Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nationalist Coalition's John Ubele Running For District 46 Seat In Florida State House Of Representatives

A 29-year old pro-white activist from the Nationalist Coalition has announced his intention to run for election to the District 46 seat in the Florida State House of Representatives. Full story in the St. Petersburg (FL) Times.

John Ubele (pictured above left), a window cleaner by trade, is the first challenger to incumbent John Legg for his seat in the state House of Representatives. However, Ubele is also the operations manager for the Nationalist Coalition, a white nationalist group that wants to create its own media, education system, government and white-only living space. The Nationalist Coalition broke away from National Vanguard (now reorganized under the name of European Americans United) a couple of years ago. Both organizations descended from the National Alliance.

Fliers with the group's name, Nationalist Coalition, were recently distributed along Redfield Drive, near Little Road and Fox Hollow Drive. They depict Uncle Sam with a Star of David on his hat. "WE WANT YOU! To die so Israelis don't have to," the flier said. "Now American soldiers are being killed so that Israeli soldiers won't have to fight their enemies for themselves." Sample posted below:

However, John Ubele does not dwell upon that aspect of politics, preferring to focus upon issues much more within the purview of a state legislature. Instead, Ubele prefers to focus on more traditional bread-and-butter issues, such as lower homeowner's insurance, order in the classroom, less money for politicians, and more money for vocational training. His official platform veers toward mainstream conservatism.

But the St. Petersburg Times insinuates that Ubele has a "secret" secondary platform simply because he doesn't mention it on his official campaign website. The so-called "secret" platform is that he wants to build a national pro-white political party. This party would work to create living space for whites only, while respecting the rights of other races to have their own living spaces.

While he doesn't specifically mention this on his campaign website, nor does his site link to the Nationalist Coalition website, no deception should be implied. His pro-white affiliations are hardly a secret. One of the most prominent links on his website is the link to the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum.

So apparently, Ubele is not going to allow the campaign to be dominated by race on other people's terms. As he told WTSP Channel 10 in Tampa, he considers his views on race relations, immigration and civil rights irrelevant because most of those issues are federal, rather than state ones. Unlike many white candidates who espouse Politically Incorrect views on race, Ubele has no intention of squandering valuable time or resources fruitlessly trying to explain why he's not "racist" to a political plutocracy which really doesn't want to be convinced. He will simply deflect the issue until HE believes it's appropriate to introduce it. That way, Ubele retains final control over the race issue. Ubele allegedly could not be reached for an interview before the St. Petersburg Times went to press (ironic how the media so often claims they cannot "reach" a pro-white subject for an interview whenever they do a story on such a subject. The same excuses were proferred in the cases of former Columbus police officer Susan Purtee and former Salt Lake District 4 City Council candidate Jack Gray).

John Ubele filed his candidate papers back on July 2nd. This is not his first run for office. Last November, after saying that black Americans who complain about discrimination should go back to Africa, he came in last among six candidates for Pasco's Mosquito Control Board. He got 3% of the vote.

And the incumbent Republican from Port Richey, John Legg, has wasted little time in firing back (somehow, the St. Pete Times had no problem "reaching" him). He chose to discuss the flier distribution, characterizing it as "offensive and frightening". He claimed he was personally appalled because the fliers were distributed on Rosh Hashanah. Oy, vey! Of course, it was apparently too much to ask Legg to respond to any of the ISSUES raised by Ubele.

However, while John Ubele may consider immigration a "federal" issue, he should not exclude the possibility of some state or even local solutions to the problem, considering that, according to OJJPAC, four Florida cities are classified as "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens. They are DeLeon Springs, Deltona, Miami, and Sanford (to be fair, Sanford is contesting their inclusion on the list). Perhaps Ubele might consider the proposed local ordinance put forth by Assemblyman Paul Bauer of Anchorage, AK to be a form of model legislation other cities could use to solve similar problems.

John Ubele's campaign website can be reached at This site also contains a link to a political action committee called SOLPAC, the Sons of Liberty Committee. Working on behalf of European-American interests, membership is open to Americans of all races, at $36 per year.

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Anonymous said...

This guy went to a community college and is now 'operations manager' for his hate group. I think those are hardly the qualifications required for an elected position.