Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anti-Racist Activists And Militant Black City Council Members Gang Up On Embattled Columbus Cop Susan Purtee At City Council Meeting

The pyschological assault on embattled Columbus police officer Susan Purtee (pictured at left, to the left of her sister, sign-holding Barbara Gordon-Bell) was renewed on Monday, September 10th, 2007 when at least a dozen anti-racist activists showed up at the Columbus City Council to urge officials to purge Purtee from the department because of her politics. Two of them held signs denouncing Columbus police as racist; another two called on city officials to get rid of an officer whose website,, and homemade videos "disparage" blacks, Jews, immigrants and others. About a dozen offered "amens". Full story published in the Columbus Dispatch.

Taking full advantage of Purtee's absence from the meeting, City Council members were quick to jump on the bandwagon, although some, like Councilwoman Priscilla Tyson, wanted to wait until the official investigation is concluded. Nonetheless, to absolutely nobody's surprise, it was the four militant blacks on the Council who led the rhetorical charge against Purtee.

"I would have a fear if I met Susan Purtee at night," Tyrone Thomas told City Council members at their first meeting since an August recess. "I would have a fear if I met Susan Purtee at a traffic stop." He further said city residents must feel assured that police are looking out for everyone equally.

"It's troubling, it's offensive. This is unconscionable and completely unacceptable," said Councilman Hearcel F. Craig.

"If these actions don't warrant some type of discipline, it gives the OK," said Councilwoman Charleta B. Tavares.

"At no level will we tolerate any type of discrimination," said Councilman Kevin L. Boyce.

Public Safety Director Mitchell Brown wouldn't speculate on how much longer the internal-affairs investigation will take. He told council members he couldn't say much about other aspects of the case, either, because he eventually might preside over a disciplinary hearing for Purtee if Police Chief James G. Jackson recommends the officer be suspended or fired, Brown said. Purtee couldn't be reached for comment on Monday night.

Brown defended the Columbus police force, saying Purtee's views don't reflect the department as a whole. The people who stood before council members tonight said one officer with her views is bad enough.

"A badge and a bullet are a lethal combination in the hands of a white supremacist," said Judith L. Powell of the East Side.

Commentary: Powell's slanderous description of Purtee as a "white supremacist" highlights the social conditioning and misinformation about "white supremacism" currently in circulation. The videos produced by Susan Purtee, who, along with her sister, Barbara, constitute the "Patriot Dames", contain no "supremacy". Instead they highlight undesirable behavior by Jews, blacks, and other non-whites, behavior often covered up by the mainstream media. No racial slurs were used in the videos.

What the vigilantes don't realize that part of their "public relations" problem has been solved for them by YouTube. Knuckling under to Jewish pressure, YouTube disabled the two videos considered most offensive by the establishment. Their remaining videos are still available and can be accessed on their YouTube page. Here are the URLs to three of them:

Defenders of free speech will be encouraged to know that the two sisters are standing strong and have no intention of apologizing or voluntarily taking down their videos or their website.

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