Saturday, August 04, 2007

Stung By White Backlash, Hartford Advocate Columnist Alan Bisbort Takes Down Offensive Post And "Apologizes" To Michelle Duggar, Mom Of 17 Kids

Apparently stung by a vitriolic outpouring of criticism from many commenters, most of who identified as white, Hartford Advocate columnist Alan Bisbort chose to take down the post (and the accompanying comments) on August 4th, 2007.

The offending column, posted on August 3rd, took an Arkansas couple, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to task for bringing 17 children into the world. This couple had made headlines around the world for having just brought child number 17, a baby girl named Jennifer, into this world on August 2nd. His original intent was to address the problems of overpopulation, and he chose to highlight the Duggars as an example of deliberate overpopulation. However, two problems arose. First, in his column, he repreatedly, egregiously, and personally insulted the family by denigrating Jim Bob's name (stereotyping of Southern white men), referring to the kids as "pups", and proclaiming the proud mother a "Queen Bitch".

That was bad enough, but when readers realized that Bisbort's blog was not a personal blog, but an official blog under the auspices of the Hartford Advocate, the blogosphere literally erupted. Viewer after viewer left comments objecting to the post in the strongest possible terms, although most were fairly civil in syntax. Over 60 comments were posted, all but three highly critical of Bisbort, before the post was pulled. After seeing first hand the strength of the reaction against him, Bisbort decided to pull the post and replace it with another, clarifying his original intent and directing a perfunctory apology of sorts to the Duggar family. Here's an excerpt from his replacement post, entitled "Peace On Earth:

My comments on human overpopulation were miscontrued. The comments I received convinced me that it was better to just take the entire entry down.

I agreed with only one commenter. That is, I violated the rules of my own terms of posting, and should have been more diplomatic of my depiction of other people.

However, the reaction just to this topic did prove one point: You can't bring up the subject of overpopulation. So nobody does. So the earth continues to be overpopulated.

Unfortunately, the public was considerably less forgiving and started piling on him again, so he subsequently took this post down also.

However, so the reader can better appreciate the dynamic unleashed as a result of Bisbort's original post (also replicated on the Vanguard News Network Forum HERE and HERE, the PC Apostate blog, and the Alaska Pride blog), I reproduce BOTH the original post AND most of the more printable comments together below. First, the original post:

Michelle Duggar of Rogers, Arkansas is a bitch in heat. Literally. She just gave birth to her 17th puppy, er, child. The tone of the Associated Press story that accompanied this horrifying news was one of celebration. I mean, my gosh, 17 children! In a world bursting at the seams with more than 6 billion of us! This is nothing to celebrate. This is something to curse. For one, the taxpayers of Rogers, Arkansas must be up in arms. They have to foot the bills for all these kids’ educations, the public services to water them and wash their shit, piss and puke away, the roads to carry their trucks and SUVs, the public welfare to support them when they falter. And just imagine how much the neighbors on either side of them just love the Duggars!

Egads. I don’t understand the tolerance that we have for this as a society. For God’s sake, will someone tell Mr. Duggar (who is, of course, named Jim Bob) to get fixed and/or Mrs. Duggar to get spayed?

Are you ready for more nausea? Get this: The entire brood of Duggar pups live in a 7,000 square foot home, and every single one of the puppies’ names starts with “J”. Among the "fun facts" listed on Discovery Health's Web page devoted to the Duggars: the Duggars have gone through an estimated 90,000 diapers, and Mrs. Duggar—aka Queen Bitch—has been pregnant for 126 months — or 10.5 years — of her adult life.

Why is this story treated as something other than what it is: grotesque and freakish?

It is amazing how in denial we all are about human overpopulation. Put simply (and we all know it, but won’t say it out loud): There are too many fucking people. There are too many people fucking, and not using contraception.

As my friend Parke says, “Instead of being celebrated, their profligate procreation should be decried and mandatory sterilization imposed immediately upon these crazy people. I propose: a progressive federal tax on children beyond the second one per couple. Or at least eliminating tax deductions for them.The single most important issue of our time is the one no one talks about: overpopulation. You would think it's a four-letter word from the way that politicians of all stripes avoid it.”

Note how he continually refers to the family in general, and the mother in particular, in bestial terms, characterizing the kids as "pups" and finally crowning the mother a "Queen Bitch". Imagine the reaction had he referred to black kids as "niglets" or "apelets", or brown kids as "spiclets" or "cockroaches". Why, those groups' civil rights advocates would have quite literally mobbed him and his newspaper. He would have been run off the job faster than Don Imus.

Now, for the public reaction:

- I wonder if Mr. Bisbort has similar condemnation of large families when those families are not of European origin? Does Mr. Bisbort urge African-American women on welfare and 4 or 5 children to "get spayed?" I'd like to see that. What do you say, Bisbort? Are you a white-hating racist? Posted by Ewan Monaghan on 8.3.07 at 11.32

- I don't even want to guess at the implications of your query, Mr. Monaghan. However, let me set your mind at ease: I am against any couple, white, black, red, etc., having 17 children. And, let's be clear here. If the Duggars had been black, the AP would never have written a story about them, and Discovery Health would find no "fun facts" about their dangerously selfish lifestyle. Posted by blogbort on 8.3.07 at 12.01

- The writer supports buggers over Duggars. Just another self-hating white. Just the usual. White revolution is the ONLY solution. In Kansas City, the negroids make babies all over the place, and nobody ever criticizes them for it. Posted by Richards on 8.3.07 at 18.09

- I agree. Bisbort should lay down in the middle of the highway somewhere. What is wrong with having a large family? You a white hating piece of crap. Actually, I dont want to insult a piece of crap like that. Posted by Troy on 8.3.07 at 18.11

- Why on earth is it wrong for a healthy White woman to propagate her good genes? We're in a war for quality people, especially when non-White foreigners are slowly displacing us in our own country. 17 White children are worth far more than 17 future black criminals or 17 welfare sucking beaners. Don't try to deny it. Posted by Darren on 8.3.07 at 18.12

- Eat **** and die you white-hating dog in heat. This family should be subsidized by the government and the woman ought to get medals and a Congressional Medal of Honor. Bisbort, you sir, are a GD SOB. F U! Posted by Lowlife Loser with a Keyboard and a blog on 8.3.07 at 18.14

- For the record, the parents of this large, dynamic and loving family are debt-free and paid for their home long before they ever even had their first child. Not only are they productive citizens, but they are CITIZENS, not anchor babies! Perhaps the editor of this blog might wish to turn his attention to the gaggle of welfare mothers who spit out 5 different larvae by 5 different fathers, or the illegal women who sneak across our border 8 1/2 months pregnant to "calve" on American soil, then use the anchor baby's instant citizenship as a lifeline to drag the rest of the brood across at American taxpayers' expense. Posted by Anchorage Activist on 8.3.07 at 18.18

- You only hate them because they are white and conservative. And what public schools? They are home schooled moron. You would never say these things about a black women with lots of kids on welfare! Posted by Kyle Rogers on 8.3.07 at 18.28

- Oh how surprising. A liberal under the guise of some sort of humanitarian, decries a White family for having too many babies. Of course the only race in this world that is not responsible for the overpopulation problem is expected to stay within their negative birthrate status by such idiots. Typical. Posted by Kicklighter on 8.3.07 at 18.30

- EXCUSE ME, but with as many Mexican and Black bitches-in-heat in the world today, we need at least one or two of them ourselves. Posted by Steven Edwards on 8.3.07 at 18.31

- Wow what a pathetic attempt at journalism, Mr. Bisbort you really have no justification to attack a good family like that. If you are concerned about overpopulation maybe you should spend your time attacking the ridiculously high birth rates of developing nations before people like the Duggar family. At least the Duggar family have planned ahead and can support their children, meanwhile in South Asia, Africa, etc, families routinely have up to 8 children when they can't even support 1. If anyone should be attacked for having too many children it should be those who are so selfish that they bring excessive numbers of children onto this Earth to look forward to poverty and starvation because they can't be provided for. If people like the Duggar family can support the children they are having they should be able to have as many as they want, without fascists like you and your 'friend' Parke denigrating them and calling for them to be sterilized, absolutely pathetic. Posted by John on 8.3.07 at 18.40

- This little man with his little diatribe will be forgotten by history. No one will ever know he existed beyond those of us who now take issue with him and even then, it will be for merely "15 minutes." This is as close as he will ever come to being in the national spotlight, this is as close as his genes will allow him to get to immortality. That is why he finds such angst in himself, that is why he spews forth his venom toward the Duggars: they have found the secret to earthly immortality in that they understand "survival of the fittest." And the Duggars are VERY fit. They have passed on their genetic code in numbers greater by orders of magnitude than this little man ever will. He imagines that because of his solidly liberal credentials that women ought to be throwing themselves at him, competing for the priviledge to pass on his genes to the following generations but alas, few do and of the few that do, they are sure to use multiple forms of contraception i.e. the ultimate insult. So little man is merely taking shots at those strong white families for being in reality what he wants to be in his dreams. So much is evidenced by his invective, his coarse language. He is forced to resort to the vulgar becuase his intellectual capacities are as defunct as his procreative success. He is a wee man with a wee pen and wee legacy. By the time I hit the "post" icon, I will have already forgotten him but I will remember the Duggars for a very long time in that they have what I wish I did for my wife and I were forced to stop at haveing a mere 7 children. Posted by Romulus on 8.3.07 at 18.41

- What is wrong with you? You should have your butt sued for calling her a Bitch In Heat! If she were black (and we all know of blacks with many kids by many different fathers, not just one father), you would have the NAACP all over you. This is slander and racism against whites! You need to check who is really the majority when it comes to race. Not whites! I hope the Duggers sue you for slander. You are a disgrace and would never get by with this if you said it about any other woman who was not white. The only problem is that whites do not have an Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson to come throw a fit for us everytime we are violated. You are one sick monster! You even violated rule #3 on the Terms and Conditions to post on your own paper! If you can't abide by the rules, how do expect the readers to do so? Posted by D'Ann on 8.3.07 at 18.45

- You are a piece of shit. Over population? And who is causing over population in the world? It sure isn't white people. Too bad you aren't around my way, would love to give my 2 cents right in front of your face. Posted by Matteo Raitano on 8.3.07 at 18.50 If you wanted to do something about overpopulation, it would be wise to lower immigration levels. For more information see this video: l=en Posted by Reon on 8.3.07 at 18.51

- That is one wholly offensive article. Check your facts because the family doesn?t send their children to public school, probably to avoid whacked out liberals like you. Posted by Steve Logan on 8.3.07 at 18.56

- You are a sorry loser. You know who has too many kids? people who are in 3rd world countries that sit around all day swatting flies , having baby after baby instead of growing their own food so they won't starve, and you don't call for THEM to be sterilized! You called this woman a Bitch in Heat. If she were black you wouldn't get by with this for a minute. Every pro-black organization would be screaming for your head on a platter. Don Imus was fired because of his remark, yet you get away with printing this garbage? You are a racist. The Duggers support themselves, and they live very efficently. They built their own home with all of their hands. Did you even watch anything about them? I bet not. They are not draining the taxpayers. All the welfare bums who have kids with no fathers and all the illegal aliens are the ones sucking our system dry! You ought to be sued for slander. You are worthless. America is being taken over by illegals and you write trash on a nice, hard-working family? Because they are white. They pay their own way, unlike everyone on welfare and people getting free healthcare because they run over the border to have their babies. You are a disgrace. Posted by Lily on 8.3.07 at 18.59

- Is the Hartford Advocate actually paying you to spew this filth? There is not a problem of too many people in the USA, there is a problem of too many useless people. If the only thing you are "skilled" at is writing insulting, trite little rants like this, than YOU, Mr. Bisbort, are most definitely part of the problem. Oh no 17 kids living in a 7,000 square foot mansion completely supported by their parents in every way from food to education, GOD HELP US ALL! Using your own "logic" I think you should kindly put a bullet through your head for the good of the civilized world, you seem like you contemplate it often enough anyways, why not take that final step? Posted by listen on 8.3.07 at 19.03

- We need more like those good folks in AK [should read "AR" for Arkansas]. Non-Whites breed like rabbits both blacks and hispanics have on average more children than Whites. The White birthrate is actually below replacement level while the brown and blacks are above replacement level. If your serious about population control and there being to many people in America start with ending illegal immigration and greatly reducing legal immigration. Pay welfare folks not to have children instead of having a system that encourages them to breed more. Posted by Ron Doggett on 8.3.07 at 19.07

- The white population is in decline world-wide. But the jew doesn't think we're dying fast enough. Thus an article like this condemning this wonderful family, but nothing about the negroes in Africa who are breeding like rats. This family deserves a medal of honor. Posted by Ruthless Toothless on 8.3.07 at 19.11

- Bisbort. Are you a jew? Posted by poloxamer on 8.3.07 at 19.13

- This is perhaps one of the most ignorant articles I've ever read. "There are too many fucking people. There are too many people fucking, and not using contraception." So do something with yourself, you turned out to be a waste of sperm, if this is all you can come up with to write. Posted by David on 8.3.07 at 19.13

- He attacks whites because whites are the last targets for his hatred. I can only imagine his elation when he happened upon this woman and her children, the gleam in his eye as he pictures the ire, the feathers he'll ruffle, the pats on the back by his liberal cohorts. Brave fellow. He'd reply to our posts, but he's very busy defending the rights of those fine folks in the ghetto. I'd be very happy to see Mrs. Duggar sue this pitiful excuse for a journalist and his vile, dehumanizing comments. Posted by HarrisonBergeron on 8.3.07 at 19.15

- Why no mandatory sterilization or abortions for the subhuman black beasts in Detroit, Compton, Trenton, or Hartford who have lots of little welfare brats who then go on to commit crimes like the massacres in Wichita or Knoxville? Or the wetbacks who sneak across our border specifically to have their children become citizens and take over the Southwest? Remember Margaret Sanger's motto: more children for the fit (the Duggars) and less for the unfit (human weeds like negros and wetbacks.) Posted by Ulick Varange on 8.3.07 at 19.15

- Why are you people so outraged by this deviate's sick, twisted comments about a wonderful, healthy, NORMAL White couple - and their beautiful, healthy, important children? I mean - what did you expect? This Bisbort thing went hopelessly wrong AGES ago..........he/she/it will NEVER climb out from it's self-created Hell. The Bisbort's hatred and fear of the God-given biological gift to normal humans is the hallmark of the damned. The more the Bisborts reveal their pathologies, and degeneracy - the more the healthy humans will reject and repel them. Bisbort - we will FIGHT your filth to the end. And We will WIN. Life seeks and loves LIFE. Posted by PearlieGirl on 8.3.07 at 19.20

- These are the people we want to have children moron. They're wealthy, responsible, and most importantly; WHITE. I guarantee, if this was a black woman spawning 17 creatures, you would be applauding her as an entrepreneur. Posted by Grady H. Luxtor on 8.3.07 at 19.23

- I pray that the Duggars raise their terrific kids in happiness and health 0 and each of those kids have 17 beautiful, healthy, normal, intelligent WHITE children - and each of those kids has 17 gorgeous, healthy, normal WHITE children.........etc. We WILL take this Nation back to the vision that God bestowed on the Founders........this nation was CREATED as a White Christian Nation - and we will restore this Nation to her true purpose! We WILL wash out all the Mud! Posted by PearlieGirl on 8.3.07 at 19.25

- It's the Jews Stupid Posted by Melissa on 8.3.07 at 19.28

- Blogbort - you should realize by the reaction from other respondents that you are egregiously out of touch with what you elitists contemptuously refer to as "flyover" America. People like Ron Doggett, Curt Maynard, and the others posting upon here represent the real America. You represent an alien, politically and semitically-correct America, although to your credit, you at least permit robust discussion on your blog. However, I think it's intellectually dishonest of you not to reveal then nature of your relationship with this newspaper and whether or not the newspaper compensates you in your profile. Are you an official reporter or what? While I defend your First Amendment rights to express your thoroughly disagreeable point of view, there was absolutely no call for you to refer to Mrs. Duggar as a "Queen Bitch". She's done nothing to you personally. You owe Mrs. Duggar an apology, and you should express that apology in a separate post dedicated to it. As a traditional American man, I take exception to the abuse of women. We men weren't born into larger and stronger tabernacles than women in order to lord it over them and abuse them. We men are supposed to be the protectors of women. Posted by Anchorage Activist on 8.3.07 at 19.29

- Since Caucasian people are only 8 to 11 percent of the worlds population, what's the hangup, Bisbort? Please read Death of the West, listen to your Culture Club record, and then kindly hang yourself. Posted by NewforceX on 8.3.07 at 19.31

- What a chickensh*t this author is. I googled his image and he is every bit the pansy I thought he would be. I'd like to see this guy grow a pair and say it to the husband of this woman and her sons. Heck, he probably lacks the guts to say it to the woman herself. Regarding the substantce of his column, Bisbort is apparently unaware that when the kids grow up, they will pay taxes in turn. Moreover, the family is not one of the large families you sometime see that are nothing but leeches on society. Every indication is that these kids will be productive members of society, and the fact that they were raised by two loving parents has a lot to do with it. And while I won't dwell on the racial angle of it too much, I agree with the other posters that this cowardly POS would not have dared to say anything like "bitch in heat" if the family were Mexican or black. Whites have a birthrate below replacement level, so if you want to complain about overpopulation, focus on other groups. Does this chickensh*t Bisbort have any kids? Apparently not. When he's dead and gone, I guess the world will remember him for the wisdom of columns like this, his sterile wife, and his dog. This "bitch in heat" will leave the legacy of 17 good people. Posted by James Sipton on 8.3.07 at 19.39

- I used to say there's too many of us. I now say, there are too many of THEM. Posted by fur_and_loathing on 8.3.07 at 19.41

- I hope Mrs Duggar sues his ass off. Posted by deLeon on 8.3.07 at 20.04

- AH, one of those White hating inverse Darwinism fans. We can see where you are coming from. Bitch at third worlders who have litters they cannot feed. That is the irony, though. Intelligent people with means and good genetics are not having children. Europe will soon resemble Iran and the US will become the sort of cesspool Mexico is, ironically, a place where bloggers like this idiot won't be able to 'opine'. That is the price of intelligent Whites not having children. Say bye bye to technological advances, freedom and success, or maybe the author kind find a nonWhite nation where these things exist? Nope. That is why all of these people come to Amerikwa. These people can afford their children and they home school them, which shows your own ignorance as to what taxpayers are paying for in regards to this family. More power to them. They were on tv and the kids were well behaved, upstanding White kids. Just the people who need to be having kids. Screw you and your anti White bias. And do some research before you start vomiting anti White hate. You look like the moron you are since the rest of us know that this family is PAYING TAXES not living off of them. Discovery or a similar channel had a show on this family. Watch it and then try to offer an informed opinion, if that is possible. I agree with the others. Those, like you, who gripe about overpopulation should put your money where your mouth is. Become fertilizer. LOL, but you people are like the top level marxists who never did without luxury. Posted by Joe on 8.3.07 at 20.20

- This writer forgets that this family home-schools their children. If anything, the public schools in their area are cheating them. This family has to pay the taxes for the schools, and again for their home-schooling expenses. I wonder if the author of this article would write such a diatribe in relation to Connecticut's fast-growing Hispanic population. Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister on 8.3.07 at 20.28

- All the kids are home schooled. I guess this guy missed that part, sooo nope they are not a burden on the tax base. In fact, when they come of age, I am sure they will be an asset to the tax base as they begin to work. 17 more taxpaying citizens! Posted by Udigom on 8.3.07 at 20.29

- You're a writer, Alan? For the National Enquirer, Globe and National Star ?!? How about you join us on our sites to discuss this, if your man enough. Or you and Leonard Pitts can both "Cry Me A River"! Posted by Edward Nyhouse on 8.3.07 at 20.31

- Dear Mr. Bisbort, The only thing grotesque and freakish here is your slobbering, irrational hatred for a family that has done absolutely nothing wrong to you. The remarks in the column are clearly libelous and often outright mendacious. These people home school and are not on any form of welfare. The Duggars built their 7000 square foot home debt free. In fact, they pay property taxes that help fund local schools that they don't even use. So who, really, is being taken for a ride? It's amusing to watch weenies like you who clamor for "reproductive rights" and "the right to choose" in one breath, and then speak of forced sterilization in the next. You fucking hypocrite. I also think you're secretly envious of Mr. Duggar because you realize you're not man enough to support a 19 head family. Finally, you know goddamned well you would *never* use such insulting language against a black mother, so please spare us the phony indignation. You don't have the balls. The Duggars are easy targets for craven, gutless pissants like you, but one day, that shall change. So please Alan Bisbort, you liar, the next time you drool over your keyboard, at least check your facts before submitting. Oh, and you might want to do something about that sick, petty hatred you're so consumed with. It's quite unattractive. Posted by Moishe Tapirstein on 8.3.07 at 20.34

- If you're here chastizing Bisbort and haven't signed the petition to have Leonard Pitts fired for saying far worse to every American white person then you're wasting your time. These fools only understand one thing, insatiable hunger and/or material loss. Posted by Todd on 8.3.07 at 20.40 They are a well-to-do family that does not live off other peoples taxes. Research before you write. Good 'ol Jim Bob was a self made man before his first child. Only the poor and illiterate should have large families? They are also all home schooled so they do not burden their school system. Yet they pay the school taxes so to help all the poor folks in public schools. So, they actually contribute to society as opposed tou your statements of being a burden on it. These children, well disciplined, well schooled, already little managers, will be the exceptional leaders of tomorrow. Of which, you certainly are not. You cannot even do your homework when writing a presentation as evidenced above. Every member of the Duggers has earned and is earning their right to existence. You are proving that some people should never have been allowed entry into this world. Posted by ostc on 8.3.07 at 20.50

- I guess this site only has a problem with whites who have a lto of kids, even though whte birth rates are far below replacement level. I have never heard them complaining about latinos or blacks having 9 kids per woman. So let me ask them this, if whites having far below replacement level birth rates is still way too much for them, what amount would make them happy, if whites have no children at all and disappear of the earth I suppose... Posted by john doe on 8.3.07 at 21.45

- I'm willing to bet that no member of this family will ever be on the welfare rolls, collecting food stamps and free medical care, shooting up innocent bystanders in gang warfare, pushing or doing crack, or contributing in any other number of destructive manners to the downfall of our economy and our society. I'm willing to bet that each of these home-schooled children will wind up happy and productive. Give me a very large family in which RESPONSIBILITY is both taken and taught by the parents any day over even a very small family in which ENTITLEMENTS serve to sustain their existence. We need MORE families living and growing with these kinds of values, not less. The world is overpopulated by people who have NO MEANS of taking care of their own children. We are underpopulated with the kinds of people who CAN take care of their children and teach them how to live responsibly. Failure to reverse these trends will surely mean a long and distressing road ahead. Posted by suepeace on 8.3.07 at 22.28

- If the Duggars want to set up a legal fund to sue the underwear off this malicious,vicious anti white hate monger ,I am ready to donate. Posted by Tom on 8.3.07 at 23.24

- just another liberal "death cult" member,who hates the beauty and vigorous life this family represents..they dont suck off your precious "welfare" system,nor do they participate in your sick,drugged out public school system...these people represent the best of this country,and their children will be the ones paying taxes into your bloated "entitlement programs"... I imagine their neighbors, that you mentioned,love them,and offer help to them as good neighbors do, I'd much rather live next to them than to a system tool like you. go take a long walk in downtown Hartford tonight, you hateful, mean spirited, self hating prick, go celebrate some diversity with the barbaric animals you worship.. Posted by billy boy on 8.3.07 at 23.26

- Fire Mr. Bisbort. Posted by Mike S on 8.3.07 at 23.56

- Bisbort you are a self loathing piece of I don't know what. We won't even think about it. Go get yourself neutered. Jewish piece of crap who wants depopulation of the white race so that all those illegals and blacks will have more room for their nasty little litters. SO they can go out and cause more violence and commit more crime against the very taxpayers that support their lazy asses. Pathetic attempt at journalism. Posted by wbragg37 on 8.4.07 at 0.14

- Mr. Bisbort, you are right when you say it can happen here and it has happened HERE. You could very easily be the screaming face on big brothers screen and you buy into the ideology hook line and sinker. The global warming fiasco is meant to prompt the very response you have presented. Bravo. You've been pawned. The world is hardly bursting at the seams, keep promulgating the lie though as it only exposes you for who you really are a gloablist loving America hater. Michelle Duggar have more kids we need more life loving people like you to displace the termites that are eating away at the foundation of intellectual discourse and base common sense, not to mention all that is wonderful about this world. Keep scracthing the dirt and dumpster diving Mr. Bisbort maybe you'll get lucky and find a science book that has not yet been polluted by nonsense. Too bad your mother did not think like you, I could have saved some CO2 from being released from the energy used to write the few words I have written here. Posted by Winston Smith on 8.4.07 at 1.02

- Damn! I haven't seen such a collection of trolls since Yahoo closed down their boards! So this is where they all went. Are there really only a few of you posting under a variety of names or there really that many people so concerned with "white genes?" I don't particularly agree with this article either but if this is an indication of the superiority of white genes, Mr. Bisbort has a point. Posted by marie on 8.4.07 at 1.02

- Damn. What is this, a white power convention? How do you twist everything til it comes out that blacks are to blame? Cut this racist drivel and get a life; all of you. Posted by Bobby on 8.4.07 at 1.28

- You aren't paying jack shit for this family and their children. They built their own house on their own land. pay for their own food, and homeschool their family They cost me nothing, unlike you and your inbred food stamp wielding, Section 8 housing kin. Maybe if a few more white people people outbred the latrino and mexcrement hoardes, it wouldn't have to be down to the Duggars. What is a fudgepacking faggot like you worried about us breeders anyway? Don't forget, since you buttpirates can't have children, if we didn't breed 'em you would have no one to molest. It's Friday night, go grease your poopshute and hit the bathouse, fucktard! Posted by Leslie Armstrong on 8.4.07 at 1.29

- Marie, you like Bisbort, are upset that whites are showing their pride and are starting to defend it by responding to trash articles like this. Now, the opinions expressed here are legitimate. They're not trolls and maybe you should not be so quick to attack the responses unless you are anti-white yourself. Posted by T. Kadijevic on 8.4.07 at 1.29

- This is where all the wackos are coming from; Posted by Bobby on 8.4.07 at 1.30

- If I were Mr. Dugger, I'd track you down and knock your teeth out. But I'm not Mr. Dugger, so all I can do is call you what you are. You?re a simpleton who?s been brainwashed by your TV to hate White people. I?ve got news for you asshole, the internet is now king and the brainwashing isn?t working anymore. And people like you had better wise up or you?ll get your ass kicked for real for trashing good people like that. . Posted by brutusVNN on 8.4.07 at 1.36

- Marie - we're not trolls. What you see is mainstream white America saying "enough is enough". And Mr. Bisbort is clearly an enabler of those who've marginalized us for 43 years, in the name of "equality" for blacks. You know darn well that nothing we whites say or do is ever good enough for the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Mr. Bisbort didn't merely express concern about overpopulation and the ability of the Duggars to support their large family. He deliberately insulted them, and is reaping the outrage that is the recompense of such discourse. At least he has enough intellectual honesty not to delete the comments. Posted by Anchorage Activist on 8.4.07 at 1.58

- No, Marie, Mr. Bisport doesn't have a point, except the one on his undersized, ugly, brain-dead, pointy little head. You are just surprised that posters are brave enough to call a spade a spade and an illegal alien a beaner. It is about time White people started standing up and fighting back. If you disagree with the superiority of White genes, prove the posters wrong, don't just attempt to denigrate them. Good luck. The Duggers are fantastic people and their children are extremely intelligent. Thank goodness for people like them; the real pity is that there are so few of their kind. Best wishes to Jim Bob and Michelle and each and every one of their beautiful children.. Posted by Barbara on 8.4.07 at 1.59

- People! You fell for it once again! This piece of trash had one purpose: polarize us against our fellow humans. Black, white, yellow, brown - we're all of the same species. Mr. Duggar is only following orders zealously - make us hate each other. So don't fall for it and wake up! Posted by ernest belok on 8.4.07 at 1.59

= I think big white families should spread and create an white baby boom because its exactly what USA needs. Without white people USA become just another third world country. Its not the low IQ negroes and south-americans that are going to sustain an highly productive and inventive economy but the white always. A do or die thing. Posted by European know best on 8.4.07 at 2.01

As you can see, reaction was almost overwhelmingly negative. Nearly all commenters expressed their objections in racial terms. They all saw anti-white bias, expressed by a white man. They were also further insulted by the derogatory bestial references made to the mother and her kids. Boom! The blogosphere exploded.

However, looking back at Bisbort's original post, I noticed something strange. Not once did he use the word "white" in his post. Nor did he refer to any other races. Yet commenters received a racist message. How is that?

Racial sensitivity. People have become more racially sensitive due to years of diversity brainwashing and sensitivity training. However, the sensitivity in this case wasn't causing people to be more sympathetic towards minorities. Instead, it caused them to go on the offensive on behalf of our own people. This represents a sea change taking place within the white community and was obviously not anticipated by the social engineers and the governing apparatus (the Russian word nomenklatura comes to mind) had in mind when they crafted affirmative action and other anti-white strategies; to keep the lid on, they denounce people who speak out on behalf of the white community as racists, and use employers as proxy enforcers of political correctness. However, a growing segment of the white community is becoming resistant to these psychological controls.

A historical perspective is in order. The original intent of the American civil rights revolution was simply to create equal opportunity. The intent was neither racial sensitivity nor racial blindness, but racial irrelevancy. In other words, we would not pretend that you were not of another race, but the fact that you were of another race would not be considered relevant. However, because the civil rights revolution didn't immediately put every black in a 10-room mansion and give them all Cadillacs, the nomenklatura started tinkering with the system. Blacks rose up and burned down our cities during the 1960s, but instead of putting the insurrection down with all necessary force, we played grabass with them and started doling out programs and privileges. To give them a harmless, co-opted icon, we transformed a Beast into a Saint and made his birthday a holiday, at the expense of George Washington. Then we conjured up affirmative action. Game over - equality had become hijacked by preference.

For the most part, this preference has been enforced for over 40 years. Most whites remained afraid to seriously challenge the system until Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. America watched as New Orleans blacks, instead of working together to mitigate the effects of the disaster, picked the shops clean just like vultures pick a carcass apart and unleashed a wave of barbaric savagery in the Superdome. For the first time in 40 years, white Americans really began to wonder just we got in exchange for this civil rights revolution. Would there ever be an end to blacks' incessant demands for more perks and privileges? Would there ever be end to blacks considering us racist regardless of what we do or say?

But a significant tipping point occurred in early 2007 with the brutal atrocities against Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. An inspired Alex Linder boldly stepped out from behind the keyboard, and, buoyed by VNN and other white activists, transformed this into a cause celebre. However, for the first time, significant numbers of mainstream whites became similarly outraged, and were willing to give Linder and his people an honest chance to deliver their mission. Thus was born the two Knoxville Rallies along with the Kalamazoo Rally. Whites had finally become racially sensitized - but in our behalf, rather than against us.

This was the force unleashed on Alan Bisbort. And Bisbort was caught flat-footed and swamped by a wave of resentment building for years.


pcapostate said...

Bisbort is a motherfucking bastard, he should have talked with Leonard Pitts before writing his piece of shit article, no he'll feel the wrath of the blogosphere for the rest of his miserable life!

Anchorage Activist said...

When he used bestial terms to describe the mother and the kids, that pushed me over the edge. It was great the way so many people piled on and gave him a piece of their minds.

Fortunately, Kievsky had the foresight to save the comments and post them on VNN Forum, or I wouldn't have been able to post them here. I wanted the blogosphere to see first hand just how many people Bisbort pissed off.

Commodore Bret said...

There is nothing noble about having 17 children by one woman. My guess is that these are not terrifically good breeding stock, and they probably are going to find their kids have an average IQ that isn't too high.

Three or four children per couple who are fit parents is fine and admirable. Not 17.

Anchorage Activist said...

To Commodore Bret - There is nothing "ignoble" about having 17 kids, either. The couple ensured the means of support in advance. Unlike your prototypical unmarried inner-city female who has 4 different kids by 4 different fathers. And the irresponsible 4 different fathers who chose to sire them without offering the mother the legal and emotional protection of marriage

The greater issue here was the tone of Bisbort's critique rather than the substance.

André said...

Mr. Bisbort, I believe you knew what reaction you would receive when you insulted this upstanding family in such a degenerate manner. Shame on you, sir. You do not deserve to hold a position of responsibility such as a columnist, you barely pass for a human being. Please consider getting a job where you might be more effective. I might suggest campaigning in Asia (this includes China and India, two nations with two enormous populations) for birth control. You can put a condom over your entire body as a demonstration as how to properly conceal an impotent dick.

Anonymous said...

I agree with him. They both should be fixed and seek counciling for there desire to have so many kids. Who will pay for all of these kid if something happens to Mr. Duggar. The taxpayer. I beleive in the replacement theory. Each couple should only be allowed two children max and get a tax. The less you have the better the tax break.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect anything less from a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Leave the Duggar Family alone.

They built their own house, their kids are all homeschooled and the eldest children help out. It's not as if they are leeching off taxpayers.

If the Duggars were black or Mexican or Asian i really doubt you'd be criticising them so much, hypocrites. Why the hell is it okay for African women to have like 10 kids each and expect the UN or some other foreign organisation to pay for them?

As long as the Duggars raise their children to be polite, intelligent and self-sufficient, they can have as many kids as they want in my opinion.

Referring to women in such a derogatory way is disgraceful. I doubt you'd say that to Mrs Duggar's face or to her husband's, you coward.