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A Former Marine And Current White Nationalist, Mark Everett, Posts His Perspective On His Military Service On The White Revolution Website

One of the issues sparking robust discussion within the white nationalist community is the value of white people serving in our military. A few far-sighted white nationalists not only recognize the potential value they offer to our race, but actually encourage young whites, particularly those with limited financial resources, to seek military service either to gain a marketable skill, money for college, or military skills training that could be put to use in a contingency situation in the civilian world. The latter type of training can be obtained as either a light infantryman, or in more elite service such as the SEALs, Green Berets, Marine Force Recon, Pararescue, etc. (although elite service might require a commitment beyond the initial four years). The long-term benefit would emerge, when Thomas W. Chittum's "Civil War Two" leaps out of the pages of his book and into our lives.

The majority of white nationalists are somewhat indifferent to the value of military service to our community, but show respect towards individuals they personally know who are serving.

Then there are a number of rejectionists within the white nationalist community who actually look upon whites who serve in the military as the enemy of our community. These people tend to subscribe to the 1960s SDS mentality that "if you are not a part of the solution, you are automatically part of the problem". They are so obsessed with absolute ideological purity that they fail to see the tactical value of either encouraging young WNs to consider military service as an option, or to reach out racially to whites already serving.

It is to the latter towards whom I'm directing this post.

A former Marine who just retired, Mark Everett, has posted his reflections upon his military service on the White Revolution website. In his first post, he explains how many whites in the military, as a result of exposure to multiculturalism and the use of the military to fight for oil, Israel, democracy...seemingly everything EXCEPT America, have become more receptive to white nationalism than they otherwise would be. Click HERE to read the full post; I replicate the most important part of it here:

I understand that there are many in this Nation that despise us. I am also sure that there are many in the White Cause that feel we are the enemy due to the fact that we are at present or in the past were used as the nails that Israel drove into the coffin of not only our Nation but the White Race. It is shameful to admit but many of us including myself were never aware of this until the bullets started flying and then all that matters is you and your comrades. Ideologies soon go out the window when 7.62x39mm slugs are coming at you as thick as hornets out of their nest. No, then muscle memory takes over. You think of your friends, your family, your two toddlers who are waiting for you to come home. In addition you think of your wife. That bastion of Aryan stability. The one who keeps it all together even though you are doing a job that may send her into early widowhood. She understands and loves you anyway. Nature created her that way.

I left the Marine Corps after twenty years of service this summer. It is easier to look at it this way than to think of the ten more years and 30% more retirement money I lost due to seeing the Zionist puppet master who pulled her strings. If I look at it the latter way, I will be reckless, stupid and a waste to our cause. The time for retribution will come when it is right for our people.

I was a member of an aircraft search and rescue team. It was a multi-branch unit consisting of not only Marines but also Naval, Air Force, and Army personnel. There were thirty of us then. All White and all men of honor. There are only 14 of us left now. Three are still deployed, seven are permanently disabled, and four us are involved in the White Cause.

Some might be asking themselves, "So what was the breaking point, what brought you to be a member of White Revolution?". There are many instances that battered my psyche and were instrumental in the destruction of MTV and government-allowed and jewish-induced propaganda that we have all been exposed to. However, I am going to share one particular instance that woke me up for good. The war not only changed for me that day, but my life as well.

In March of 2003, there was an Apache helicopter and her crew of two men that listed as missing in action as they supposedly took part in an attack on Baghdad. This aircraft it was reported was one of fifty involved. At risk to all ramifications I am going to share the true story of this aircraft and its fate to you my brothers and sisters of the White Revolution.

Although this aircraft was involved in combat that day in March, it sure as hell was not part of the attack on Baghdad to eliminate a dug in and pissed off Iraqi Republican Guard. No, it was 22 kilometers inside the borders of Lebanon on a reconnaisance mission for what the military terms as "Our Allies in the region". This means Israel, folks.

We left three minutes after the call came in for assistance. As our co-pilot was locking in the coordinates of the downed crew, we were monitoring radio transmissions from a scared and badly hurt pilot. He told us that he was taking small weapons fire and that his co-pilot was dead.

Now as this is occuring we are getting radio transmissions back from HQ. We are being theatened to return immediately. This was nothing new as we received these calls all the time. We blew them off as it usually meant the dangerous nature of the mission and the fear of losing another aircraft and its rescue crew. We always went anyway. It usually meant a dressing down by the brass followed by a hearty congratulations and a beer bash. This call was different. The words "National Security" were used many times as well as "court martial" and "firing squad". We pulled off. We were pulled off to let a pilot die at the hands of an enemy that, although we as a Nation were not involved in conflict, he sure as hell was. Or shall I say, Israel was involved in a recon operation against?

Upon our return we were debriefed. Of course we were told that the 'fog of war' had clouded our memory... as the man I was later to learn was Mossad informed me.

His account of being pulled off a rescue mission evokes memories of the deliberate cold-blooded Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967, one of several days of infamy in American history (the others being Pearl Harbor and 9-11). When radio transmissions from the USS Liberty reached the Sixth Fleet in the Eastern Med, the commander ordered aircraft to fly to the rescue. However, shortly thereafter, those orders were countermanded - by the White House! I'll bet those pilots felt a lot back then like Mark Everett does now.

The comrades with whom Mark Everett served were not REMFs. They were warriors who made serious sacrifices. Out of 30 originals, seven are permanently disabled. That means some of their physical capacities are gone - permanently. That's a 23% casualty rate. In addition, out of those same 30 originals, four are active in the WN cause. That's a 13% success rate. Who activated them? It was somebody who saw their potential rather than considered them a "class enemy". Do you really want to write off 13% of our population in the name of some insane quest for "ideological purity"? If you do, you don't belong in our movement.

We've gone from 89% white to 67% white in just 40 years. La Raza is ranging out far beyond the Southwest, currently trying to change the makeup of the Kansas City park board through political and economic blackmail. We have neither the time nor the luxury of carrying ideological purists and hobbyists on our backs. David Lane once said, "If someone looks White, acts White, fights White, then until their actions prove otherwise, they are our Folk". And since David Lane paid a stiff price for his activism, he's earned the right to help define the Cause. Consequently, if you can't embrace this portion of David Lane's philosphy, get your ass out of the Cause NOW, because you are a detriment.

And why do I feel so strongly about this? Because of Mark Everett's second post. He discusses war crimes charges preferred against some Marines, and describes how ZOG has imposed a near-impossible task upon them. Here's his description, in part, of a typical op (click HERE to read the full post):

I am quite sure that you have read or seen on the nightly news concerning the Marines that have not only been indicted but also charged and later found guilty of war crimes against a supposedly innocent Iraqi people. I cannot say that I was present at the supposed travesties that took place. However, I know one of the Marines personally and I cannot only attest to his commitment level to the mission being conducted in Iraq but his loyalty to the fight there. I can further attest to his honest speech and code of morals that he lives by. He learned this code that he lives by in the Marine Corps, and holds it near and dear to his heart.


The travesty of the prosecution of the Marines I mentioned above is one of preposterous proportions and has sent a shockwave through not only the Marine Corps, but all of the armed services.

I am going to describe to the reader exactly what a patrol is like in an occupied city and then perhaps you can better grasp the complete chaos it involves. To begin with, you are tired beyond imagination. For months, you have lived on two or three hours of sleep per day. Not per night, but per day. It gets to the point that you will joke with your friends that you will get sleep when you die. You are sitting and having a little breakfast; you lucked out and actually got dehydrated peaches in your MRE. You hear an explosion off in the distance and you hear the Platoon Sergeant yelling at you to grab your gear. You hop on a humvee that for all intents and purposes is beyond repair. There is a big gaping hole in the passenger door from a hit it took a few months back. You are told that a house a couple of kilometers away is a known sanctuary for insurgents. You are tired, you are pissed, and you are hungry. You approach the house in the manner you were trained to. There are times that you are so tuned in that you can hear the beads of sweat falling off your body and hitting the pavement. This will add further to your anger, as you just know that this noise will be heard and announce your position and you're dead. In a flurry you are in the door, shots are being fired and there are people lying at your feet, dead. Then you hear it, what every service member is now afraid to hear, as if he did not have enough to worry about. "Oh Damn, this is the wrong house." Could have fooled me this guy is holding an AK47. "No these people are friendly now, HQ is on the horn." Great. "We need to be two doors down."

The next thing you know you're standing before the brass. Someone who although graduated from the Naval Academy, has never fired a shot in anger in his life. Before you know it, you are facing a court martial and possibly jail time. A dishonorable discharge is certain.

Oh, by the way, Mark Everett forgot to tell you that six months out of the year, they do such an op in 120-degree heat.

Yet some of you hobbyists and bench-jockeys get on VNN Forum and have the audacity to second-guess these people who go through hell in Iraq. Not only that, but some of you even say that they're our "enemy". WTF, over???

Guess what? I also served for 22 years, so if they're your enemy, than so am I. But I would much rather be the enemy of the handful of trolls and hobbyists who muck up VNN Forum and second-guess legitimate people than to be the enemy of my race.

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