Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anti-Diversity Backlash Spreads To Rural Colorado - "Racist" Klan Flyers Distributed At Monte Vista High School

The growing national backlash against forced diversity, triggered by 43 years of affirmative action and the political demonization of whites, and further exacerbated by the inundation of the Southwest with Hispanics, has now spread to rural areas. And the rural town of Monte Vista, CO, approximately 20 miles west of Alamosa on U.S. Hwy 160, has been hit by backlash, as unknown persons left several racially charged "white power" fliers near the high school and elementary school late last week. Full story in the Rocky Mountain News, supplemented by a much better report from the Alamosa Valley Courier.

A resident of the southwest Colorado town found a poster on her car windshield and reported it to police, Monte Vista Principal Jim Szoka said Monday. More fliers turned up in the high school parking lot Friday, he said. They also were found near a metal shop, about 100 feet from one of the schools.

The fliers, which included bad grammar and misspellings, appeared to be directed in support of Michelle Schaefer, the high school's girls volleyball coach. "The KKK supports you running all the wetbacks off your team," the flyer read. "Keep up the good work we got your back, your not alone, stand tall, stand proud, stand white, because we can't stand wetbacks and nigers."

Both Szoka and the high school's staff and students have issued the obligatory pro-forma statements deploring the flyers. "We are shocked by the blatant, hurtful statement circulated through the community of Monte Vista. We here at Monte Vista High School evaluate and test athletes for a minimum of five days in each sport. These skill tests are recorded and used for the placement of the athletes (example: Varsity, JV or C-team). A senior not making the varsity or junior not making the JV or varsity may be cut. As a school, we would like to counsel this individual who circulated this vile document. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the administration office at Monte Vista High School at: (719) 852-3586. You may remain anonymous.”, the statement said. Szoka himself stated that "It's really hard to (determine) who might want to do something like this in our community." He further stated that no similar incidents have been reported in the four years he has been principal. Schaefer herself could not be reached for comment, but Szoka claims that she helped draft his statement.

In another statement released Monday, the students and staff said that they "do not condone, accept, nor will they tolerate any insidious racial epithets or acts that may be intended to divide the student body or community." They offered an unspecified reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who distributed the flyers.

The flyers first appeared about three weeks after cuts were made among the students competing to play on the high school volleyball team. One player who was cut strongly denied that there was anything racial about it.

The San Luis Valley, where both Alamosa and Monte Vista lie, has been hit hard by diversity. Statistics from city-data.com indicate that Monte Vista, a community of 4,529 residents, is 58% Hispanic and only 40% White. Alamosa is not much better off; while it is 48% White, it is also 47% Hispanic. The brown tide is slowly engulfing the Southwest in much the same fashion as the black tide swamped South Africa.

Commentary: Arrested? Arrested for what? Littering? Trespassing? They're obviously pursuing it because of the ideology. I doubt they would say anything if it was a flyer promoting the local Gay-Straight club.

The Rocky Mountain News was a bit cowardly in their coverage. Instead of publishing the actual slur, like the Alamosa newspaper did, they simply published "(slur deleted)". Since when do you censor the news. And the Rocky Mountain News is supposed to be the "conservative" paper.

I also doubt there's a formal "Klan" organization in the area. Even the SPLC doesn't show any hate groups for the area, and they're notorious for transforming P.O. Boxes into Klan chapters. It's most likely a lone wolf who has a bit of a problem with "diversity".

And to that person, I say this: Next time you make flyers, use a spellchecker, huh? When we misspell words, we promote and exacerbate negative biases and stereotypes against white nationalism. There's no excuse for misspelling.

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