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Jena 6 Defendant Robert Bailey Jr. Reaping Financial Windfall From Black Sympathizers Who Approve Of His Attack On Justin Barker

The families of the Jena 6 defendants are getting money sent to them by the public for their defense, so much so that the families are allegedly now driving Jaguars, Mercedes, and Envoys, according to information provided by victim Justin Barker in a statement given to Crosstar website editor Richard Barrett, who traveled to Jena to interview the Barker family and correct for the lack of publicity given them. Click HERE to read original statement, which is copyrighted by Barrett.

And the picture of Jena 6 defendant Robert Bailey Jr. in the upper left corner shows it all. Bailey posted this picture of himself on his MySpace website (which was taken down while I was constructing this post) with a bunch of money in his mouth to rub it in. While the picture has since been removed from the website, it was removed too late, and is now being posted all over the blogosphere even as we speak. According to Barker, the families can afford to spend the money on bling-bling instead is because their lawyers are representing them pro bono.

Contact information for the Jena 6 defendants can be found HERE.

Meanwhile, Justin Barker is still understandably upset over the hypocrisy of the situation. He feels like the Jena 6 are getting paid for being criminals. He says that while he's got to work every day, his attackers are just "chilling out" with "sleeping-pants" on. The reason he works is because he is still serving a one-year suspension from school for having a gun in his truck, although it was in plain sight and he had carried it for years. So Barker not only feels like he's been singled out, but also that he's being dumped on. Even though he is the real and only victim, he's being treated by the establishment and the blacks like a perpetrator.

Barker also reports that he's almost completely recovered from the attack, but suffering from a bleeding ulcer, which he states is attributable to the fact that he got kicked after being knocked unconscious. But his faith in God makes him believe that we can win.

Here's an interesting MySpace post from a local resident named Karen. She implies that Michael Bell and Robert Bailey are chronic troublemakers. What's even more interesting is that she claims that it was the arrival of 200 Katrina refugees that really destabilized the community. Typical - the Katrina Nigger Trash destabilized every community where they relocated. I've exercised personal editorial license and broken this into paragraphs to enhance readability:

It's my home town..The truth about the whole matter is Michael Bell and Robert Bailey are two of many that are trouble makers in the town. The black community will not speak out (unless related to the 6) Bell had 4 other charges against him before the Dec ATTACK.They terrorized their own community. Did yall know that his momma is driving a brand new Jag and Bailey's mom got a new BMW????Robert Bailey's myspace page has him laying on a bed covered in $100 bills captioned "pay day"$400,000 has been raised from people who care about the Jena 6 and the money is being spent Bell's mom is the NAACP chairman for Jena chapter.the 4 other moms are wanting some of that money too. Michael Bell has to answer for the probation violations too, I don't care IF Justin Barker Did call Michael Bell a NIGGER How often do you think he was called a CRACKER ASS. Its stupid words. That was a beating and it would have continued had it not been for someone laying over Justin.

IF shoot at someone and miss....The intent is still there right? Well, as for the burning of the school...Bell is a football star he had colleges scouting him. His records at school with all the probation's and negative marks was a big problem SO set the principles office on fire burn up the records in there. They didn't mean for the whole building to go up in flames though! The truth has yet to be told in the media. Jena's head cheerleader and co captain are black. The homecoming court has black girls on it. Is that racism? Predominately white school that votes for these types of positions? that should count for something. .Jena is One town with 2 communities ( by choice) There is nothing to fight over we shop at the same stores and eat at the same restaurants we watch ball games in the same bleachers and share fairs, howdy neighbor days.

At school in the square you congregate towards your friends. It's 2 breeze ways with the same old benches.. blacks by the auditorium and whites by the gym (by choice)...When it gets cold you go in the gym and wait for the bell to ring every year that is when the fights get started because now the students are all crowded together in a uncomfortable way. (Toes are stepped on.. so to speak) . Hurricane Katrina brought 200 people to Jena. Some of them were gang members. They planted a few negative seeds in the soil of this town and it turned some good boys into trouble makers. It's been hell ever since. They pull random people over in their cars and beat the shit out of them, that is gang initiation. (Beat up a stranger and you are in the gang)!

Jena's head cheerleader and co-captain are black. The homecoming court has black girls on it. Is that racism? Predominately white school that votes for these types of positions? that should count for something. There is just much more that what the media wants you to know.

This is what Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Martin Luther King III came down to Jena to support. And to think that LDS Church President Gordon Hinckley actually agreed to see Sharpton when he came to Salt Lake! Boy, did Sharpton pull the wool over President Hinckley's eyes.

However, additional controversy has arisen since Barker gave his statement to Richard Barrett. According to a story published in the Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger, the Barker family is now claiming they feel they were "duped" by Barrett. Barrett, who described himself to a reporter as “pro-majority,” said he spent Wednesday evening (September 19th) with Justin Barker and his family. Barrett said his goal was to publicize Barker’s side of the story. He also said that Barker and his family are in no way affiliated with his organization and that he is not representing the Barkers in any way.

But the Barkers said they feel a little betrayed, nonetheless. ”He led us to believe he was just down here to find out Justin’s part of the story,“ David Barker said of Barrett. ”He said he was going to the rally just to see what was going on“.

David Barker said Barrett never gave them the impression that he was involved in a white-supremacist organization. Barker said he specifically asked about affiliations with organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. Barrett allegedly responded "No, I’m a lawyer that goes around trying to help families that can’t help themselves", according to Kelli Barker.


Anonymous said...

How long will it be until the niggers who viscously attacked the white kid are in jail for other crimes? Those are hard-core thugs who rewarded for their violence. They belong in JAIL!

Anonymous said...


"Dr. Phil," Phil McGraw, an Oprah-Winfrey cohort, has stated on his CBS-TV
syndicated television-show that "" has posted photos of Justin
Barker, the youth beaten up by six Negroes in Jena, Louisiana, and that it
secured the allegedly posted photos fraudulently, by deceiving the Barker
family, by not stating that the photos would be so posted. Nice try. But, it is
a bald-faced lie and McGraw is bald-headed fraud. The website, ""
(which also maintains "", which is inactive, but refers viewers
who accidentally enter the wrong URL-extension), has never posted photos
of Barker and never even mentioned the Jena case or Barker's name, until
this posting. Skinheads, however, have demanded a rematch and apology,
to set the record straight.

The photographer, who tried to correct McGraw, on-air, was edited out of
the piece. Paramount, which produced the episode, was notified of the
inaccuracy, prior to air-time, but took no action to broadcast the truth. Lawyers
have a saying, which they are permitted to tell to a jury, that if someone is
caught in one lie, it is permissible to draw an inference that anything else he
says is, also, a lie. Skinheads have demanded an apology and retraction from
"Dr. Phil" producers, as well as to the Barkers, who were deceived by
McGraw and used, illegitimately, to repay the kindness extended to them by
Nationalists with unkindness. Even the Chicago-Tribune reported that the
Barker (and, by innuendo, the McGraw) "denunciation" was unbelievable.

Skinheads said that they had not mentioned or depicted Barker, although
they had been sympathetic to his cause, because Barker was not a Skinhead.
In fact, he had long hair and facial-hair. In addition, the Barker family had
announced that they, apparently, did not wish to be "associated" with anything
"white," and, since the boy was just seventeen, it was not the prerogative of
Skinheads to upstage the parents. Skinheads are vocal-champions of American
heritage, language and way-of-life. The last Skinhead to appear on the "Oprah
Winfrey Show" denounced Winfrey as a "monkey" and stormed off the set,
when ridiculed by her. She said that she would never have another Skinhead
on. Skinheads are, however, supporting Jena-invasion-protester Jeremiah

© 2007 Skinheadz

Anonymous said...


A Nationalist, accused of "creeping" into Jena, Louisiana and "deceiving"
an embattled family by placing photos of their son on a Skinhead
website says that he would consider accepting an apology from the family.
Phil McGraw, host of the "Dr. Phil" show, leveled the charge against
Richard Barrett, with Justin Barker and his parents present. The parents
were shown stating that they were unaware that Barrett, who is
General-Counsel for The Nationalist Movement, was a "W-word" and
that they were "tricked" into posting photos on

However, after the broadcast, Barrett went up to Justin, placed his hand
on his shoulder, and quietly stated that he would consider accepting an
apology, if one were forthcoming. "An apology would be in order for
repaying the kindness extended to you and your family with such
unkindness," Barrett told the seventeen-year-old lad, who had been
beaten up by Negroes in Jena. "If an apology is offered, I would consider
accepting it." Justin remained silent, but nodded his head up and down
several times.

According to, which, also, maintains
as a "feeder" to its main-site, it had never published a photo of Justin or
even mentioned his name. It has called for an apology and retraction from
Paramount, the producers of "Dr. Phil," and indicated that an apology to
the Barkers would, also, be in line. It labeled McGraw a "bald-faced liar"
and a "bald-headed fraud." But, according to Frank S. Smith, the Barkers,
also, have some fence-mending to do. "My wife and I watched and
heard what little Barrett was allowed to say, but we agree with him 150%,"
said Smith. He lamented that the Barkers "have become so cowed that
they no longer stand up and say what they actually believe."

As for "creeping," Barrett received a rousing welcome, prior to an
"invasion" by Negroes, holding mini-rallies and gatherings along Highway
84 and participating in a caravan through town. Nationalists had published
a statement from Justin, at the request of Justin and his family, in which
Justin complained that his attackers were being sent money for beating
him up, that he was mad about the situation and that he was encouraging
others to speak out. The Barkers, also, presented Nationalists with a
photo of Robert Bailey, one of the attackers, stuffing his mouth with
hundred-dollar bills, which the Nationalists circulated far and wide.

Barrett said that Justin had expressed how his critics "do not know what
God can do" and that "we will win." Barrett noted that Peter had denied
Jesus three times, but had gone on to be the rock of the church. "I have
to be forgiving," he concluded. "We did exactly what Justin and his
family asked us to do." McGraw flashed a shot of
on-screen, falsely representing that it was and that it
was evidence of the "deception," but the Barkers had already been
introduced to the Nationalist site, by Barrett, who visited them as a
personal-gesture of moral-support.

At first, the Barkers had told Amy Brown, a Gannett reporter, that they
"didn't know" who Barrett was. They later complained that they didn't
know that Barrett was a "W-word." Finally, they claimed that they were
"tricked" into having Justin's picture posted on
Skinhead-spokesman Richie Rose called McGraw "Dr. Wacko" and
criticized him for lying and cutting Barrett off. Chicago-Tribune
bureau-chief Howard Witt called the Barkers' contentions, about not
knowing who Barrett was, "a little hard to believe."

© 2007 The Nationalist Movement

Anonymous said...


David Barker: Mr. Barrett?

Richard Barrett: Hello, Mr. Barker. I am so glad to hear from you. I
really appreciated your welcome and how you made me so much at
home. I hope you are pleased with what I've done, so far. How is
everything going?

Barker: Not so good. I got a call from a reporter stating that you are
a "white-supremacist." Are you a "white-supremacist?" That has got
me worried.

Barrett: I know how these reporters can do. Anything to try to stereotype
or discourage people. I never use that word. I refer to myself and
The Nationalist Movement as "pro-majority." I think that sets the
record straight.

Barker: But, the reporter said that you were "white-supremacist."

Barrett: You have a copy of my book, "The Commission", which I
presented to Justin as a gift. It is my life-story. You will see that in
all my political-career, I have referred to myself as an American, a
Nationalist and pro-majority.

Barker: I am not a "racist" and do not want to be called one. Do you
think that being associated with you would open me up to being
called that?

Barrett: I do know that some people do feel intimidated by the "R"-word,
but "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never
harm me" is the old saying. I recall, when I was running for Governor
of Mississippi, a sheet was handed out stating that I was a drug-dealer
and a kidnaper and was driving a stolen car. I know that men will revile
you and persecute you, but you have to be strong. I just ignored
what they said and did not even dignify it.

Barker: But, do you deny being a "white-supremacist?"

Barrett: That same reporter probably called me and asked me the same
thing. Who was it?

Barker: I would prefer not to mention.

Barrett: All right, but, I explained to her that I teach courses to our
people on how to deal with the news-media. There are three rules.
One, do not let yourself be baited by them. Two, do not tell what you
are not, tell what you are. And, three. Use positive and uplifting
terms. If she writes that I refused to answer her question, so be it.

Barker: But, she kept pressing me.

Barrett: I know how they are and it probably won't be the last time. They
want someone to deny something, so they can associate the buzz-word
they are looking for with that person. For example, when Nixon said
that "I am not a crook," everyone said, "Well, he must be a crook or
why would he be denying it." And, Larry Craig. When he denied being
homosexual, everyone figured that he was. Word-games to avoid.
Justin wrote a memorable and moving piece. I believe his words
account well for him and for everyone supporting him.

Barker: But, do you have any proof you are not a "white-supremacist?"

Barrett: Again, I have to follow my own rules here and, instead of "denying,"
I prefer to say what I am. A patriot, a veteran, a Christian, a politicial-figure,
an anti-Communist, a sportsman. All these could be added to American,
Nationalist and pro-majority. However, if you feel uncomfortable with me,
in any way, or would not want me to speak out for your son, as both you
and he had asked me to do, just tell me and I will not do so.

Barker: I didn't say that.

Barrett: All right. As to "proof," I recall that I and the fledgling Nationalist
Movement were sued by pro-minority activist Morris Dees, in the Northern
District of Georgia federal-court. Dees claimed all sorts of things about us,
that we were "violent," "hateful" and "discriminating," but each and every
charge was adjudicated as false by the court. I noted that he had "borne
false witness against his neighbor." He has had a sour-grapes attitude,
ever since, insofar as I am the only one to have ever defeated him.
He still keeps spouting off on his website, which probably figures into
the reporter's mindset. If it would help you, I'd be happy to send you
further citation of the court-case. Also, I have won about three-dozen
lawsuits since, all for the pro-majority cause.

Barker: But, is that "the Klan?"

Barrett: Actually, two television-stations, WAPT and WLBT, in Jackson,
made a similar accusation on the air, not too long ago, and I demanded
and received an on-air retraction. Both, also, apologized for the false
information. Would that answer your question? Oh, yes, the York,
Pennsylvania newspaper, the "York Dispatch", ran an article, after we
defeated the officials in court there, claiming that The Nationalist
Movement, was "associated" with various groups, even though we
are associated only with ourselves. The newspaper, then, at our demand,
after researching the subject, printed a full-retraction. Does this
answer your question?

Barker: But, how many reporters have you spoken to?

Barrett: I remember just before leaving how your wife asked me to get to
as many reporters as I could. I promised her that I would. She asked
me how and I just said that I would do all I could to draw attention. I
had been prepared, as part of my opposition, to focus on the injustice
of minority-demands, but after Justin told me how he wanted to "do
something" to point out how he had been victimized and had suffered,
I promised that I would voice support for him and encourage others to
do so. That is what I did.

Barker: But how many did you talk to?

Barrett: I held a news-conference, in front of the courthouse, and spoke to
all the major media from around the world. The Baton-Rouge "Advocate"
covered how I said that everyone should be supporting Justin and how
the so-called civil-rights act was neither "civil" nor "right." I probably spoke
to a half-dozen or more individual news-sources. They commented on the
"Never" button I wore. If you have not seen a copy of the newspaper
article, I could send you one.

Barker: No, you don't need to. Do you think that this could be harmful?

Barrett: Well, you notice that Mychal Bell's mother is out there whooping
it up with the Nation of Islam, the Republic of New Africa, the Rainbow
Coalition and all of that. They seem to stick together and I see no harm
in those who are patriotic, who love America and who are opposed to
this invasion to stick together. As Justin said, we can win this fight. He
seems like such a good kid and I enjoyed meeting his girl-friend, too,
so much. She really has stuck by him.

Barker: I just don't want to get really involved.

Barrett: I know and, of course, I have, certainly, made it clear that I am not
seeking any "endorsement" from you or anyone else. I make plain that I
am speaking only for myself and The Nationalist Movement, unless, of
course, someone wants to join and become more active. That would be
their choice. We have been able to turn back the invaders in Forsyth
County, Georgia and elsewhere, however, because we have a strong,
well-organized and legal organization. What would you like me to do?
You just tell me.

Barker: I will call you back later on tonight, if I decide that I do not want
you speaking out for Justin.

Barrett: All right. Fine. If I do not hear from you, I will take it that I have,
hopefully, answered your questions. Remember, I need encouragement,
too, however, as well as to give out my encouragement to others. Our
newspaper, the one you read over, which I gave you and which you seemed
to like, is going to press, right now. You are the one to make that call.

Barker: I am not saying no. I just do not want to be called a

Barrett: Well, we will not label you that way, just as we would not label
ourselves. You notice that I steered clear of rendering any legal-advice,
insofar as I was in town in my political-capacity. I never asked anything
about any pending legal-matter and would not do so. It is just that when
Justin said that he wanted to "do something," I suggested that "education"
is the key. That is when he said that he would like to "speak his mind" and
encourage others to do so, about how the news-coverage had been so
one-sided. The pages of our newspaper are open to him and others,
wishing to be heard.

Barker: Is there anyway that this could just all go away?

Barrett: It sounds exactly like Jesus said, when he asked if his cup could
be taken from him. We all are tested and sometimes pushed beyond even
what seems to be our own endurance. That is understandable and, as
I have said, if you prefer that I no longer voice support for Justin, I would,
reluctantly, back away. But I will continue to support Jena and oppose the
ones who attacked Justin. However, the police came up to me, just after
I finished saying that Justin deserved to be supported and said that the
mob was angry and was about to attack me and that I could be killed.
I have been attacked elsewhere by them. So, they asked me to go to a
more-secure area, which I did. But, I laid my life on the line, in order
to try to get some positive news-coverage for Justin, as well as to
proclaim liberty. I am not ashamed for having done so.

Barker: All, right, I will call you, later tonight, if there are any changes.

Barrett: Thank you, Mr. Barker. I am glad that we have come together to
reason on this. And, please feel free to call me any time. My purpose is,
certainly, not to intrude, in any way, but to report my position through our
newspaper and, perhaps, to set up the rally we had discussed to show
support for Justin. I was thinking that we could, possibly, if you prefer,
hold the rally without even mentioning Justin, just as an opposition
to the invaders, injustice and tyranny, so to speak. Maybe a "Support
Jena" event. But, it seems that without Justin there might be a gap.
However, you call the shots, Just tell me what suits you.

Barker: That's all I have.

Barrett: One final thing. As to where I am coming from. My father had a
fourth-grade education. I am the first one in my family to ever graduate.
I do not think that I am better than anyone else and I respect you and
others, whether high or low, rich or poor, powerful or powerless. However,
by the same token, I do not let myself be so much mud under someone's
boot. I will be a champion for our people, our country and for freedom a
nd I will not back down to anyone in doing so. My mission, as I see
it, is to the American people, as a whole, much more than to any
individual or, even, to myself.

© 2007 The Nationalist Movement

Anonymous said...


The "Dr. Phil Show" has apologized for falsely stating that a
photo of Justin Barker, the youth beaten up by six Negroes in
Jena, Louisiana, had been posted on the Skinhead website, without
the knowledge or consent of Justin's parents. The host, Phil McGraw,
had charged that the Barkers had been "tricked" by Richard Barrett,
a contributor to the website, which had caused the Barkers to
publicly renounce The Nationalist Movement, which had published
the photo on the Crosstar website, along with a statement by Justin,
at the Barker's behest. A statement issued by Production-Assistant
Emily Bailey of Paramount, producers of the show, said:

"I personally apologize for this error. I am sorry for any inconvenience
this has caused you. At this point, I am doing everything in my
power to have this error fixed. The tapes for today's show have
already been shipped out to air. However, my understanding is that
a follow-up show is scheduled to tape, somewhere in the near future.
At that point, a correction should be made. Currently we are working
on correcting our mistake on the website, as well. I appreciate your
patience and apologize, again. I will keep you updated as we work
to correct this mistake."

In response, Barrett said:

"The main thing is that you are trying to correct it. As for
'Skinheadz' (with a 'Z'), it is not a 'movement' but simply the
trademark and name of the Skinheadz website. There is, of
course, a Skinhead movement, of which the Skinheadz website
[sometimes just called the 'Skinhead' website] is a part. But
Skinheadz makes clear that it is not in association with any
criminal or conspiratorial conduct and closely polices its ranks
to weed any unpatriotic or lawless elements out. The 'leader'
of that site is Travis Golie, 24, and the spokesman is Richie
Rose, 18. As for the 'Skinhead' (no 'Z') movement, some is
organized, some is not. The Skinheadz website promotes
organized activism, conducts public events and undertakes
litigation. It, also, supports, in a general way, the themes of
patriotism, purity, sovereignty and freedom.

"As for 'leaders,' none of whom is 'self-appointed,' as your
current web-page suggests, those might be the ones who
have been elected "Skinhead-of-the-Year," such as Martin
Williams and Jason Henry. There is, also, a "Skinhead
Hall-of-Fame", including Gerald Allen and Travis Golie.
As I mentioned, I am a contributor to the Skinheadz website
and some news-accounts have suggested that I am a 'leader'
in that movement. I am best known, however, as spokesman
for The Nationalist Movement and, perhaps, as a recent
Democratic candidate for Governor of Mississippi. I have
never referred to myself as the 'self-appointed' person your
website claims. If that could be amended and changed, it would
be more-accurate. If you wish to 'appoint' me as a 'leader,'
well, that's a different matter and I can handle that. But, I have
not appointed myself. Let me know when the follow-up will air --
and, of course, there can always be a rematch."

Whether the Barkers will feel that the apology has rectified the
misrepresentation made by Dr. Phil to them and issue an apology
of their own to The Nationalist Movement remains to be seen. But,
Barrett had stated that, if such an apology were tendered, it would be
considered. Meanwhile, Crosstar reluctantly removed Justin's statement,
stating that it did not feel that it could be a "go-between" in giving
moral-support to the Barkers, after the Barkers had misrepresented
them. Barrett added that "once Dr. Phil had been caught in one fib, it
is in line to consider that he has fibbed on so many other things."
McGraw had claimed that the American people do not support
repeal of the Civil Rights Bill, which Barrett has been calling to be
put to a nationwide referendum via a constitutional amendment.
He, also, berated Barrett with the "R" and "W" words, which Barrett
has refused to dignify with a response. WAPT-TV and WLBT-TV had
issued on-air apologies for making similar insinuations.

The Skinhead website is comprised of approximately 98% Skinheads,
in the age-range from fourteen to twenty-four. The Crosstar website
is comprised of approximately 4% Skinheads, the remaining 96%
being largely Nationalists, averaging in age from twenty-five to
forty-five. Adherents to both websites generally consider themselves
to be "Nationalists," who favor indivisible-nationality, majority-rule and
national-sovereignty. Rose pointed out that one may be a Nationalist,
without being a Skinhead. "I call myself a Nationalist Skinhead," he
declared. One may be a Skinhead, without being a Nationalist, although
most Skinheads promote solidarity between those of common
North-European, American, Canadian and Australian heritage. One
may, also, be a Skinhead without shaving one's head. "Skinhead
can be a patriotic state-of-mind," observed Rose.

© 2007 Skinheadz