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Another Perspective On The National Socialist Movement's September 1st Omaha Rally Against Illegal Immigration By First-Time Participant

A member of the National Socialist Movement's Phoenix Unit participated in an NSM rally for the very first time, and, by his own description, he had a "blast". Obviously, there's nothing like the thrill of assembling with like-minded people to undertake a worthy political cause, particularly when capped by a well-run social event afterwards.

The individual, who identifies himself as Shawn Hughes, provides an interesting, well-written first person account which he posted on this Stormfront thread. His description of "thick, juicy Omaha hamburgers" makes me wish Carl Jrs. was open right now as I post this account. The experience of the NSM in organizing and executing rallies clearly shows in this account. Even if you don't choose to formally join the organization and wear their uniform, you should not be reluctant to join them in any future rallies held in your area. The NSM has always welcomed allies and supporters.

Now. to Hughes' account:

This was my first protest with NSM. Seven of us from Phoenix and the Southern part of Arizona met up with our comrades in Omaha. This is a Midwest town that you wouldn't expect to find nearly as many blacks and Mexicans as do we. Maybe THAT'S why it was so difficult to convince Omaha's citizens about some of illegal immigration's negative consequences. They have been brainwashed with the 'joys' of multi-culturalism, like too many people in America. [Ed. Note: According to, Omaha is 75.4% white, 13.3% black, and 7.5% Hispanic.]

The police might have been a bit 'brainwashed' as well. They apparently felt they would need all of the reported 330 officers from ten different law enforcement agencies to keep order. All we were doing was peacefully addressing social issues to the crowd gathered with us in front of the Mexican consulate. However, the local news media was likely even more brainwashed by what society inaccurately sees in the National Socialist Movement.

The stereotypically long-haired college journalist was almost laughable, with his obvious lack of professional detachment. However, the news professionals at Omaha's Sunday World-Herald were a bit more focused, albeit almost pointedly in their choice of words.

In an article, they wrote: "A smothering police presence rendered a potentially volatile neo-Nazi protest uneventful." [Actually, the sub-title was even more compelling: "A massive police presence subdues to the midtown Omaha protest....] What kept things calm was that all members of the NSM who were at the protest followed the directions of the ever-present police. We retained our White European sensibilities. Nothing was subdued...

Our outlook was very different from the blacks who chanted jungle-like, simplistic phrases; the seeming Jews who tried taunting us with their typically venomous anger; and the Mexicans, who parroted literally the same drivel that comes from their compadres in our state of Arizona. It's no wonder the residents of Omaha can't even see what's going on in their own community!

Was the protest a success? You bet! While newspaper coverage was inconsistent in the 'reality department' at-best, the local (and NATIONAL) news media fortunately thrives on visual spectacle...and we gave it to them! Smart uniforms worn by proud Aryan people easily appealed to the cameras, as did the compelling phrasing of the immigration problem by a variety of members and invited guest speakers.

But, besides the incredibly positive public relations value of the protest itself, the days surrounding the event were at least as meaningful and lasting in their impact. Besides the camaraderie of driving or flying to Omaha, NSM members and supporters planned and bonded while discussing the final details of the protest. We also networked old and new comrades, and shared ideas on how we can better work towards saving the White race for our children and their children. We bonded over moving bales of hay, and assembling the wood-and-burlap swastikas that would later be impressively lit during the after-event party. And, what a party!

We savored thick and juicy Omaha hamburgers. Some of us moshed to the raw power of the band, "They Live," while all ages thrilled to the inspiring words of the mythic 'All-father Odin' during a dramatic presentation...all under the stars of a classic Midwestern Summer night. [Ed. Note: Probably could have done without the "All-Father Odin" routine - religious neutrality works best.]

My first protest with NSM was a blast! However, the best part was a series of several moments while riding back on the buses from the protest. Seeing White Omahans give us a 'thumbs-up' gesture appreciating our work was gratifying. Maybe, there IS hope for Omaha, AND the rest of the country. But, we'll have to continue steadfastly towards our goals!

Shawn Hughes

Those living in Arizona who want to find out more about the Phoenix Unit can click HERE for contact information.

His remark about the "thumbs-up" gestures seen is interesting. Many of the more intellectual posers within the white nationalist movement frequently denigrate the uniformed part of the movement, claiming the uniforms and swastikas "scare the lemmings away". Apparently some of them weren't so scared that they couldn't indicate a non-verbal gesture of support. Perhaps the track record of the NSM as a law-abiding organization is beginning to erode Jewish-driven bias and prejudice against national socialist symbols. Or perhaps a growing number of whites are simply so pissed off over the kosherization and mongrelization of our country that any sign of resistance, even "Nazi uniforms", gives them encouragement.

Commander Jeff Schoep may not be quite the strategic visionary that ANSWP Commander Bill White is, but he's proven that, over a period of time, he's learned a thing or two about tactical organization.

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