Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oy, Vey! Anti-Defamation League Petulantly Demands That Columbus (OH) Police "Investigate" Officer Susan Purtee Over "Anti-Semitic" Videos

Special Note: Update posted at 6:47 P.M. Alaska time on August 29th to reflect input from National Alliance News, a significant pro-white media source. New information posted in green.

The revelation on August 27th, 2007 that a Columbus, OH police officer co-starred in at least three YouTube videos frankly discussing Jews and blacks has triggered a low-level firestorm of interest. While establishment media and public figures such as Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (who is black) have condemned the videos and are gearing up for a witch-hunt against Susan Purtee, a 15-year veteran of the Columbus Police Department, the blogosphere has produced a more mixed reaction, with a number of pro-white blogs such as PCApostate, Alaska Pride, Voice Of Deseret, Cool Kids Rebel, Expose Them All-2, Toledo Mudd, and even the U.K.-based Nationalist Dissident Voices blog vigorously defending Purtee's freedom of speech and calling Purtee to be treated fairly. Other websites coming out in favor of fair play for Purtee include Stormfront, the Vanguard News Network, and National Alliance News. The women even have their own website, http://www.thepatriotdames.com/. National Alliance News informs us that the Columbus Police Chief, James Jackson, is also black. With both a black mayor and a black police chief arrayed against a white officer, National Alliance News fears things could get "ugly".

Indeed, this story is proving to be dynamic. On August 28th, the Columbus Dispatch, the Akron Beacon-Journal, and WBNS Channel 10 Columbus reveal that Susan Purtee has already experienced consequences, having just today been reassigned to a desk job. Tentative statements of support from the local Fraternal Order of Police seemed to have successfully deterred any more serious action so far.

However, there are others who are clearly out for blood. The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued somewhat of a pro-forma statement condemning the videos. However, this is viewed more as an attempt by the professional Muslim lobby to assure Americans that not all Muslims are EOD specialists. Much more serious is the fact that, to absolutely nobody's surprise, the Anti-Defamation League, a notorious Jewish supremacist organization, has issued a statement condemning the videos and demanding that the city launch an inquisition of Susan Purtee.

Note that the title of the press release only highlights "anti-Semitism" and not "racism". This shows the organization, contrary to its public claims, is much more concerned about "discrimination" against Jews than other groups. The ADL's press release is replicated below, in its entirety:

ADL Calls On Columbus Police To Investigate Anti-Semitic Videos Allegedly Produced By Off-Duty Officer

Cleveland, Ohio, August 28, 2007 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned racist and anti-Semitic videos allegedly produced and posted to the Web site of an off-duty police officer from Columbus, Ohio. The videos, posted to a site allegedly created by Columbus Police Officer Susan Purtee and her sister, Barbara Gordon-Bell of Florida, contain virulently racist and anti-Semitic expressions.

"We were deeply disturbed by the message of these videos, which is anti-Semitism, racism and hate," said Shari Kochman, ADL's Ohio Regional Director. "It is frightening that such hateful views would be held by a member of the Columbus force. We commend both Mayor Michael Coleman for acknowledging this as unacceptable conduct for a police officer and the Chief of Police for ordering an administrative investigation into the matter."

With titles such as "The Jews," "Ebonics" and "Cubans, Miami's Vice," the videos contain statements from the two women alleging that Jews backed busing, desegregation and civil rights so that they would have opportunities to make money.

In one video, titled "The Jew," a woman identified as Purtee is shown telling viewers that "as long as you're a Jew, you still have that feeling that everybody else is beneath you…the purpose of the Old Testament was to say that Jews are going to be the rulers of the world." During the video, Gordon-Bell holds up a sign that says, "JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM."

In the video "The Jews, Part II," the women say that Jews are destroying America. Other videos featuring the women contain racist and stereotypical remarks about African-Americans.

Two of the videos clearly show that the ADL, as usual, is overhyping, overinterpreting, and overexaggerating the case. Here's the first video about the Jews:


While she criticizes certain aspects of Jewish behavior, she doesn't question the right of Jews to exist. And at no time does she use any racial slurs. Class act.

Now here's the second video, about the blacks:


Once again, the issue was behavior rather than existence. The ladies clearly were taking issue with black misbehavior rather than the existence of the black race. And at no time does she use any racial slurs. Most of what they said was actually echoed in the most current column by conservative black columnist Walter Williams, published in the August 27th edition of the Anchorage Voice of the Times.

And finally, here's the third video:


Note that she simply highlights those few conglomerates which are headed by Jews. She again emphasizes that she doesn't hold all Jews responsible for the sins of the top Jews.

Here are pertinent facts brushed aside or completely ignored by the ADL:

1). No racial slurs were uttered on any of the videos.

2). Only Jewish behavior was questioned; Jewish existence was never called into question. The ladies made a point to distinguish between guilty and innocent Jews.

3). Only black behavior was questioned; black existence was never called into question. The ladies carefully distinguished between guilty and innocent blacks.

4). It's also a fact that many blacks who embrace mainstream culture and exhibit mainstream mannerisms are dengirated by other blacks. The ADL fails to address that issue.

It should be obvious that the ADL will never stress empowerment over entitlement. They have a vested financial interest in promoting entitlement, or a "victimhood" mentality, amongst their "clients" to assure a continuous revenue stream. Oy, vey, gotta keep those shekels coming. LOL!

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