Friday, July 06, 2007

Is The NSM The Real Reason Why ANSWP Commander Bill White Has "Politely Declined" Hal Turner's Invitation To Attend The August 4th Kalamazoo Rally?

On June 21st, 2007, white nationalist radio host Hal Turner first announced his intention to organize a Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism to be held in Kalamazoo, MI, on Saturday August 4th, 2007. This rally is in response to a spate of 21 attacks on people by black malcontents over a three-month period, 15 of them specifically targeting lone white people. While many of the lone white people victimized are "homeless", the racial element is simply too strong to be dismissed, and so Turner and other prosepctive rally participants intend to highlight this problem.

Pursuant to this rally, Turner not only invited several organizations by name, but in general, invited all other pro-white sympathizers to show up and participate. The American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) was not originally mentioned by name. However, in response to some constructive criticism, Turner subsequently amended his invitation to include the ANSWP and its Commander, Bill White, by name, despite a breakdown in the previous relationship between Turner and White.

Bill White (pictured above left from cover of previous issue of National Socialist Magazine) not only had refused to participate in the two Knoxville Rallies, but was quite critical of the concept. Specifically, he took issue with the reluctance of rally organizers to accept uniformed National Socialist participants and the presence of the swastika. On June 16th, the day of the second Knoxville Rally, he even published a scathing denunciation of Stormfront's Jamie Kelso on Libertarian Socialist News, so the white nationalist community awaited White's reaction with interest.

However, despite the acrimonious history between Hal Turner and Bill White, there was no "scathing denunciation" or flaming this time round. Instead, White merely posted a simple and brief statement politely declining the invitation (subsequently, Turner withdrew the invitation to White, although keeping it in force for other ANSWP cadre). Does the change in White's tone mean that he is now more accepting of the "big tent" concept, or is there another factor?

I believe there is another factor. The rival National Socialist Movement (NSM) has also been invited by name, and not only are NSM cadre likely to attend, but the NSM was represented both at the June 16th Knoxville Rally and at the National Alliance's Holocaust Conference which took place in West Virginia. Even NSM Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles showed up at Knoxville II. On the surface, the NSM has maintained a guarded truce with the ANSWP, punctuated only by some occasional public sniping.

However, it looks like a far different story beneath the surface. While the NSM's official website avoids any mention of Bill White, the NSM's second, and far more lively and informative website, NSM Northwest, operated by the sometimes volatile, unpredictable, and eccentric Jim Ramm, takes a significantly different approach. Ramm continues to denigrate White at every turn and has posted a PERMANENT LINK to an anti-Bill White hate site called This blog, operated by an alleged former ANSWP member who calls himself "Mr. Schultz" (which sounds remarkably similar in style to an anti-racist Jew blogger named "Mr. Schwartz"), does NOT offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of White and the ANSWP, nor does this "Mr. Schultz" attempt to engage in any legitimate debate about national socialism. Instead, the Bill White Watch blog endlessly defames and smears White, with such posts as "Willie's Wacky World", "Willie's Commie Website was anti-Racist and pro-Faggot", and a real "keeper", "Anal Anarchy: Bill White's Butt-Buddy". We're not exactly talking Pulitzer-quality stuff here, folks. Maybe Leonard Pitts can turn that type of crap into a Pulitzer, but no white person ever would receive societal recognition for doing so.

The so-called "Mr. Schultz" also refers to Bill White as "Bill Weiss", implying that White is a Jew, despite the fact that White posted his paternal genealogy on his Overthrow88 Blog in July 2006 proving that his family's name is White as far back as he can go. It is common for malcontents, shit-disturbers and trolls within the movement to falsely accuse activists of being "Jewish".

And it only gets "better". The Bill White Watch site promotes another defamatory site replete with photoshopped pornographic images of Bill White in "action". I will NOT spell out the name of the site; click HERE if you think you have a sufficiently strong stomach to visit it.

It should be apparent by now that the "reforms" instituted by its Commander, Jeff Schoep, after Bill White left the NSM are primarily "paper" reforms. The NSM Northwest site is still recognized as an official NSM site. Consequently, it appears that Schoep finds the NSM Northwest website useful to do his "wet" work while keeping the main NSM website "clean" so he can promote a respectable appearance on the surface. It is chutzpah for the NSM to condemn Kevin Alfred Strom while they continue to maintain links to the NSM Northwest website which implicitly links to a hard-core pornographic website. In addition, the continued association of the NSM with Jim Ramm could undermine the Presidential candidacy of John Taylor Bowles. If the NSM truly wants to become a pro-family organization in fact as well as in name, it must sever all official ties with Jim Ramm and his NSM Northwest website.

I suggest the real reason Bill White has politely declined the invitation to attend the Kalamazoo Rally is to avoid the possibility of gratuitous violence directed against him by rogue elements within the NSM and the rest of the white nationalist movement. The issue is not personal fear on his part, but, while leading figures of the NSM such as its commander, Jeff Schoep or its Presidential candidate, John Taylor Bowles would restrain themselves for the sake of public appearances, nutcases like Jim Ramm could not restrain themselves. Words would be exchanged, and inevitably the two sides would then try to enroll each in the Doc Martin Dental Plan. The rally could degenerate into a spectacle of rival national socialists brawling in public. The embryonic and tenuous gains realized by the white nationalist movement from both Knoxville rallies would be instantly flushed down the toilet. Bill White apparently wants to avoid such an outcome.

Since I am not a member of either the NSM or the ANSWP, I don't particularly have a "dog" in this fight. Nevertheless, it is time for the NSM to shut down its morbid obsession with Bill White and the ANSWP, and return to its primary mission of promoting national socialism. If this happens, it would also be a good idea for Bill White to drop his lawsuit against the NSM and let bygones be bygones.


prof said...

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Mr. Schultz said...

Hey asshole! Ramm is Ramm and Schultz is Schuiltz. Get a fucking slue slave to Bill White!

Mr. Schultz said...

Hey asshole! Ramm is Ramm and Schultz is Schuiltz. Get a fucking clue slave to Bill White! Just look at how few visit your shitt blog and it's apparent that your shitsite has no traffic!

Anchorage Activist said...

Schultzie Boy - I prefer QUALITY traffic, which I attract with QUALITY posts. QUALITY is a word obviously not in your vocabulary.

Also, you shouldn't post when you're in the middle of a PMS episode. Makes you too excitable. LOL!

Bill White said...

Hi there:

I don't avoid rallies out of any concern for violence. I don't think there's an NSM member in this country who stands a reasonable chance in a fight with me.

I have declined Hal Turner's invitation because Mr Turner is a conman and a thief who preys on the white movement, and I will not share a stage with him.

I do not believe the NSM is planning to participate in Mr Turner's event either, though I don't follow their activities and don't know. Thus, avoiding them would not be the reason for our non-participation. Rather, its a continuation of our refusal to participate in Jew-driven media spectacles.


Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for the response, Bill. I suspected you still had significant ideological and tactical differences with Hal Turner, but was attempting to downplay them.

Your strategy of political guerrilla warfare seems to be working - it's getting more publicity for the cause and serving notice to our most prominent detractors that "hate can indeed have its consequences", and Leonard Pitts is tasting of those consequences even as we speak.

But the best part of this whole post was suckering this "Mr. Schultz" character into exposing his illiteracy and obsession for the whole world to see.

Hal Turner said...

Kalamazoo Michigan city residents overwhelming support Hal Turner's Rally against Black Gang Terrorism August 4, 2007 1pm. Finally the trueth of the security threat that has terrorized local residents has been exposed.

Proud German said...

I have no idea if White is infact a jew fag, but if he is Slutz must be his slighted x-bitch. Slutz calls himself a national socialist and I can't imagine who the hell would want a punk like that in his crew. That guy has more homo tendencies than any Aryan I have ever met. That Slutz has even linked with a site " probably written by slutz himself" that calls Rockwell a jew.

Anonymous said...

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