Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anti-Diversity Backlash Spreads To Rural Illinois: Pro-White Activists Openly Distribute Flyers And "White Power" Music CDs In Mount Vernon

On September 18th, 2007, the Mount Vernon (IL) Register-News reported that two individuals who are members of an unspecified out-of-town white nationalist organization were attempting to pass out compact discs of "white power" music along with literature containing Politically Incorrect racial cartoons at the Mount Vernon Township High School in southern Illinois. The Register's report, while somewhat biased against the pro-white cause, is quite comprehensive and not replicated in any other media outlet. Another shorter report, including video, was posted on KFVS Channel 12 in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Superintendent Terry Milt said that members of the “pro-white group” were reported on campus Monday afternoon (September 17th), and said the matter was handled swiftly. “Once we found out they were there, Sgt. (Jim) Hawkins (the school’s resource officer) and I moved them as far away from campus as we legally could,” Milt said. “We have increased police patrols today because of that but I do not foresee any problems occurring.”

Milt said the individuals were attempting to pass the material to students, but when requested to leave the campus they did not become physically confrontational. “They told us they had the right to hand out the material and we told them they did not have the right to do so on our campus,” Milt said. “We caught them before they were able to hand anything out on campus”, he concluded.

Mt. Vernon Police Chief Chris Mendenall confirmed that two males who were handing out the materials were removed from the area of the high school after school officials reported they had removed the individuals from campus. According to Mt. Vernon Police logs, one individual was reported in the 700 block of Jordan at 3:41 p.m. and another in the 800 block of Jordan at 3:46 p.m. Mendenall said the individuals voluntarily left the area immediately after the requests were made by the officers. At the request of the officers, the individuals gave officers one of the CDs they were handing out, along with the literature.

Triggering the outreach efforts by the pro-white activists was a bout of student unrest at the school during the previous week. On Tuesday September 11th, three fights were reported at the school, one between a black and white student over a doughnut. Security was immediately increased at the school. On Wednesday afternoon (September 12th), the school was placed on lockdown and then dismissed early after student Cody Ellis ran through the campus allegedly yelling “fight, fight.” Ellis, 16, has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly striking a teacher who was trying to calm the situation. In addition, Matt Hicks, also 16, has been charged with aggravated assault of a police officer and aggravated assault after allegedly striking School Resource Officer Sgt. Hawkins as well as a faculty member trying to diffuse the situation. The racial identities of Ellis and Hicks have not been disclosed. This part of the story described in greater detail in another report published in the Register-News.

Superintendent Milt claims the school does not have racial problems. However, the Register-News, in a third story filed on September 19th, reports that this claim was contradicted by some citizens who testified at the Tuesday, September 18th meeting of the District 201 Board of Education.

Superintendent Milt and Chief Mendenall said the individuals may have been from Missouri, but were not sure. The CD and literature contained two web addresses for the group, but the websites did not list any information about the group or its mission. Contained on the website were racial jokes, cartoons, a forum and other propaganda. The only contact was an e-mail address and the group could not be reached for comment by deadline. Media outlets did not name the websites.

Mount Vernon, a city of 16,269 located at the junction of Interstates 57 and 64 in southern Illinois, about halfway between St. Louis and Evansville, IN, technically shouldn't have that much of a minority problem. According to, the two dominant racial groups are White (83.5%) and Black (12.4%). However, even small numbers of non-whites can cause problems for a greater community if the non-whites do not have responsible leadership within their racial communities.

Commentary: White racial activism is increasing nationwide, spurred onward and upward by an earlier series of pro-white rallies in Knoxville, TN twice (May 26th and June 16th), Kalamazoo, MI (August 4th), and Omaha, NE (September 1st). Other whites, recognizing that America's white community has been singled out for cultural demonization, political oppression, and even preferentially targeted for criminal activity by non-whites, have taken courage from the series of rallies and are launching their own forms of activism. The behavior of these two activists in Mount Vernon was exemplary and stands out as an example to be emulated nationwide.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out which group was behind it so I could give them "props". The incident has not been discussed on either Stormfront or the Vanguard News Network. The Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate" map shows Brotherhood of Klans (BOK) activity in southern Illinois, but the SPLC is notorious for transforming P.O. Boxes into Klan chapters (the BOK also does not disclose the identities or locations of individual chapters in order to avoid ADL/SPLC harassment). However, there is a chapter of the Imperial Klans of America (IKA) located in Mapaville, MO, just 15 miles south of St. Louis. They could be the source, although nothing on their website indicates that they originated the activity.

In a related story, the IKA and its leader, Ron Edwards, has been targeted for judicial terrorism by Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dees, who has yet to respond to allegations of pedophilia and homosexuality documented in a Brief of Appellant in his 1979 divorce from Maurene Bass Dees, posted on the Westboro Baptist Church website, filed the suit against the organization, claiming it should have known that the five IKA members who allegedly beat up a Panamanian youth at a fair would engage in such activity. This, of course, imposes an impossible standard upon leaders of organizations who have no statutory authority over their members. Despite this, the SPLC is undefeated in such lawsuits, primarily becase the targets cannot compete with the SPLC financially. In America, justice is more often than not predicated upon income.

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Your information On Cody Ellis and Matt Hicks is very wrong Matt is the one who was trying to get everyone to fight. You need to check your story better and get it right and print the true story!!!!!!!