Saturday, September 01, 2007

National Socialist Movement's Omaha Rally Against Illegal Immigration At Mexican Consulate Uneventful, 65 White Activists Present

The National Socialist Movement's Omaha Rally Against Illegal Immigration proved uneventful today (September 1st, 2007) as over 300 law enforcement officers from 10 different agencies kept NSM members and other white activists separated from antifa protestors. This post is a summary of several local news media reports, including the Omaha World-Herald, KETV Channel 7 Omaha, KMTV Channel 3 Omaha, and WOWT Channel 6 Omaha.

An estimated 65 members and supporters of the National Socialist Movement (other media outlets estimated 60), headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, demonstrated against illegal immigration in front of the Mexican Consulate located at 35th Avenue and Dodge Street. This location was chosen because most of the illegals in this country are from Mexico, and was designed to drive home growing American dissatisfaction directly to representatives of the Mexican government. While the city's orginal plan was only to block off Dodge Street for five blocks, they expanded it to include numerous additional streets from Farnam to Davenport Streets, and from at least 33rd to 38th Streets to ensure maximum security.

The NSM protesters, who wore swastikas, were fenced off away from dozens of counterprotesters. The two sides heckled each other for about an hour, after which the rally broke up. The NSM protestors were bussed to and from the site.

NSM Commander Jeff Schoep explained the objectives further to KETV. "Anti-illegal in particular, but we have a problem with all immigration, you know? We need to close our borders. This needs to be a white country like our forefathers founded it", concluded Schoep.

NSM Captain Jim Ludacka told Action 3 (KMTV) News that the goal of the protest is "to wake up white America to the illegal alien problem that's coming in and taking your job, my job, your son's job and my son's job. Tell the government we've had enough and we're not going to take it anymore."

The NSM has yet to publish their own report on the rally. I expect to see their report on the NSM website within the next few days.

Meanwhile, a coalition of civic groups held various events on the Septemberfest main stage outside the Qwest Center Omaha to celebrate what Mayor Mike Fahey declared as Diversity Day. Seventy people listened to Mayor Fahey and others rhapsodize about Omaha's ethnic mix. Afterward, Mayor Fahey discussed how Omaha could trace its success to its melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups - basically your standard talking points. He called it "Diversity Day", and, according to one of the organizers, it will become an annual event.

The National Socialist Movement is the larger and more traditional of the two most active national socialist organizations in the United States. They prefer the SS uniform originally worn in Germany and display the swastika. The second, smaller, but more innovative organization is the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), commanded by Bill White. While they also use the swastika, they've adopted a more contemporary uniform combination of a black shirt and white fatigue-type trousers. A strong rivalry exists between the leaders of the two organizations, although Jeff Schoep prefers to let one of his state leaders, Jim Ramm, handle that sort of business. While the NSM prefers to continue an ambitious program of classical set-piece rallies, the ANSWP, to get more mileage from its more limited numbers, prefers guerilla-style political operations and one-on-one interactions.

The use of uniforms and swastikas, ridiculed constantly by antifas, has been a bone of contention within the white nationalist community. The more intellectually-oriented "highbrow" contingent, which loathes uniforms and symbols, looks contemptuously upon the uniformed organizations and barely acknowledges their existence. They believe uniforms and symbols scare away people who otherwise might be receptive to white nationalism. The more proletarian "lowbrow" contingent values uniforms to promote discipline and comradeship, and believes the shock value secures greater media publicity. The latter is true; SS uniforms and swastikas are more attractive to the if-it-bleeds-it-leads media than three-piece suits.

I say those who prefer uniformed service ought to be respected for their choice, so long as they present themselves meticulously and behave in an exemplary fashion. And in their rallies, NSM cadre have lived up to that standard. Since people are motivated by different stimuli, it takes a multiplicity of tactics to get the job done. The NSM deserves respect for being willing to appear in public wearing a uniform that has become so derided by mainstream America. We should also remember that the Jews have taken the lead in demonizing national socialism. This, of course, lacks credibility because Jews cannot be expected to show objectivity towards national socialism, since many of them (but nowhere near the advertised number) had a bad experience with it in Germany 60 years ago.

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