Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kansas City Hispanic Supremacists Demand Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Fire Chief Of Staff Ed Martin For "Racist" Comments

The failure of much Kansas City's civic plutocracy to tell La Raza to take their $7 million national convention and transport it to a place that sees very little daylight has emboldened Kansas City's Hispanic supremacists to ratchet up the ante even more.

And on Monday, September 10th, 2007, the Kansas City Star reported that a group of Kansas City Hispanic leaders called for Missouri Governor Matt Blunt to fire his chief of staff over what they said were racist comments. In a statement issued by Rita Valenciano, president of the Coalition of Hispanic Organizations, during a press conference at a state office building in downtown Kansas City, Valenciano said it was outrageous for Martin to say that in a work force where there are “Mexican-looking people they are likely illegal.”

For it to be a publicly stated stance of the governor of Missouri’s office is one of the most racist and profiling statements arguably in Missouri history,” Valenciano’s statement said. They also called for Blunt to apologize for the remarks.

Jessica Robinson, a spokeswoman for Governor Blunt, said that the remarks were taken out of context and that chief of staff Ed Martin was simply paraphrasing a developer’s comment and would not be fired. Martin did not respond to media enquiries.

The comment occurred at an August 17th meeting of the Missouri Housing Development Commission, which awards state tax credits to qualifying developers. At the meeting, Martin was speaking to a developer and his lawyer about a recent case in O’Fallon, where local officials suspect illegal labor was used on a development. The developer’s lawyer said a computer program to check the legal status of subcontracted workers on his job site was not available at the time.

According to transcripts, an angry Martin shot back, “I’ll tell you what’s available, is every frigging developer can figure out who is illegal, and when he says — like he told them — there’s a bunch of Mexicans out there, I guess some of them are probably not legal.”

In a related development, a Hispanic employee who sent Blunt a letter protesting Martin’s comments later resigned. Jim Torres, the legislative liaison and secretary for the commission who witnessed the incident, initially sent Governor Blunt a letter protesting the remarks. In his letter, Torres said Martin gave a “table-thumping tirade” in which he made the comments, which Torres took as a slight against Mexicans. Locked into full-throttle La Raza mode, Torres wrote “I am extremely proud of my Mexican heritage, culture and especially my family, and I will not let anyone demean or degrade it, least of all Mr. Martin”. Torres resigned the next day. [Ed. Note: Moral of the story - NEVER write a letter to your boss while drinking tequila.]

Accuracy and professionalism clearly are not part of the Hispanic lobby's strategy. During the Monday press conference, Hispanic leaders so egregiously misquoted and misrepresented Martin that even a captive establishment newspaper like the Kansas City Star couldn't ignore it.

In the news release issued by Valenciano, Martin was incorrectly quoted as saying “where there are Mexican (looking people) — you are likely to find illegals.” Then at the news conference later that day, Valenciano quoted Martin incorrectly again, saying he had said “frigging Mexican” people. When reminded that Martin said “frigging developers,” she blew it off, saying that she did not have a transcript of the meeting in front of her.

Commentary: This latest organized Hispanic provocation is undoubtedly an outgrowth of the equivocal response delivered by Kaycee's civic plutocracy to La Raza in August when La Raza threatened to take their proposed $7 million national conference out of Kansas City if Park Board member Frances Hemler wasn't fired. Her crime - she's affiliated with the Minutemen. While the mayor is standing firm, the city council and much of the business community are busy kissing Hispanic ass. They should have called La Raza's bluff.

And because they didn't call La Raza's bluff, the Council of Hispanic Organizations wants their chunk of flesh. This is just another psychological blackmail attempt by the Hispanic lobby - but Governor Matt Blunt is made of sterner stuff than the Kansas City City Council, and the greaser gambit backfired when Jim Torres blew his stack and cost himself his job.

The Hispanic lobbies are showing that they will lie, cheat, and steal to get their way. It reflects the predominant culture of corruption in Mexico. Mexico and the United States are culturally incompatible. These people do not appreciate the "milk of human kindness"; they interpret kindness as weakness. This typifies Third World cultures, which is probably an outgrowth of harder living. They only respect strength, and it is with strength that we must respond.

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