Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sixth Black Youth Charged In Norfolk Mob Assault On White Teen Damian O'Rourke; Allegations Of A "Staged" Fight Surface

A sixth black youth has been charged on Wednesday September 26th, 2007 in connection with a weekend mob assault in Ocean View that gained national media attention after being captured on video. Full story published Thursday in the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot.

The latest perp charged is 15 years old, according to Chris Amos, police spokesman. On Tuesday, police charged five youths with the crime of mob assault, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of a year in jail or confinement and a $2,500 fine. Two of the teens are 16 and the others are 13, 14 and 15. The names of the boys have not been released because they are juveniles. All are black.

On Wednesday, all six defendants, accompanied by their parents, faced Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge William P. Williams in court. Judge Williams set an October 31st trial date. The youths were quiet and said nothing in court.

In a decision with which I personally disagree, Judge Williams allowed the boys to remain free but ordered they have no contact with either the victim of the assault or the teen who shot the video of it, who has reported he received threats. I disagree with the decision because there are reports (unsubstantiated so far) that some of these teens may have been involved in a similar assault in nearby Willoughby Terrace nearly two weeks ago. The father of the victim in that assault, after viewing the video, claims the same group were also involved in his son's assault. The race of the Willoughby Terrace victim has not been revealed.

One of the parents, Warren Shaw, whose son is a defendant, was willing to talk to the media. And as many black parents do, he immediately tried to downplay the significance of the event. Shaw claims the incident is being blown out of proportion. This is quite similar to the large number of blacks who try to downplay the Jena assault on Justin Barker, and shows a fundamental moral disconnect between the white community and the black community.

Shaw said he's lived in the neighborhood 11 years, just a couple of blocks from where the assault occurred. He said he doesn't believe race played a role. Nor did he think any gangs were involved. "These kids are in my house most of the time. Playing in my pool, playing video games in my house. There's no way this is gang-related," he said. But does Shaw really believe his son and his friends would discuss or display such interests in front of him?

The Saturday attack left white victim Damian O'Rourke, 13, with minor injuries. In the video of the attack, the boy's assailants hit and kick him repeatedly for about 40 seconds. The recording, made by another teen who was not injured, was given to local media.

Police continue to insist that the attack was not racially-motivated. They even hint that the attack was preceded by a non-race related incident occurred prior to the assault. They also claim the attack was not gang-related.

And indeed, the local civic plutocracy is working overtime to quash the idea that race was an issue. Earlier on Wednesday, the Virginian-Pilot published an editorial downplaying the racial angle and completely discounting the possibility of any relationship to the Jena Six situation.

Perhaps this is because of a new development that appears to muddy the picture considerably. WAVY-TV reports that Anthony Dimarco, the Granby High School student who shot the video, and who initially claimed he was there to shoot skateboarding video and saw the fight, told Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes that the fight was planned. Here's a snippet from the WAVY-TV account:

"It was supposed to be a fight they wanted to put on MySpace and YouTube. A friendly fight. But I mean it was gonna be just one on one. It wasn't supposed to be six on one," said 14-year-old Anthony Dimarco. Somewhere along the way, more people joined in and this is the end result. "It was supposed to be a play around wrestle match. And then I guess, one of the kids called up his friend and it turned into a jumping in." While some think it's racially motivated, police continue to say it's not.

"I don't think it's racial because of the fact that I see other white kids in the immediate vicinity of this assault," said Carlos Howard with the Hampton Roads leadership council. "Had it been it would have been a free-for-all."

After launching an investigation, Howard says it appears the fight was gang activity in the neighborhood. "I kinda think this is a wannabe gang activity that these individuals have some type of reputation in the street. As a consequence, that took it a little farther than necessary."

Because of the many different stories behind this fight, many hours were spent interviewing O'Rourke, Dimarco and the suspects in the case. Police say this was not a racial issue and they don't think this was all about a gang.

Thec possibility that it was a "staged" fight that got out of hand is also presented in a story published by the website. This significantly confuses the picture. Teens have picked up the habit of staging fights and posting them on the web to get attention. And this may be the reason why police did briefly investigate the possibility that Damian O'Rourke may have volunteered to get "jumped into a gang". Those of us who are pro-white should be intellectually honest enough not to rule out the possibility that the fight was intended to be "staged" from the get-go.

However, that did not stop the American National Socialist Workers Party from sending letters out to people in the immediate neighborhood warning them about the racial aspect, nor did it stop an unidentified local resident from posting an intent to organize a local pro-white rally against black crime tentatively scheduled to be held at Chesapeake Park on October 13th.


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It was hardly "brutal".

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where is that trouble maker sharpton?!!!!! if the races were reversed in this fight the baboons would have been crying racism! in some third world country their heads would have come off!