Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ANSWP's Jack Gray Finishes Fifth In Salt Lake District Four City Council Race

Update August 10th 2011: The Salt Lake City Weekly reports that Jack Gray is running for city council again, this time against Luke Garrott. While the Weekly cited this post accurately, it should be known that the ANSWP is defunct, having gone out of business due to Bill White's legal troubles.

The votes have been counted in the Salt Lake County election, and Jack Gray (pictured at left), who is also the leader of the Utah State Unit of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), finished a disappointing fifth in a field of five candidates, behind incumbent Nancy Saxton, Luke Garrott, Brian Doughty, and Carol Goode.

Here are the final numbers from the Salt Lake County Election website:


Number of Precincts 25
Precincts Reporting 25 100.0 %
Total Votes 2582

NANCY SAXTON 1004 38.88%
LUKE GARROTT 884 34.24%
BRIAN DOUGHTY 394 15.26%
CAROL GOODE 228 8.83%

Gray, the only explicitly pro-family candidate in the race, was running on a platform of resolving the illegal alien problem and confronting the rising influence of the gay rights lobby. He also addressed "bread-and butter" issues such as promoting more efficient resource management within the water department, identifying a number of positions which could be left unfilled after present employees left in order to save money, and to reduce power costs by installing new above-ground telephone lines with increased capacity rather than burying the lines. Unfortunately, Gray's campaign was censored somewhat by the media, and, despite substantive publicity by the relatively new Voice Of Deseret blog, which has yet to achieve a significant following, he did not succeed. Even the last minute revelation that Salt Lake is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens failed to give his campaign a significant bump.

A look at Jack Gray's campaign blog provides the prospective pro-white candidate of the future with some valuable lessons learned. First, starting a campaign blog on a prominent free platform such as Blogger or Wordpress is smart. Here's what you have to do to make it an effective weapon:

(1). Develop and post your platform. First, publish a post highlighting the planks of your platform. Then develop additional posts describing each plank of your platform in greater detail.

(2). Place titled links to each post in your sidebar. A reader should be able to go down your sidebar and easily pick out posts on immigration, crime, race, etc.

(3). Post frequently and predictably, at least three times per week minimum during your campaign. Respond to comments promptly. Delete spam and anything that might be libelous promptly.

(4). Spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Zero tolerance for errors. If necessary, construct your post in Works or Word with a complete spell/grammar checker and clean it up before transferring it to your blog.

(5). Pictures are nice, but they can slow up load time. If your blog takes more than 10 seconds to load, that's too long. Pictures supplement content - they don't substitute for content.

The critique I've just presented takes nothing away from the fact that Jack Gray is to be commended for stepping up to the plate and representing our people and our cause to the public. While this is not the first time he's run for office, I'm sure he's disappointed in the result. Stop by his campaign blog and leave him a comment showing your appreciation for his effort.

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