Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Was Former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker Deliberately Set Up By The Feds?

Special Update: Post updated on September 22nd, 2007 to reflect changes in the locations where the Shaun Walker Trio are being incarcerated. The most current information will be separately posted on the sidebar of this blog. Updates posted in green.

First, here is a YouTube video of KSL Channel 5's report on the sentencing of Shaun Walker and Eric Egbert (hat tip to the Resistance Discussion Forum for leading me to this tidbit):

New information has emerged which implies there might be much more to the Shaun Walker case than even many of us familiar with the Cause may have dreamed possible. Many of us merely thought that Shaun Walker and his cohorts may have been merely overcharged in order to send a political message to the white nationalist movement using the justice system. Very few of us entertained the possibility of a COMPLETE SETUP.

However, the wife of Shaun Walker has now spoken out, and she hints of the possibility that it might have been a complete setup, In this post on the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum, located in a dedicated thread, Mrs. Walker, under the nickname "Thora Design", provides us with her insight:

I'm saddened to have to set the record straight ... our OWN people don't even have the facts straight..

Let me say unequivocally -- Shaun Walker WAS NOT in a bar fight. Keith Cotter and Brad Callahan LIED on the stand to save their skin. There WAS NO conspiracy. If you are truly interested in the case, don't read newspaper accounts -- read court transcripts. You will see how unbelievable this case is. ZOG wanted them to plea bargain and show remorse for crimes they didn't commit -- they all 3 kept their honor and integrity -- they did not BOW DOWN, roll on each other or confess to crimes they didn't commit.

Shaun, Travis and Eric had been handed down gag orders and are now in the appeal process. They are unable to set the records straight.

Eric and Travis are still in the Salt Lake City County jail. I'm sure they would appreciate funds in their commissary and/or letters of encouragment.

No good can be had for being judgmental and/or perpetuating bad information for our "OWN".

Mrs. Walker


If what Mrs. Walker asserts is true, then that might immediately explain why the victims never pressed state charges and why the State of Utah never filed charges. You can't file charges unless there is a crime.

The implications of this are positively chilling. This means Keith Cotter made up a complete cock-and-bull story to save his own ass. This means Brad Callahan needlessly corroborated Cotter's story (and why would Callahan do this - he wasn't being charged with anything - he had to legal incentive to roll over on the Shaun Walker Trio). And this means the Federal prosecutors were either incredibly negligent in failing to check up on Cotter's story, or they deliberately chose not to cross-check Cotter's story and prosecuted anyway. If the latter is the case, then the Feds conspired with a snitch to put an innocent man away.

I can understand why, in her present distraught state of mind, Mrs. Walker would mildly take the pro-white movement to task for "not having our facts straight". But the information the media provided was all we had. The gag order imposed on the defendants, while originally intended to reduce the possibility of jury subornation, also denied the defendants the opportunity to make their case to the public. It would have been helpful had Mrs. Walker posted her information much earlier, then the rest of us could have spread her input far and wide as well. There's no way any pro-white blogger could have proclaimed Shaun Walker's complete innocence, based upon the information publicly available, without anything tangible to back it up.

Those who want to show some tangible support for the Shaun Walker Trio can write them letters or contribute to their commissary fund at the location of their incarceration. This can change frequently - the most current information will be separately posted on the sidebar of this blog.

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