discussing his fear, his pain, his suffering. They would be interviewing his crying relatives and friends. They would not be voicing any fear that the White attackers would be treated too harshly. No, they would be demanding the harshest of penalties.

Federal officials from the President on down would be calling for additional serious charges of federal civil rights violations. But you see, in the America of 2007 Whites are no longer deemed to have any “civil rights.”

When a lone White kid is beaten savagely by a gang of six hate criminals, the media is only concerned about how the Black attackers are being treated too harshly. And if you are waiting for civil rights charges to be filed against the Black attackers who violated the civil rights of the boy they almost beat to death, don’t hold your breath.

The entire Jena scenario and the coverage of it by the media show once again that it is not the people of Jena who are racists. By voting for me and by demanding justice in this case, they have shown rightly that they believe in fairness to all and that White people are now the real victims of racism in America. Once again it is shown that we must have advocates for our rights and heritage just as any other group is permitted to do so.

May the District Attorney and the people of Jena stay strong and never give in to those who seek take away their rights of life and liberty as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Written and submitted to the American people on September 20, 2007 by David Duke.

Commentary: Dr. Duke correctly exposes the wealth of contradictions and inconsistencies in the case. One interesting point made - there have been no Federal civil rights charges filed against the Jena 6, although it's quite obvious the fight was racilly motivated. Yet the Shaun Walker Trio were prosecuted on Federal civil rights charges in Utah stemnming from a couple of bar fights with non-whites. This simply reinforces the perception of the double standard.

Visit Dr. Duke's website to listen to his broadcast on this subject, as well as additional broadcasts on other topics related to white civil rights.

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