Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prominent Anti-Racist Blogger "History Mike" Brooks Conducts Pre-Rally Survey Of Kalamazoo Residents, Finds Little Interest In The August 4th Rally

Longtime anti-racist blogger "History Mike" Brooks, who operates the Historymike Blog, conducted a pre-rally survey of Kalamazoo residents to determine what impact the upcoming August 4th Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism might have on the community and its residents. Click HERE to read his entire post.

History Mike personally visited Kalamazoo to take the survey and get a personal feel for the community. He asked a reported total of 33 respondents the following three questions:

1. Are you aware that there will be a rally on Saturday, August 4 by white supremacists and neo-Nazis to protest what they claim is "black gang terrorism" and "the genocide of whites?"

2. What is your opinion of the rally?

3. Is black-on-white crime a serious problem in Kalamazoo?

History Mike reports that approximately one-third of respondents were aware that a rally of some sort was to take place. However, of those one-third, none of the respondents could correctly name any of the scheduled speakers at the rally, but several volunteered such general boilerplate answers as "the KKK" or "The Klan" (which the public has been brainwashed to believe defines white nationalism).

One respondent was critical of the fact that the rally participants would be mostly outsiders, but he neither criticized nor endorsed the premise of the rally itself. According to History Mike, no respondents expressed positive views of the rally, and not one person out of 33 interviewed said that black-on-white crime was a problem.

Several respondents agreed that gangs were a problem in Kalamazoo, but argued that street gangs accounted for only part of the city's crime problem. "There's gang-bangers on my street, but they pretty much keep to themselves, selling dope or just hanging out," said an older white man identified as 'Larry' (History Mike did not use respondents' real names). If you don't bother them, they won't bother you. But it was a white dude who stole my car a few years back - assholes come in all colors". [Ed. Note: No, they may not bother you, until some anti-racist activists come in and stir them up as what happened at the first National Socialist Movement (NSM) Toledo rally in October 2005. Then they might start bothering you real quick.]

None of the 33 respondents expressed any intention to attend the rally.

Analysis: While interviewing 33 residents represents, in my opinion, a good-faith attempt to get a reasonably representative cross-section of opinion, what neighborhoods did History Mike visit? Did he visit the specific neighborhood highlighted in the June 15th, 2007 story published in the Kalamazoo Gazette which disclosed that during the period March 1st through May 22nd, out of 21 reported assaults, 15 were black-on-white. Sorry, but that's too much of a "coincidence" to blow off. Were they assaulted because they were white, or because they were homeless and thus assumed by the attackers to be vulnerable? Many black (and Latino) gangbangers look upon themselves as hard and tough while viewing whites as soft and effete, so they're more willing to victimize whites. It may not be ideologically racist on their part, but it is opportunistically racist at the least.

History Mike could have also cited the June 15th Gazette article and asked his respondents if they'd noticed a similar pattern elsewhere in town to determine the extent of the problem. This would have added more depth and meaning to the survey.

And while History Mike presents a graph on his site to show a downward trend in crime in Kalamazoo during the past 20 years, the Kalamazoo Gazette reported on July 10th that city manager Kenneth Collard was characterizing the city as teetering on the brink of violence due to gang activity. This was in response to the second shooting of a juvenile this year. So it appears the residents who told History Mike that "the gangbangers leave you alone as long as you leave them alone" are either downplaying the violence because they're inured to it, or they live in different neighborhoods.

And this is why Hal Turner and his supporters are coming to Kalamazoo on Saturday August 4th - to highlight and expose this black gang terrorism. Does Turner want to recruit? Of course he does - he wants to awaken people to the need to quit giving these gangbangers more money and more programs, and to take tough action to get them off the streets. Turner's rally is intended to be peaceful and law-abiding, and he has strictly counseled prospective rally participants to obey the law and respect the cops.

And Mike Brooks has seen first hand, in his own home town of Toledo on October 15th, 2005, what blacks can do when they get stoked up, chimp out, and go ballistic. These blacks are not the same as the relatively "tame" and economically more competitive blacks who live in his multicultural neighborhood. Mike Brooks may be a first-class historian, but he's a bit naive about racial issues.

Mike Brooks is a self-described historian, journalist, and "geek" who writes about news, history, technology, commentary, various reviews, and possibly anything else that crosses his mind. He also operates the Toledoperspectives blog, which is essentially a non-political photo essay of the Toledo area. Toledo has more redeeming characteristics than its "Corporal Klinger" reputation implies.

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