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"Brain Surgeons" At Kalamazoo Gazette Actively Promote Proposed August 4th Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism

The Kalamazoo Gazette has published a story entitled "Residents Urged To Ignore Radio Show Host's Rally", discussing the proposed August 4th Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism. While their intent is most likely to persuade people to stay away from it, their story undoubtedly will reach those who otherwise would not have heard about it. This constitutes "promotion". Thanks, Gazette!

The story itself is relatively factual and non-judgemental, although it does replicate a few mainstream media errors. Here are the key excerpts:

Police are urging Kalamazoo residents to ignore a rally against "black gang terrorism" that the host of an Internet radio talk show says he is organizing here.

Hal Turner, of North Bergen, N.J., has called for an August 4th protest in Kalamazoo in response to reports of alleged assaults by black teenagers against whites.

Kalamazoo residents should "ignore his (Turner) rally cry to gather and meet", said Dan Weston, chief of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. "The best thing the community can do is put this `on ignore,' ", Weston said.

Turner has called for a number of white supremacist organizations to send its members to Kalamazoo for the rally, according to a press release issued by Turner. The rally's purpose is "to tell politicians that everyone is tired of the police having their hands tied by politically correct appointees who fear being called racist for enforcing the law,'' Turner said in an e-mail message.

Turner said a location for the rally has not been finalized but he's considering the parking lot at the Department of Public Safety on Crosstown Parkway. [Ed. Note: Click
HERE for street map showing the approximate location.]

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to lawfully assemble, Weston said. "There's no way to require or regulate where people gather", he said. "There are no regulations that prohibit peaceful assembly".


In June 1998, about a dozen members of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan held a rally in Kalamazoo. Most of the 450 people who showed up for the event in Bronson Park did not support the Klan, according to Gazette reports from that time. More recently, the National Socialist Movement organized a rally in Lansing in April 2006 that drew approximately 90 supporters. Opposition protesters turned out in the hundreds. [Ed. Note: While I could not find the Gazette's report of the 1998 rally, I did find a substitute report from the Muskegon Chronicle.]


The Gazette reported on June 15th the alleged assault of a homeless white man a day earlier by what police described as a group of 15 black males. The Gazette also has reported that from March 1st to May 22nd, the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety investigated 21 assaults allegedly committed by teenagers and young adults. In 15 of those cases, police have said, a lone white male was attacked by a group of black males.

Police have no evidence that race was a motive in the assaults, Weston said. "They're being handled as assaults on citizens and investigated that way,'' he said.

On his website, Hal Turner also adds that the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety's 2006 report shows violent crime -- murder, rape, robbery and assault -- jumped 21.5 percent in 2006. Property crime -- burglary, larceny, auto theft and arson -- increased by 4.7 percent for the same period. The percentage increases exceed national averages.

Commentary: And the last sentence of the Gazette article reveals one of the major reasons for the rally - the underreporting and downplaying of black-against-white crime. While there may be no formal evidence that "hate crimes" are occurring, the fact that 15 out of 21 cases were black against white cannot be attributed to mere coincidence. At the very least, these blacks see isolated whites as targets of opportunity simply because they are white. That introduces race as a possible motive, and it should at least be surfaced and discussed. And this is one of the primary objectives of the August 4th rally - to force people, particularly the power structure, to confront this possibility.

And once again, where are the black leaders to hold their community accountable? For example, where's Al Sharpton? Why, Reverend Sharpton is in Douglas County, Georgia, trying to get black rapist Genarlow Wilson off the hook. And where are the "white" reverends like Pat Robertson and John Hagee? Why do they never take stands against black-on-white crime? It is because of this deficiency that people like Hal Turner and Alex Linder step in to fill the gap.

Turner is also asking for some financial help. While he anticipates spending a considerable amount of his own money, he not only wants to pay his own expenses, but also wants to budget for hotel rooms for himself and Alex Linder, Yankee Jim, Paul Gellar, Tripp Henderson, and Pastor James Wickstrom. He also wants to help with the expenses of the guy providing the PA system and generator. He also intends to get crews of two men per pickup truck and about ten trucks to distribute flyers in the area one week prior to the event. Turner would also like to be able to pay for those flyers and the fuel for the trucks, some of which may be driven in to Kalamazoo from considerable distances. There may also be minimal permit fees for the City of Kalamazoo. You know the rest; Fuel, tolls, meals and incidentals. Thanks to successful previous rallies in Knoxville, a foundation exists to make this rally a really positive event for the movement, so please help out!

Those who cannot personally attend can still help by dropping some bucks in the mail. Any amount will be helpful and appreciated. Send cash, checks or money orders (payable to Hal Turner) to:

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

Turner will post a list of the amounts received - without any identifying info for the contributor. Your anonymity is protected. He will also post a full accounting of trip expenses so you can see where the money went.

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