Thursday, June 21, 2007

White Nationalist Radio Host Hal Turner And Vanguard News Network Jointly Planning August 4th Kalamazoo Rally Against Black Crime


Special Note: Post updated June 22nd, 2007 to include additional information disseminated by Hal Turner.

Racial Breakdown of Kalamazoo, MI At A Glance (courtesy Earth Resource Systems)

White nationalist radio host Hal Turner has just announced the planning of a possible "rally against black crime" to take place in Kalamazoo, MI at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, August 4th, 2007. Turner has enlisted the Vanguard News Network (VNN) to help with publicity and mobilization. A separate discussion thread has been opened up on the Vanguard News Network Forum; this thread will contain information about hotels, parking and other logistical information as the planning progresses.

In addition to Turner himself, tentative speakers as of this post include VNN's Alex Linder, Christian Identity Pastor James P. Wickstrom, Paul Gellar, who hosts the "Think Tank Radio Show" on the Turner Radio Network (TRN), and Randy Gray, the highly-effective emcee present at the June 16th Knoxville Rally.

Hal Turner has now posted this formal invitation on his website:


I have reached out to NSM, AN [Aryan Nations], KKK and a host of other speakers. I am now also publicly inviting:

The American National Socialist Workers Party and their Commander, Bill White who is also invited to give speech at the event. I want to use this occasion to put the past behind us, mend fences and get back to the issues we both know need fighting for the benefit of White folks.

In addition, I am also publicly inviting members of Stormfront including Jamie Kelso and Don Black both of whom are also invited to give speeches.

I also invite ALL SKINHEADS, regardless of affiliation or geographic location.

Continuing with the public invitations, I invite WHITE REVOLUTION and its founder Billy Roper who is invited to give a speech.

I invite members of the National Alliance and members of National Vanguard [Ed. Note: National Vanguard no longer exists - its successor organization is European Americans United].

I have already confirmed that members of the CREATIVITY MOVEMENT support this effort and are coming. Creators are welcome to attend and I urge Creators in the Chicago area to use this event to reinvigorate your local crews after some troubles set you apart for awhile.

Finally, I invite all other pro-White groups not heretofore mentioned, and all unaffiliated pro-white individuals. I mean no disrespect by omitting group names, but all of you know the list can get huge!

Dress Code:
I prefer all attendess dress in regular, casual clothing. Whether you choose to wear organizational clothing or regalia is strictly up to you but for the benefit of everyone, let's keep the dress code to what we as typical, hard-working Whites usually wear.

You are encouraged to bring large signs expressing your views. Refrain from attaching those signs to any kind of stick or pole because sticks and poles can be used as weapons and we don't want any of that.

If you hold a valid permit to carry a firearm, you may exercise your right to do so if it conforms with Michigan state law. Otherwise, DO NOT bring any weapons of any type. I'm certain there will be a huge police presence and we want the cops to feel safe. After all, WE aren't the problem, the savages ARE!

Personality Conflicts:
There are a lot of strong personalities in our movement and as I can personally attest, some of us may not feel comfortable around certain others. I am putting aside any animosity I may have and if I can do it, we all can. So please don't be put off by who is or might be coming. We must put all petty differences aside for the benefit of the cause.

Additional information added Friday June 22 10:26 AM EDT


This event is to protest BLACK GANG CRIMINALS, and the politically-correct government apppointees who coddle them in the name of "tolerance and diversity." We are NOT protesting the rank and file Police Officers who put their lives on the line to protect everyone.

There will be speeches and chanting of extremely strong language by us and probably by any counter-protesters who show up. Emotions will run high - but we limit our action to words!

Anyone who throws anything, hits anyone or who damages any property will be immediately arrested.

If you see any kind of scuffle break out involving the police, our natural inclination would be to assist the police but we must refrain from doing that. We must allow only uniformed police to deal with any scuffle because if such a scuffle breaks out, ANYONE not in a police uniform who is involved in the scuffle will be arrested. We don't want anyone getting jammed up because they had good intentions. Let the police keep the peace.


I will engage the Kalamazoo Police in discussions today and next week regarding security for this event. I will explain to them how any security procedures applied to us MUST also be applied equally to any counter-protesters. Equal Treatment under the law!

Additional Details to follow!

Triggering this development is an evolving story from the Kalamazoo Gazette about a series of "wolfpack-style attacks" upon lone individuals by groups of teenagers and young men armed with bats, bricks, and rocks. While most of the victims are homeless, and the attacks may be a part of a growing nationwide trend of gratuitous violence against homeless people, the Gazette also reports an emerging racial aspect to these attacks. Of 21 such attacks which occurred between March 1st and May 22nd of 2007 ALONE, 15 of them were black-against-white. Gangs of savage local Negroes appear to be preponderantly targeting homeless white men.

In the most recent incident, a white male who resides at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission was walking in the 500 block of North Rose Street on Thursday June 14th at about 6:30 p.m. (the above map indicates this is within the Negro section of the city) when he was attacked by what witnesses reported to be a group of 15 black males all wearing white T-shirts. The attackers repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, causing severe injuries to his face. He was taken to Bronson Methodist Hospital and admitted for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries. Police have made no arrests as of this post. The wearing of a common item of clothing by the attackers, combined with disproportionate targeting of white victims, strongly implies a deliberate campaign of low-level black terrorism against whites in Kalamazoo.

WOOD-TV Channel 8 from Grand Rapids, MI also aired a story on this event but suppressed the racial element. Instead, they dwelt upon the aspect of the nationwide trend of attacks against the homeless.


Yankee James said...

THANKS for keeping us informed!

The link to TRN is bad (extra dot in it)

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for catching the typo! I have corrected it, and added Hal Turner's latest info.

Anyone who had doubts about Hal Turner before should no longer have doubts. He delivered at Kingston, he delivered at Knoxville, and he WILL DELIVER at Kalamazoo!!!