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The Dark Side Of Diversity: Chicago Woman Moves To Non-White Humboldt Park Neighborhood To Save Money, Garage "Ransacked"

Once again, the dark side of diversity presents itself, this time to a Chicago woman who moved into the overwhelmingly non-white Chicago neighborhood of Humboldt Park. According to Wikipedia, Humboldt Park is 48% Hispanic, 47.7% Black, and only 3.32% White. Yet the diversity lobby teaches us that we're all alike and that we should be tolerant of all, regardless of the consequences.

The woman in question is the romantic interest of a Vanguard News Network Forum member who posts under the name of Ernst Blofeld. I replicate his post below, exactly as he originally posted it:

I've been dating a girl in Chicago for about a month and she recently decided, in order to save on rent, to move from a predominantly White neighborhood to Humboldt Park. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Chicago Humboldt Park, [it] is about 3% white. Needless to say it is crime ridden and full of niggers. White yuppies and hipsters have been slowly moving in, renovating some of the older homes on edge of Humboldt Park near Western Ave. and Division. The way Chicago is you can often go from a vital upscale area to a scene from Blackhawk Down by simply walking a single block.

I tried, perhaps not forcefully enough, to dissuade her from renting in Humboldt Park and suggested a smaller place elsewhere. However, when I mentioned the racial aspect of crime she dismissed the statistics with a wave of her hand, either out of naivete, to affirm her political correctness or in a complete denial of reality.

Well, she moved in last weekend and on the very first night a friend of her was mugged by two niggers right after he left her building. The same day the garage she is renting was ransacked and her bicycle stolen. The Chicago police did however find time to ticket her car while it was parked on the street. Funny how they ignored the gangbangers and drug dealers just down the street in plain sight of all.

Unless she goes thru the hassle and expense of moving again I think I'm going to dump her. It's not worth the anxiety to visit her.

At the very least this experience might serve to help her question some her assumptions about equality, like diversity is a good thing. At the heart of this naivety is the crazy idea that we are all the same, that cultural differences are superficial and unimportant, that we have no genetic differences, that we are all basically the same blueprint as each other and therefore there's no reason why a few carefully placed, emotive liberal words from the heart(and social engineering) can't bring us all together in an idylic, sun-drenched world of bunny rabbits, dandelions and maple syrup where we all join hands across the ocean in total racial harmony.

Liberals, when they see that this is not going to be the case, usually throw tantrums and the people who don't seem to conform to their liberal-tinged idealism whereby every person and culture on this earth is compatible with every other person and culture, are the object of their venom. IF ONLY everyone was more like me, say liberals, the world would be a better place. IF ONLY everyone would adhere to MY PARTICULAR brand of peace and love. People who don't think like me, are the problem, the enemy. When you look into it, you usually find that for example in the case of white liberals who spew peace and love without a thought, they live quite sheletered lives in affluent white areas. It is usually the case - and I've seen it time and time again - that when they are thrown head first into the dirty arena of racial differences, for example after moving to somewhere like Harlem, they change their tune quicker than you can say "neatly trimmed liberal pubes". Usually this happens when they're sitting in their Washington Heights apartment trying to type up their paper on the Evil of Whiteness and they can't hear themselves think because the Dominican assholes on the street below have been blasting their music at nightclub volumes for the 6th successive night in a row, and dammit the cops aren't responding to my complaints. See, it's easy to preach peace and love of all races and cultures until you're rudely awakened to the differences in culture and the real reasons why people of different races don't get along.

She's a petite, very attractive white girl and I pray she doesn't end up another Channon Christian.

And likewise I pray that she doesn't end up the next Channon Christian.

According to Wikipedia, the neighborhood grew up around a park named for Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist famed for his five-volume work, "Cosmos: Draft of a Physical Description of The World" (but who ironically never visited Chicago). The creation of Humboldt Park and several other west side parks was intended to provide islands of beauty in a rather utilitarian city, linked together via Chicago's historical boulevard system. The park is flanked by large graystone homes. Most of the neighborhood that grew up around the park was annexed by Chicago in 1869.

The neighborhood's problems really began in earnest during the 1950s, after Puerto Ricans moved into the area in large numbers, which added to a mix already fermented by a growing black population and a declining Polish-American population. The subsequent Division Street Riots, which erupted in 1966, resulted in the start of organizations for Puerto Rican rights. Click HERE for the Puerto Rican perspective on the riots (always know your prospective enemy by reading his writings). The neighborhood apparently bottomed out during the 1970s as gang activity, crime, and other forms of violence reached its peak. Even today, Humboldt Park continues to be economically depressed, with housing values and average incomes below the city-wide average. Overcrowding remains a serious problem.

However, the neighborhood's Puerto Rican population, in the face of gentrification, remains insistent on keeping and expanding a community through many housing, political, social, and economic initiatives like the Paseo Boricua business corridor on Division St between Western and California Avenues where two 59 foot steel gateway-like Puerto Rican flags are planted. Apparently, the Puerto Ricans are NOT particularly interested in "diversity". Imagine the outcry if a group of whites was to erect two 59-foot steel gateway-like swastikas, Confederate battle flags, or "life-rune" flags over a street. LOL!

In the meantime, gentrification continues, particularly around the fringes of the neighborhood. It is especially evident in the four blocks closest to Western Avenue, particularly between Armitage and North avenues, and North and Chicago Avenues. Many new single-family homes have replaced the dilapidated multi-dwelling units there. Even so, major retailers — including the dominant grocery chains Dominick's and Jewel, and other widespread chains such as Starbucks — continue to avoid placing locations in the area pending developments there. The lack of national chain retail outlets in an urban neighborhood is generally a red flag warning people away from the neighborhood.

Analysis: What's sad is that this white woman found it necessary to move into an overwhelmingly non-white neighborhood. Rising house prices and apartment rents in better neighborhoods are forcing young or working-class whites to risk their posessions and persons in hostile non-white neighborhoods. The one potential benefit is that, the longer she remains in Humboldt Park, the more her eyes will become open to the darker side of diversity. One can only hope she survives the experience without irreparable damage. Read an account of another person who became racially conscious after being exposed to too much "diversity" before it wastoo late.

Blofeld's assessment of liberals is spot on when he describes their single-minded intolerance and fanatacism. It's not enough to tolerate them; they demand absolute obeisance to their ideas or you become their "enemy". An even better example of this spirit was posted by some lemming chick on the Daily Kos recently. Let's read her account for ourselves:

I've only run across this argument many times. Someone says they're progressive, that they aren't racist and even go as far as saying, "I have black friends, so I am NOT racist." I, myself, am a Politically Correct individual. And I think being PC is an important way to deconstruct the different views people have of culture, other races and ethnicities, among many other differences we can have. We can also use PC to learn and unlearn and allow ourselves to continue doing so.

I do think too many people think racism is just automatically a term that is meant for someone who is actively hating someone because they are a certain race. Just like, being pro-choice, which I believe goes far beyond believing a woman has the right to an abortion, is like how racism is. Racism goes far beyond whether someone hates someone for being a certain race. Of course it does. It's a process of learning and unlearning and continuing that. It is something that goes on in our daily lives, whether you notice it or not and whether it was you that performed an action, knowing it or not.

There are so many actions one can do to "not mean to be racist." Yet, it can be racist and completely appropriating another culture. Too many people automatically become defensive if someone says their action is racist because they may NOT be an actively racist, hateful person ... yet need to keep in mind something they may be doing is racist and disrespectful to someone else.

Many so-called progressives and liberals also chose to be color-blind. They refuse to recognize that yes, even though we are all human, that we DO have differences and ignoring those like, races isn't going to make racism go away. You may think that someone being Asian doesn't matter to you or your family, but if you're white (I am) I think it's hard to say you know how they feel and that their race doesn't matter because you've never been anything but white.

As anti-racist activists, we need to continue to educate ourselves and others. The whole argument of "I have black friends and I am not racist" doesn't make things all better. Being actively involved, understanding as much as you can, education, learning and unlearning can all go a long way. Ignoring the history of the human existence and pretending that nothing ever happened and saying, "well I didn't personally kill off the Native Americans" is not progressing at all, either. Of course YOU personally didn't do that, but white history did and we need to recognize that in order to realize that racism is a true thing.

Reverse racism.

Some white people think that this is a true thing. That someone can be racist towards a white person, reverse racism is a term created by white people. Most I've come across don't understand that they have privilege just for being white and the great argument of, "Yes, I"m white and male, but I'm also poor" comes up. Well, if you're white and a male - that's privilege right there, you need to understand that. I've come quit recognizable to the fact that I am white, therefor that gives me privilege.

We all have our barriers, of course. Me, for example, I am a white, poor, single mother and a woman. I have privilege compared to others, yes and I completely recognize that. I understand also, that I can be oppressed in this society and I am marginalized person in society. But again, I have privilege compared to others. I am white.

Actually, she makes several statements which are actually praiseworthy. First, she mocks those who claim they're not racist because they have black friends. You know, the old canard "Some of my best friends are...yada, yada, yada". Many people will say that to cover their asses and placate the opposition because they lack confidence in the integrity of their outlook and in their ability to explain it.

She also makes a worthwhile point when she takes issue with being "color-blind". Many will tell someone "Oh, I don't notice you're black, or Latino, or _________ (fill in the blank)". They might mean well, but they're imply that they can accept anything about the other person except the other person's race. How do you think that makes the other person feel? Of course, if she was trying to move other people towards a position of "race-irrelevancy", that might be more intellectually honest.

Unfortunately, in her subsequent remarks about "white privilege", her intent is to move white people towards a position of subordinancy. She claims whites are automatically privileged because they're white without defining what that "privilege" actually is. Of course, that's the very definition of white supremacy, but instead of using it to assert her position as a white, she wants to use it to abdicate her position as a white.

And this indicates that anti-racists are merely the mirror opposites of racists. Both consider race important. But, where white racists love their race (and, if they're responsible, don't hate the other races), white anti-racists HATE their race.

Of course, she also obsesses with "white oppression", while completely ignoring oppression by other races. But that's just a symptom. Anti-racists don't believe in equality; they believe in anti-white supremacy.

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