Monday, September 24, 2007

Update On The "Norfolk Seven": Police Identify Three Of The Attackers Of 13-Year Old Damian O'Rourke

Special Update: Post updated September 24th at 2:15 P.M. Alaska time to include additional media link and some additional geographical information. Additions posted in green.

Norfolk Police report that based on video information, they have identified three of the alleged seven black teenagers who backjumped 13-year old Damian O'Rourke in Norfolk, Virginia. Full story, including video, published at WAVY Channel 10 Norfolk. Story also just published in the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot.

Videos also available at the links provided below (multiple sources provided for the sake of necessary redundancy):

And a shorter version of the same video here:

In my previous post, I reported that Damian O'Rourke was enroute to a friend's house when he encountered what he believes to be as many as seven black teenagers in the 9300 block of Orange Avenue in the Ocean View area who suddenly attacked him for no obvious reason. The video clearly identifies at least five of those who were actively involved in the attack, either by holding him in place, or by administering punches. Most of the punches were directed towards his face.

O'Rourke further stated that he had been harassed by black students at his school and that one of the seven attackers was a student who had previously harassed him at school. The distraught mother stated she had moved to the neighborhood because it appeared at first glance to be a nice neighborhood. Now she's afraid to even let her kids out of the house.

Norfolk Police say they've identified three of the people seen beating a 13-year-old in a videotape shown to by the victim's mother. According to a spokesperson, investigators from the Gang Squad have identified 3 of the suspects, and are in the process of identifying the other individuals involved. Most likely, the names of the suspects are not being released because they are juveniles.

Police say charges will be filed against all of those involved. They also say that the victim, Damien O'Rourke, knew at least one of the assailants. In addition, investigators are also trying to determine the cirumstances triggering the assault. However, police so far deny that the assault was racially motivated, based upon police information provided to WAVY which for some reason, they cannot release. It is not uncommon for police to provide inside information to a preferred media outlet on condition that they sit on it until the cops give the green light to release it; the media outlet, in exchange, gains "exclusivity".

This is yet another example on how blacks degrade the quality of life in a neighborhood or city when significant number start moving in. Nearly every city ingesting significant quantities of blacks experiences similar problems. Detroit, of course, remains the prototypical example of this problem; the Detroit Is Crap blog provides daily accounts of the problems in that city.

It is believed that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 may have served as a catalyst. Back in pre-civil rights days, black neighborhoods in many cities were much more stable and generated less crime. Unfortunately, the civil rights movement was hijacked and redirected from "equality" to race-based preference, discouraging the assumption of personal responsibility within black communities. All too frequently, black problems were blamed on "racism", promoting the atomization of the black family. Illegitimacy rates skyrocketed to 70%; many black youth found themselves without the restraining influence of a father. And so, black youth, seeking male companionship, turned to each other through gangs to provide a surrogate. Gangs and midnight basketball are a poor substitute for fatherhood.

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