Saturday, September 15, 2007

Informer Keith Cotter Will Walk In Eight Months While His Victim, Shaun Walker, Serves 87 Months

Update: According to information posted in February 2008 on the Vanguard News Network Forum, Keith Cotter is already out of prison and has been seen in downtown Salt Lake City.

Being a rat apparently has its rewards. While former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker will serve 87 months in Federal prison on trumped-up Federal "civil rights" charges stemming from a couple of bar fights with non-whites, the man who effectively put him there, star informant Keith Cotter, will walk free in eight months. Full story in the Deseret Morning News.

Keith Cotter was originally arrested for assaulting black man with a beer bottle in March 2005, in which the victim was hospitalized with a broken ankle. Cotter offered to roll on National Alliance members Shaun Walker, Travis Massey, and Eric Egbert in exchange for consideration, using as bait the fact that he had allegedly participated in the assault upon a Mexican-American at O'Shucks Bar on December 31st, 2002, and another assault upon an American Indian at the Port O'Call Bar in March 2003. He has since spent 3 1/2 years in protective custody.

At Cotter's sentencing hearing on September 11th, 2007, assistant U.S. Attorney Carlos Esqueda pleaded for leniency, stating that since Cotter agreed to testify for the government, he has been considered a race traitor and has been the subject of death threats from white supremacists, including accused cop killer Curtis Michael Allgier. "To say he's a marked man is an understatement," Esqueda said. Prosecutors say that Cotter's testimony was the key to conviction of former leader of the National Alliance Shaun Walker and alliance members Eric Egbert and Travis Massey.

Upon Cotter's sentencing, U.S. District Judge David Sam acknowledged Cotter's contribution and how it has put him in danger. Judge Sam also thanked Cotter for his service to the government, adding that citizens have a right to walk and drive down the streets without fearing violence because of their race. As a result, Judge Sam sentenced Cotter to serve 42 months in prison, but granted him credit for time served, leaving Cotter with essentially an eight-month sentence. Cotter also was ordered to pay more than $22,000 in restitution, with $1,312 to go to the victim in the 2005 beating and the rest to go to the Utah Crime Victim Reparation Fund. Judge Sam did note that, in a letter, the victim accepted Cotter's apology, adding that the victim hoped it was sincere.

Commentary: It seems like once the jury heard the phrase "white supremacist", they must have tuned out the remainder of the proceedings. The case was made by two informers; Keith Cotter and Brad Callahan. While Cotter was a "captive" informer and, as such, had limited credibility, Callahan was at liberty and corroborated Cotter's story.

But there's one problem: Callahan did NOT personally participate in or even witness the bar fights. He heard about them second hand. His testimony should have been considered hearsay.

And while the Mexican-American, Jaime Ballesteros, testified that he was assaulted, the jury should have wondered why Ballesteros never pressed charges locally immediately after the event. Assault and battery is considered a crime in Utah. Why did Ballesteros wait three years to make an issue of it? If I was jumped by a group of people, I'd be down at the police station immediately, demanding justice.

This whole case stunk from day one - and it still stinks! The Shaun Walker Trio were convicted much more for their politics than for their actions.

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So, you're just another ignorant bunch of morons, huh? What has the white race (my race) given the world besides LIES? They're the masters of LIES, but they lie and deny it.