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Another Prominent Columbus Black Plutocrat Piles On - Columbus (OH) Urban League's Eddie Harrell Implicitly Calls For Susan Purtee To Be Fired

On August 30th, 2007, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the Columbus Urban League, an advocacy organization for blacks, is “antagonized, angry, agitated and appalled” by videos produced by Columbus police officer Susan Purtee, according to what chapter President Eddie Harrell Jr. (pictured at left) said at a news conference today. That makes three key blacks who've piled on Purtee now; Mayor Michael Coleman and Police Chief James Jackson are also black. To his credit, Chief Jackson has acted a bit more restrained than his two more radical "homies"; he's resisted the impulse to suspend Purtee without pay or can her altogether. Ironically, Chief Jackson wanted to fire Officer Purtee five years ago, but she fought for her job and won. Apparently Purtee has been the subject of 13 internal affairs investigations, but no details were released and it was unclear as to why Jackson wanted her fired.

Although Harrell stopped short of saying Susan L. Purtee should be fired, he said she “should not be entrusted to this position”. Harrell also said, “Individuals that we have entrusted with such an honorable role need to be held to a higher standard,” he said. “Public speech has public consequences”. [Ed. Note: This is intellectually dishonest reporting by the Dispatch. It's true that Harrell didn't use the word "fired", but the only way Purtee could not be entrusted with the position is to be removed from the position. It's semantical bullshit, and the readers of this blog should not fall for it. Harrell wants her ass out.]

Susan Purtee, 60, a Columbus officer for 15 years, has been taken off the street during an internal-affairs investigation of amateur online videos in which she and her sister, 52-year old Barbara Gordon-Bell, make critical remarks about certain behavioral patterns often observed amongst Jews, blacks, Cubans and illegal immigrants. However, she does not identify herself as a Columbus police officer, and an analysis of the videos show that not only does she NOT use any racial or ethnic slurs, but is careful only to criticize undesirable behavior amongst these groups and not question their existence. Indications are that she will receive no further disciplinary action until after the investigation is complete.

Predictably, the Anti-Defamation League, a notorious Jewish supremacist organization, dumped all over Purtee yesterday. Click HERE to read their statement.

Some prominent public voices have counseled against the growing witch-hunt mentality fueled by the local Columbus plutocrats. Yesterday, Jeffrey Gamso, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, said the case is tricky because of free-speech concerns. "It's all nuance," he said. "We all have ideas that somebody else may find offensive, or at least many of us do. The question is, how much is it tied to your work? Does it affect your work? The answer to that is, you look at her police work, you don't look at her ideas. If she's able to keep her personal views from affecting her job performance, then her personal views shouldn't affect her job."

Here are the URLs to the YouTube videos. The first one is about the Jews in general, the second one is about blacks, and the third one is about Jewish domination of the media.

Ever since this story broke two days ago, the Columbus Dispatch has displayed a subtle but detectable bias against Purtee. However, that bias became flagrant yesterday in an opinion column authored by Dispatch columnist Ann Fisher. Fisher, who has a reputation as a notorious hatchetwoman, spewed out the following vitriol (the most illustrative excerpts replicated below):

Columbus Police Officer Susan L. Purtee can be as racist, bigoted and hateful as she wants. No law against that.

But would you want to watch her back while she's patrolling neighborhoods? Would you want her watching yours?

And has the YouTube broadcast of videotapes depicting her views inflamed stereotypes and, therefore, harmed the ability of the police force to do its job?


They attack blacks, illegal immigrants, Jews and Cubans, wallowing in every stereotype there ever was, treasuring the memory of that great anti-American U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his work with the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Sure to become an all-time hit among haters, these self-righteous sisters represent every evil that police departments have fought internally for years. City Safety Director Mitchell Brown wrote Mayor Michael B. Coleman yesterday that, "Clearly, Officer Purtee is not representative of our division's many great officers."

I want to believe that the 60-year-old Purtee probably is little more than a rotten apple that all the sensitivity training in the world can't change. But how can we be sure? That's the real damage.

She's not the only person to confuse her public position of trust with her right to free expression.


Ann Fisher is a Dispatch Metro columnist. She can be reached at 614-461-8759 or by e-mail at

I deliberately left Fisher's phone number and e-mail address in. I encourage readers of this blog to contact her and express your objection to her hatchet job with the utmost frankness. Fisher unleashes all the artillery - referring to Purtee as "racist", "hateful", "bigoted", then subsequently denouncing her as a "rotten apple". She refers to the great patriot Senator Joe McCarthy as "anti-American", which is a sign Fisher has a completely inverted definition of patriotism. Also note that Fisher lists "illegal immigrants" among the racial groups, implying that those who break our country's laws and break into our country are just as worthy of civil rights protection as various racial groups. It should be obvious that Ann Fisher is nothing more than a white, female version of Leonard Pitts.

More information about the organization and the history of the National Urban League can be found at the highlighted links. Unlike Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP, the National Urban League tends to promote black enterpreneurship rather than dependency, but they still have a tendency to ask for a few freebies from time to time.

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