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Second Generation Holocaust Extortion - Fisher Fund To File Class Action Suit Against Germany On Behalf Of Children Of Holocaust Survivors

"There's No Business Like Shoah Business"

Spiegel Online, the cyber version of the prestigious German magazine Der Spiegel, reports that the Fisher Fund, an Israeli charity that helps Holocaust survivors, plans to file a class action suit against Germany on behalf of at what are ultimately expected to become at least 30,000 children of Holocaust survivors. Click HERE to read full article. The article has also been cross-posted on the main page of the Vanguard News Network.

The lawsuit, which will be filed in Tel Aviv on Sunday (July 15th, 2007), will demand that the German government pay for the psychological treatment of children of Holocaust survivors living in Israel who allegedly need this treatment as a result of being raised in dysfunctional homes. They claim to suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders, and have even used the term "PTSD" (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) to describe the condition.

One of the primary motivating factors is financial - there is little money available to pay for treatment. Neither from the Israeli government nor other sources like the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which only supports direct survivors of the Holocaust and victims' heirs, has sufficient funds available for this purpose.

However, it was an actual breakdown in informal negotiations with the German government over the issue that triggered the suit. "We tried to negotiate out of court", Baruch Mazor, general director of the Fisher Fund, told SPIEGEL ONLINE Friday. "We had a very good contact in the German government, whom we met once. But he was instructed very strongly by the government in May not to talk to us any more, and he refused to take our calls. So we had no choice but to go to court". Mazor added that there was "huge pressure" from the children of survivors, hundreds of whom came to a meeting the Fisher Fund recently held in Tel Aviv, to go to court after the negotiations broke down.

The Fisher Fund claims that all they want is a solution to an "objective problem" and that the money, roughly expected to be "only" $10-20 million per year, will only be used to pay for treatment and an accompanying cultural project where interviews with children of survivors would be filmed. The money would not be given as compensation to survivors' children.

Mazor spoke of "a huge and very positive reaction" to the Fisher Fund's campaign in Israel, where the case was featured in several leading Israeli newspapers Friday as well as on a leading radio station. "It's not just a lawsuit, it's the beginning of a movement," he said. "Germany will somehow have to react to the problem. It will have to adopt not only a legal position but also a moral position."

"People in Israel feel we are doing something moral and important," he said. "They say we are doing holy work". The use of the term "holy" is just another manifestation of the fact that Organized Jewry does not look upon the Holocaust as merely another historical event, but have elevated it to the status of a "quasi-religion", brooking no dissension.

However, the German government appears to be waking up to the fact that the Holocaust racket is unlikely to end anytime soon. Back in April 2007, the German Finance Ministry told Spiegel Online that a class action suit is "unlikely to succeed". The German government remains solidly committed to its position that Holocaust reparations be paid ONLY to those actually oppressed or incarcerated by the German government during the National Socialist era.

And on May 3rd, Ingeburg Grüning, a spokesperson for the German Finance Ministry -- which is responsible for compensation payments to Holocaust survivors -- reiterated this position. In another article published on Spiegel Online, Grüning explained that a precondition for recompense is that the claimant be a direct victim of Nazi violence. That criterion has long been part of the principles accepted by international treaties relating to Holocaust reparations. "An amendment of the compensation principles is not planned," she said.

Grüning further emphasized that the "moral and financial reparation of the wrongs committed by the Nazi regime" has had and continues to have a high significance for the German government, which has already paid out a total of around €64 billion (in euros, which is $88 billion based on July 13th exchange rate) to Holocaust survivors. "However, the personal suffering of millions can not be undone and also can not be made up for in this way. Hence Germany's largest efforts in terms of reparations are concentrated on Holocaust survivors who were directly affected", Grüning concluded.

Commentary: Can anyone in his right mind really be surprised by this development? Anyone with at least a room temperature IQ knows that once these campaigns start, they never really go away. Self-perpetuation not only keeps the issue alive but the funds flowing to provide continued employment for those who orchestrate the campaigns.

The American civil rights campaign followed this model - first, equality; next, preference; and now, reparations are under consideration. Most blacks consider whites racist regardless of what they do or say.

The environmental movement followed this model, first with the spotted owl, and now with global warming. Their entire emphasis is "if we don't take immediate action, tomorrow we die!". The global warming campaign is particularly ominous with its intolerant and Orwellian overtones; meteorologists have even been threatened with the loss of AMS (American Meteorological Society) certification for refusing to regurgitate popular global warming theory.

The anti-smoking lobby has followed this model with its progressive and endlessly-increasing array of sanctions deployed against smokers. For example, smokers in Anchorage, AK have faced three increases in various tobacco taxes and two successively more restrictive measures against where they can smoke during the past five years. In Bangor, ME, smoking in private vehicles is now banned when kids are present. Of course, if we were REALLY interested in protecting kids, we would ban MTV, which promotes nihilism, drug use, gratuitous sex, and race-mixing.

Pedophilia hysteria continues to metastasize through the population like a cancer as former sex offenders face an incredible and increasing array of post-release sanctions, to include mandatory registration on sex offender databases and assorted residency restrictions. Miami's residency restrictions against former sex offenders are so extreme many are forced to live under bridges because they can't find any legal residence.

And now the homosexual rights movement is following suit. Read my essay "The Ten Percent Myth" to find out how the gays are emulating Jewish tactics to achieve the promotion, protection, and commodification of the homosexual lifestyle.

The True Cost of Holocaust Reparations: The $88 billion figure cited earlier in this post is merely direct reparations payments to Jews and other victims from the German government. It does not include payment of reparations, either in coin or in kind, to Israel since the end of World War II. On page 306 of his book "Jewish Supremacism", Dr. David Duke estimates the total of all German Holocaust reparations payments to be at least $150 billion.

Many of these reparations to Israel were "in kind" payments, in the form of goods or services. On the same page, Dr. Duke states that "without German reparations..., Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure. All the trains in Israel are German, the ships are German, and the same goes for electrical installations and a great deal of industry...". Later in the same paragraph, Dr. Duke also points out that "In some years the sums of money received by Israel from Germany have been as much as double or treble the contribution made by collections from international Jewry".

And yet they want more.

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