Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is Norfolk, Virginia The Next Jena? White 13-Year Old Damien O'Rourke Brutally Assaulted By A Gang Of Seven Black Savages

The map of Norfolk above comes from the website, and is based on 2000 Census data. It clearly shows areas of town that smart whites will avoid moving into. Come on, you think it privately - why not admit it publicly, like I do. Show some guts!

If you're beginning to believe it's open season on white teenagers by blacks in this country, you may be right. WAVY-TV Channel 10 in Norfolk, Virginia reports this evening (September 23rd) that a 13-year old white youth, Damien O'Rourke, was assaulted by at least seven black teenagers while enroute to visit some friends.

"I was going to play football with my friends. The next thing I know when I got there, there was like, seven black kids who said they were going to beat me up and they started beating me up," says Damien.

Damien and his family say the violent fight was unprovoked. "They were kicking me and punching me in the face. They weren't aiming for nothing except my face."

Damien and his family just moved to the area thinking it'd be a nice place to live. "We don't know what we're going to do now because we can't even let our kid go outside and play," says Reesha Price, Damien's mother. Reesha further stated she got the call Saturday afternoon saying Damien was badly beaten just blocks away from their home. When she reached her 13 year-old son, her heart broke. She saw a bloodied and swollen face. "He was dazed. It makes your stomach hurt. It makes your stomach hurt. There's no, I mean I was just thanking God his head wasn't split open."

Damien says kids at his new school, including one of the kids involved in the fight, treated him badly for a time because he is white. Now his family believes their skin color could have been what led to the first punch being thrown. "I do kind of think it was racist. I think if he was black he wouldn't have gotten beat up like that," says Reesha.

Norfolk police reportedly interviewed people in the area of the fight and their Gang Unit intends to get in touch with the family Monday morning. In the meantime, Damien is planning to go to school on Monday.

According to, the two leading racial groups in Norfolk are whites (47%) and blacks (44%).

Commentary: Once again, a gang of cowardly feral black savages backjump a lone white kid. This is typical of groids; they do not have the guts to fight a white guy one on one, but are like a pack of hyenas, collectively mobbing and downing their prey. What excuse will you come up with this time, Jesse, Al, and Marty #3? How are you going to justify this one?

However, there are some differences. First, no nooses - nobody can use nooses as an excuse this time. Second, unlike Jena, we have a proven white activist, a member of the American National Socialist Workers Party on the ground in Norfolk who can begin planning the appropriate white response to this outrage. The Norfolk ANSWP activist is already brainstorming for ideas on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

There is no question about it - racial separation must become an active topic of discussion. Not only have blacks been a cancer growing upon America since the first ones were brought to this country nearly 400 years ago, but quite frankly they've been a cancer upon this world since it began. Their common ancestor, Cain, was a murderer, and was cursed by God with a black skin as a result. And a disproportionate number of Cain's descendants have turned out to be murderers as well. This is why Africa was ordained to be the land of inheritance for the descendants of Cain. Reconcilation or repatriation - which will it be?


sonnie kelly said...

There is no way in HELL white people will EVER be able to commit the atrocities on blacks or any other people of color that you have committed in the past! Just like our Jewish brothers and sisters, we say "NEVER AGAIN'!!There are new NEGROES in town! We have NO FEAR! The only reason you accomplished what you did in the past was because the blacks were afraid. NO MORE! All this talk about blacks being cowards and travelling in gangs! What's more cowardly than putting a white hood on your inbred pale faces, and riding around at night terrorizing innocent people for as you are so quick to say, "No reason at all"! Trust me you don't want a race war! So called pure whites are out numbered by the tens of thousands! You have your pityful, moneygrubling cocksucking trailer park Barbie's to thank for that! They love our black men so much, and have no problem giving them all the beautiful caramel kids they can pump out, pretty much every nine months if you let them!!

Anchorage Activist said...

Well, well Sonnie boy, seems like you forgot something. Who controls the nuclear weapons in this country? Mostly white military officers.

Whether we want a race war or not, itz coming because of folks like you. When 20,000 of you invaded and occupied Jena because of a problem that had already been solved, you declared war on us. Most of the whites today had nothing to do with that night-riding crap, but that doesn't seem to matter to you.

Hell, we're just getting started!

Anonymous said...

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mike said...

Black Savages"
sonnie kelly said...

There is no way in HELL white people will EVER be able to commit the atrocities on blacks or any other people of color that you have committed in the past! Just like our Jewish brothers and sisters, we say "NEVER AGAIN'!!

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Anonymous said...

can't we just feed them to the sharks

Kevin said...

As someone from Middle East descent, I'm an outsider in the white/black interplay. I usually side with the victim in any attack like this, white or black or middle eastern or jewish.

From what I see, I find that the MOST racist people out there are black people. I volunteer in many local causes, where we serve local disadvantaged youth--primarily black and hispanic. When we do anything that includes or helps hispanic people, the black people get really upset by it. All they care about is other black people. Look how the black community has wrapped their arms around OJ Simpson, the Jena 6 and Michael Vick. The Jena 6 were guests of honor at the BET awards recently. It's just so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

(From one Virginian to Another)
How DARE U call someone a SAVAGE when your race has been savages for centuries. All your kind as ever known and done is to STEAL!, BRUTILIZE!, RAPE!, MURDER!, BEAT!, & RUN OFF at THE MOUTH!, and try to make sense out of what you've done and have created. No one deserves to have any bad treatment done towards them. So for the young mans mother I empathize. But has the white race practice that? NO! and probably will never do so. That is a SAVAGE a (BEAST). One that should have been tamed!, never been feared, protected, more so should not have gain as much as (IT) has for all of this time. How dare YOU!! what everyone should do as a (Human Race) is to reach out to our (YOUTH) of (ALL RACES)!. Try our best to undo so many centuries/decades of (laziness), (miseducation), and (no guidance). Be more responsible for our childrens future!!!. For that small percentage of white americans that ancestors never partaken in such a catstrophe this is not for you!. (GROW UP AMERICA)! the land of the (FREE)? learn from such mistakes and do better. And stop all of this senseless/ignorant debates. There should be none, when it comes to our CHILDREN!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you lot are racist scumbags. everyone should be treated equally and no race is superior to another.