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Vanguard News Network Editor Alex Linder Fined $250, Given Six Months Suspended Sentence For Actions At May 26th Knoxville Rally

Special Update: August 31st, 2007: Alex Linder has posted some feedback of his own on the Vanguard News Network Forum. This information now cross-posted on here, towards the bottom of this post, in green.

Vanguard News Network editor Alex Linder (pictured at left) was fined $250 and given a six months suspended jail sentence by Judge Tony Stansberry in Knox County General Sessions Court on August 29th, 2007. Linder was not required to attend in person; he was represented by attorney Stephen Burroughs. Full stories published in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and aired by WATE Channel 6 Knoxville, supplemented by other sources to correct for some inaccuracies.

Linder pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, which brought the six month suspended sentence. He also agreed to pay $250 restitution to a police officer to resolve a charge of assault on a police officer. In addition, Linder also agreed to pay court costs to have a vandalism charge dismissed. The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed outright.

During his initial hearing in June, Linder, a resident of Kirksville, MO, had pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

The charges stemmed from Alex Linder's participation in the May 26th Knoxville Rally Against Genocide. According to warrants filed in the case, Linder walked onto a section of Main Street that police had roped off for use by emergency personnel and ignored commands to return to the courthouse lawn with fellow protesters.

When Knoxville Police Department Capt. Gary Holliday and Knox County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tom Walker confronted Linder, he fought with the pair. The law enforcers ultimately forced Linder to the ground and handcuffed him. During the fracas, a recording device carried by Walker was damaged, netting Linder a vandalism charge. He also racked up a disorderly conduct charge.

Assistant District Attorney General Jason Hunnicutt told Judge Stansberry that the vandalism charge would be dropped when Linder pays $250 to Walker to cover the cost of the recorder and court costs related to the charge. Hunnicutt noted the plea deal assures that Linder’s otherwise clean criminal record now will bear a conviction, which could boost any punishment he would face if he committed any future crimes.

Alex Linder, who is the webmaster of the Vanguard News Network and who also edits one of its local affiliates, Kirksville Today, was the leader of the May 26th Knoxville Rally Against Genocide, memorializing the savage carjacking, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by four black thugs in January 2007. Except for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, local media ignored the crime at first, and national media never really picked up on the story. While media sources continue to report that only 30 protestors showed up, eyewitnesses at the scene put the number around 100. Anti-racist activists wearing fairy dresses and shouting "White Flour" showed up to provide the "opposition" (they were probably queers who wanted to start Gay Pride Month a little early - LOL). A total of 300 law enforcement officers, consisting of 200 Knoxville police officers, 100 Knox County sheriff's deputies, and a sprinkling of Tennessee Highway Patrol officers and federal agents stood guard at the event.

Special Note: Alex Linder has now posted some responses starting on page three of this Vanguard News Network Forum thread. Here are his reported costs:

Direct Costs: Total $2,135.10

$1,500.00 for his lawyer
$250.00 to the cop for his camera to make the vandalism charge go away
$385.10 in court costs (these were based on six subpoenas - normally only one is issued for this type of case)

Indirect Costs: $400.00

Estimated $200.00 round-trip drive between Kirksville, MO and Knoxville
$200.00 for chest x-ray to determine nature of injuries sustained after cops mobbed him on May 26th.

All this - just for a misdemeanor.

Click HERE to view all previous posts on this blog about the May 26th rally. Alex Linder has spent over $2,500 on total costs associated with this case so far, but it's beneath his dignity to hysterically shill for donations like another white nationalist with whom we're all familiar. However, if you want to help him out, he'd be grateful. Send donations to:

A. Linder
POB 101
Kirksville MO 63501

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