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Initial After-Action Reports On August 4th Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism by ANSWP Commander Bill White And Radio Host Hal Turner

Initial after-action reports on the August 4th Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism are beginning to filter in. I will present reports from the leading two players, white nationalist radio host Hal Turner, who organized and led the main contingent, and American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White, who did not join the main contingent inside the pro-white designated area, but instead circulated, along with at least one other ANSWP member, freely amongst the crowd of antifas and interested observers, distributing literature.

First, here is most of Bill White's relatively lengthy and detailed account, posted in full on Libertarian Socialist News, fleshed out by some addional information from the Overthrow88 blog, and also posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum:

The communists never got within 100 yards of the Turner rally. There was no chanting, no shouting down, and no visible opposition because the communists all came out to fight us and the nine or ten NSM guys who also did not join the Turner rally -- and we successfully stopped them from even getting past the security checkpoint.

While I didn't say it beforehand, we had considered confronting the communists in Bronson Park, in the hopes that their march would never reach the Turner rally, and the newspapers could report "no opposition", but scrapped that plan when Hal decided to released public statements accusing us of "mental illness".

Things were quiet, of course, until the approximately 50 counter demonstrators showed up to protest. There were another 50 spectators, both black and white, supportive and opposed, sitting in the street as well.

On his Overthrow88 blog, White stated that the rally coverage being offered by Citizens Against Hate is a ridiculous satire of what actually occurred. There were about fifty communist counter demonstrators, about fifty spectators outside the fenced area, about forty whites who went in and took ANSWP literature, about ten NSM members, two ANSWP members, and about forty Hal Turner and company supporters present. This means there were a total of 52 active pro-white supporters and 40 additional whites who were sympathetic enough to take ANSWP literature.

When the counter demonstrators showed up, myself, Neal Joitke and a fellow named Mike confronted them -- alone -- for about ten minutes. Seeing that we were standing in the middle of a small mob -- to the credit of Dan Hill, Dan Carlson, and all the NSM Michigan guys who attended -- the NSM came out to help us, and the lot of us, plus several other pro-white spectators -- had a big rumble with the communists where someone -- Dan Carlson, I think -- tore down a communist banner as the rest of us fought. The police broke up the fight by charging us with horses -- I did get trampled on a bit by a horse, though, fortunately, it did not knock me down -- and that was the pinnacle of the day's excitement.

However, White also adds, after the fact, that neither he nor any other ANSWP supporter entered the secure police area during the rally. They were pushed by the police, during the first melee that occurred, to the gate area, about 100 yards from the event, where they and two other white activists stared down the communists and prevented them from getting into the counter-demonstration area.

I had been told by one of Jim Ramm's alter egos that Dan Hill and company were planning to attack me before the rally. I also received several death threats from Hal Turner supporters before the rally, and had been told I was going to be assaulted by the Vinlanders. The source for the third rumor seemed to be the anti-racists affiliated with Citizens Against Hate, who had filled one of the opposition group's heads with dipshit before the rally.

Overall, we handed out about forty magazines, 90% of them to supporters of white racialism, and had some good conversations with people. I don't know that we made any converts, but it was a good time.

We also gave a lengthy interview to several television stations on the subject of why we oppose Hal Turner, white nationalist conman, and detailed several of the fundraising schemes he had engaged in during the years. There was about an hour of controlled shouting across a police line during the rally, and, at the end, the police tricked the communists into leaving by telling them the Nazis were "over there" and, as the communist all ran that direction, they spirited everyone at the Turner event off, and left us open to walk the other way down the street to our cars.

That's the short version. I'm on my way home to Virginia, and will try to supplement this later on and on Monday's radio show.

Despite Bill White's antipathy towards Hal Turner, it appears he and his cadre were willing to cooperate to make the main rally look better by confronting the antis at a distance so as to make it appear that Turner's activists had no visible opposition. Apparently, some inopportune remarks by Turner may have discouraged this tactic.

Most encouraging was the willingness of several National Socialist Movement (NSM) members to set aside their organization's rivalry with the ANSWP and come to White's aid when he was in danger of getting mobbed by the antis. It shows that the NSM still has a considerable number of genuine national socialists within their ranks. The NSM has repeatedly struggled with virtual national socialists who misrepresent the organization by using national socialism as little more than protective cover for whiggery and hooliganism.

Media outlets to monitor in the Kalamazoo area to watch any Bill White interviews include the Kalamazoo Gazette, WWMT Channel 3 Kalamazoo, WLNS Channel 6 in nearby Lansing (probably because Lansing previously has an NSM rally), and WZZM Channel 13 in nearby Grand Rapids.

Now, for a much shorter account from Hal Turner himself, posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum:

Approximately 75-100 people showed up in support of this rally. Hal reports a large number of counter protesters were there. No reports of injury. The Kalamazoo Police Department did arrest 2 counter-protesters, one of which assaulted a police horse.

Excellent speeches with no unplanned incidents at all. Good showing by "Nazi Skinheads" in support of rally.

Hal says the rally a complete success.

Hal Turner and associates enroute to Detroit.

Turner does give a realistic number of supporters. The opposition and the media consistently understimated the number of supporters at both Knoxville I and Knoxville II, and we can expect them to do so again this time.

And it appears the opposition has indeed tried to minimize the pro-white support once again. Nicole Nichols, the co-director of the dormant Citizens Against Hate group and the leading dominatrix of the Nikki's Nest blog, posts a short and incomplete account of the action from the antifa perspective:

First reports put Bill White behind the Nazi fence - you just can't take the man anywhere. Although he has made the first fashion statement of the day - black shirt, black BDUs, black boots (we all know about those boots) and a swastika.

As of 1:00 there are reported to be about 120 Anti-fa and 20-25 Nazi's. They are now saying that it probably won't really get underway until 1:30. We will be updating throughout the rally - and you can listen live at

UPDATE: Randy Gray is speaking and it sounds as it sounds like they actually have a PA system. Imagine all that money being spent to protect about 30 Nazi's. From what we are hearing it sounds pretty calm - so far. What an absolute joke.

Analysis: Since the antis chronically understimate the number of pro-white supporters for negative propaganda purposes, and Hal Turner does have a tendency to exaggerate and prevaricate on occasion (albeit for positive motivational reasons), I think a good estimate would be 50-75 pro-white supporters and participants.

And indeed, the first mainstream media report to surface, filed by the Kalamazoo Gazette, shows that both sides may have exaggerated the numbers, the antis more so. According to the Gazette, there were 40 pro-white supporters, only 60 antifas (far below Nikki's estimated "120"), and "dozens" of curiosity seekers. The Gazette also reported two men present in national socialist uniform, so if there were any other ANSWP members, they must have been in civilian clothes.

Congratulations to all who showed up and participated in person, as well as those behind the scenes who helped lay the foundation for this rally.

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