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Former Klan Leader Gordon Young Acquitted Of Sex Abuse Charges - Verdict Re-Kindles Bitter Rivalry Between Hal Turner And Bill White

In a surprisingly fair and short one-day trial in Washington County (MD) Circuit Court on Thursday July 12th, 2007, former Klan leader Gordon Young was acquitted late Thursday night of second-degree sexual offense, sexual abuse of a minor, and second-degree assault by a jury of eight men and four women. This post combines and summarizes reports from the Hagerstown (MD) Herald-Mail and WBAL-TV Channel 11 in Baltimore.

Reflecting the strength of the defense case and the flimsiness of the state's case, the jury required only one hour of deliberations to reach the verdict. Another plus for the defense - at the outset of the trial, Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell warned witnesses not to mention Young's involvement with the KKK when they testified, explaining that any mention of his association with the KKK would be prejudicial and could cause a mistrial or reversal of the case. While this certainly does not reflect any sympathy with the white nationalist movement on the judge's part, it obviously implies that the judge is aware of society's pervasive and artificially-fueled bias against white nationalism as well as his own desire that Gordon Young be judged strictly for his actions and NOT his affiliations. Young, married, with a 12-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son, once headed up the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a white nationalist group which organized rallies at the Gettysburg and Antietam Civil War battlefields during 2006. However, he disbanded the group in late November 2006, three weeks after the girl told her story to police.

[Ed. Note: One can only wonder how the outcome of the Utah trial of the Shaun Walker Trio would have been affected had the judge in that case barred any courtroom reference to their National Alliance ties. Unfortunately, the trio were all active National Alliance members at the time they committed their alleged offenses, and so the judge probably consider their NA affiliation germaine to the case.]

Young, 41, a resident of Sharpsburg, was charged with the offenses after a 15-year-old girl, who was identified as Young's adopted sister, told Washington County Sheriff's deputies that Young made her perform sexual acts on him at his home on two separate occasions in October 2006. He was also charged with second-degree assault and causing another to ingest bodily fluid.

The race card quickly but briefly surfaced during jury selection at the start of the trial Thursday morning, Assistant State's Attorney Gina Cirincion objected to the defense's attempts to strike jurors three different times based upon her perception that the strikes were racially motivated. Only one of the defense's three attempts was successful. Maryland case law prohibits the exclusion of jurors solely because of race, even though the O.J. trial in California showed that black jurors tend to be more sympathetic towards black defendants.

The plaintiff then gave testimony. She testified that Young was "an intimidating person." She claimed that Young wanted to punish her for failure to adequately perform household chores and poor performance in school. "He told me I had to do something that I was going to remember," she testified. She further stated that on one occasion, Young locked the door to his bedroom and made the girl perform a sex act on him.

The plaintiff then testified that a few days later, Young told her she needed to be punished for disrespectful behavior toward him. He laid on his bed and made the girl perform a sexual act even though she cried and said she didn't want to. "He said that the next time I did something wrong, the punishment would be worse," she testified.

However, the plaintiff's testimony was countered by three people. Young, who lived at the home with his wife and mother, testified that he never had sexual contact with the girl. He also stated that he couldn't recall being alone with the girl at any time during the days in question.

Young's mother, Sylvia Hendricks, testified that the girl would "elaborate" and not always tell the truth.

Young's wife testified that she was with her husband on the evenings in question. Under Cirincion's questioning, Young's wife testified that he was with her every minute of the day when the sexual contact was alleged to have occurred. [Ed. Note: On his subsequent report posted on his site, white nationalist radio host Hal Turner stated that the defense was able to produce records proving the victim was involved in work and social-related activities somewhere else at the exact same time she claimed to have been attacked. How Turner got the information early is discussed later in this post.]

During his closing argument, defense attorney David Pembroke suggested that the girl wanted to make a change in her life, so she told a story about her contact with Young. Her descriptions of the incidents were also vague and her testimony was flat and emotionless, Pembroke told the jury. "At 15, she doesn't have the knowledge to fill in the descriptions of the lies," he said.

After the jury's verdict was read, the plaintiff sobbed as family and friends crowded around her and Cirincion clasped her in a hug, while on the other side of the courtroom, Young's family gathered around him.

Aftermath: While the acquittal decision was rendered early on Thursday evening, the first official media reports did not surface until approximately 8:30 A.M. EDT on Friday morning. In contrast, when the Shaun Walker Trio was convicted during the evening of April 30th, the Salt Lake media immediately updated their websites. One must wonder if the Maryland-area media would have been so slow to report the outcome had Gordon Young been found guilty. However, at least the "good guys" won one for a change.

Meanwhile, setting the stage for the latest outburst of white nationalist movement drama to come, ANSWP Commander Bill White, in his other role as editor of Libertarian Socialist News (, had published an earlier story about Gordon Young on his site. The story, entitled "Teen Girl Testifies NSM Leader Raped Her", was an update on the testimony delivered in the case earlier that day and reflected the latest mainstream media reports available at the time. While White did NOT proclaim Gordon Young to be guilty, his article was implicitly critical of Young, as well as others in the movement who have been accused of improper conduct with underage persons. The report was published at 8:22 P.M. EDT.

Bill White then followed this up by posting the information on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

However, unbeknownst to White, popular white nationalist radio host Hal Turner, who probably has the best network of contacts within the white nationalist movement, had received a phone call from Gordon Young. Turner and Young had cultivated a friendly relationship, and so when Young was acquitted, he promptly phoned Turner and gave him the good news. Turner immediately published the information on his site. The time of publication was 10:07 P.M. EDT.

Like Bill White, Hal Turner followed suit and also posted his information on the Vanguard News Network Forum, as follows:

A Maryland State Jury today took less than one hour to Acquit former Ku Klux Klan Leader of Nine (9) felony Charges.

Gordon Young was found NOT GUILTY of multiple counts of Rape, Child Sexual Molestation and Assault.

His accuser, now age 16, made specific allegations of specific crimes on October 22 and 25, 2006 at specific times. Yet records from work and social organizations proved the accuser was elsewhere at the exact times she claimed to have been attacked!

The jury took less than an hour to find Gordon Young NOT GUILTY.

This information has been out for hours already, yet some on this forum have chosen to omit the NOT GUILTY verdict from their accusatory postings.

I hope it is clear to everyone here how absolutely malicious such posts are and how untrustworthy the sources of those posts have now proved themselves to be.

Stay away from such people. They are trouble and by their own actions here today, they have proved they are no friend of Pro-Whites

While nearly everyone welcomed the acquittal of Gordon Young, it is the presumptive and judgemental remarks by Turner, which I've highlighted, that lit the fuse.

White's report was published at 8:22 P.M., based on the latest media reports available. Turner's report was published at 10:07 P.M., based on inside information received from Gordon Young himself. Frequent Google News searches of "Gordon Young acquitted" did NOT reveal any mainstream media reports of the acquittal through 6:00 A.M. Friday (EDT). Therefore, I must challenge Turner's assumption that "the information had been out for hours". There was no way Bill White could have known of the acquittal at the time he posted his Overthrow article unless he had inside information like Hal Turner did.

Consequently, I must consider the possibility that the highlighted remarks by Hal Turner constitute a deliberate and unprovoked implicit cheap shot against Bill White. Turner, despite his courageous and persistent activism, simply could not resist the impulse to place his personal animus against Bill White AHEAD of the welfare of the Cause. This phenomenom continues to hamstring the American white nationalist movement and prevents it from achieving the unity and prominence it enjoys in many European nations, such as the British National Party in the United Kingdom, the National Front in France, and the NPD in Germany. All have elected lawmakers to their respective legislatures; we've elected NONE since David Duke. As the Irish Republican Army successfully proved, one must have both a political wing and a provisional wing to succeed.

In a subsequent post on the same thread, Hal Turner briefly recaps the events leading to the breakdown of the relationship between himself and Bill White:

Your intent was - and is - malicious. Everyone sees it.

You're always a little too eager to sew [sic] divisiveness; to sabotage unity, to attack those who are most active.

This same destructive behavioral problem caused a literal riot between the Vinlander Social Club and completely innocent NSM members. Your behavior set the stage for that trouble.

This same destructive behavioral problem is what finally got you thrown out of NSM. When you fabricated lies to divert attention from the fact that former NSM Chariman [sic] Cliff Herrington allowed his wife to share the NSM P.O. Box in Tulsa, OK for her "Joy of Satan" cult. You fabricated stories so blatantly the NSM suspended you. So you threw a temper tantrum and quit.

This same behavioral problem got you thrown off my radio network.

Your first show was OK. The second week you started mis-using the show to attack Pro-White Groups. I suggested after the show that you ought not do that.

The third week, you went on the air and did it again. After that show, I made clear it was not helpful to continue doing that.

The fourth week, you did it yet again. This time, even Tom Metzger called into that show to tell you on the air to knock it off. Instead of reining-in your bad behavior, you asked me to shut Tom off the air. TOM METZGER!

That was the final straw for your radio show.

When you were told you were off the air, you went out and published outright lies claiming you sent me a years worth of money to prepay your show and that I tried to steal your money!

You have a serious behavioral problem. You need psychiatric help.

Todays latest gaff with Gordon Young is, I suspect, the final straw for you. Your behavioral problem has finally exposed you for the troublemaker you are. There's no escaping now, Bill. You did it to yourself.

Your time in the White Nationalist movement is over. Finished.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Reasonably accurate, with a few exaggerations. First, there is no evidence that Bill White's actions were "malicious"; that's a subjective judgement call. And second, it was undisciplined Vinlander hooligans who attacked innocent NSM members at Nordic Fest 2006; White merely reacted AFTER THE FACT when the NSM, in his judgement, failed to impose consequences on the Vinlanders. While Hal Turner's support of the oft-maligned and demonized "skinhead" movement is gratifying, he seems too quick to excuse their misbehavior on the grounds of "solidarity". The financial dispute is one man's word against another's; I can take no sides on that issue.

And predictably, Bill White did not take these attack lying down. In this response on the Vanguard News Network Forum, he literally unloads on Turner:


As I've communicated to you before, you're a piece of shit, and a parasite, and no part of any movement I'm involved in.

As to Gordon Young, I just don't believe you. Hell, if you said it was sunny outside, I wouldn't believe you then, either, without some secondary evidence.

Don't like it? Come down here with eight cars of gunmen, kill me, and dump my body off the continental shelf, you cowardly loud mouthed pussy.

In real life, Hal, you're just a little man who trembles in fear at the thought someone might assault him, who runs from fights, who spouts out very loudly when he's behind police protection, and who plays out a fantasy on a very limited audience radio show while trying to stave off yet another bankruptcy.

You're a pathetic, dishonest, white trash wimp Hal, and a liar to boot. I'd say I wish you get what you deserve, but you already have it, and this moron and his sockpuppets are it.

Enjoy your "movement".

Clearly an over-reaction; White unquestionably poured gasoline on the fire. But can you blame him, really? I've already shown how Hal Turner deliberately and unprovokedly fired the first shot in this latest exchange. In addition, Bill White's determination to rid the movement of whiggers, perverts and criminals, combined with his dedication to principles of ethical probity and financial transparency, have made him a target for malcontents and their unwitting dupes. Maybe he's getting just a bit tired of being the primary point man for movement reform.

As Bill White promised in another VNN Forum thread, once mainstream media reports confirming the acquittal began filtering in as early as 8:30 A.M. EDT on Friday, he published an updated story on at 8:52 A.M.

Mind you, I'm no Bill White "acolyte" nor am I a member of the ANSWP (although the donation I was intending to send to Hal Turner will now most likely be split between Alex Linder and a subscription to National Socialist Magazine). I've critiqued his tactics when I've disagreed with them. But I try to focus on the issue rather than the personality, I try to ensure I have the facts, and I also try to be just as quick to defend him when I think he's right. That's called CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If we are to reach the same level of progress realized in Europe, we simply must become more constructive. If one could somehow construct a leader combining the vision of Dr. William Pierce, the intellect of Alex Linder, the heart of Hal Turner, and the integrity of Bill White into a single package, we could really take off. But until such time, we need to work more effectively with what we have.


Anonymous said...

my father was the grand wizard of the ku klux klan for the state of west virginia i also got sworn in thru the world knights by gordon young the first few months were very educating and reassuring that my family as a white race would grow and unite as one in wisdom an trust but gordon changed that for me my father and my white family he disapointed us all as he disrespected me for months mentally,sexualy, and physically i didnt say anything for the longest time in fear of my father doing something 2 him that would put him back in prison so i ended up burning my sworn contract making me feel like a trader to my white race i know that he was not found guilty of the charges he was accused of although i myself did not press chargers i know that he is guilty of them on behalf of the white race i would like to apologize for his wrong doing he is the reason why our people loose hope the only advice i can give to the white nation is to trust in god an be loyal to your family women and in peace Tattoo(the truest purest man ive ever known) WHITE PRIDE

Anonymous said...

this is horrible to here,bc i know this is true. i was apart of this case. and this so cslled "man" is not a man. he is a worthless piece of crap. he doesnt deserve a good life. he deserves to rot in jail.i hate this man. and i am sorry to these poor girls that have been through this bc of this man! something needs to be done with these dumb "rasist" bastards. all they are is sexual,violent men that are vulgar. they have nothing to live for so they want everyone else to feel their pain,and bow down to them.its not a good life t all.ive seen the horrible things that go on in these groups.its not something to mess with and its not something you want to be in.i have lived with a man that i had to go through every day hearing about this shit,i was pressured into things,heard and seen stuff a young girl father was the wizard of the klan.i lived a life of hell until we finally got out of the house.and now i hope and pray that this man rots in jail.