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Vanguard News Network's Glenn Miller Provides Eyewitness Report Of Second Christian-Newsom Knoxville Rally On June 16th

Special Note: Post updated on June 22nd, 2007, confirming the attendance of NSM Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles.

At the last moment, former White Patriot Party leader and prominent Vanguard News Network (VNN) activist Glenn Miller decided to attend the second Channon Christian-Chris Newsom Memorial Rally held in Knoxville, TN on June 16th. Originally, Miller intended to skip this rally, as he did the first one on May 16th, because he believed his controversial past would discourage attendance by some pro-white activists. A handful of irredentists maintain that Glenn Miller is a "race traitor" for testifying at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial in 1987, even though all defendants were acquitted, and irrationally hold this against him 20 years later. Click HERE to read Miller's account of his actions. I also recommend you read Glenn Miller's book, "A White Man Speaks Out", which provides an effective emotional foundation for white nationalism to complement the intellectual foundation provided in Dr. David Duke's book, "My Awakening".

If anyone deserved to be at this rally, Glenn Miller is it, based upon his previous record of activism. He not only provides some interesting insight as to who was there and some lessons learned for the next rally, but insists that nearly 200 pro-white activists were present. This conflicts with mainstream media accounts of around 100. Considering that not only does the mainstream media have a track record of undercounting pro-white participation at pro-white rallies in an attempt to discredit us through "minimalization", but also that Glenn Miller, through his participation in countless rallies in the past, is experienced at "counting noses", I'm inclined to believe his number. Another participant, who posts on VNN Forum as "burnjewburn" and who operates the Kentuckyanna True News blog, has confirmed the 200 number. Nevertheless, I look forward to even more corroboration by other participants before I start advertising this number on lemming and adversarial websites.

Here's his account, originally posted on this VNN Forum thread:

About 200 WNs were there. I personally met and chatted with Tony, Alex, Nimbus, Remnant, Rebel with a Cause, and coupla others. BurnJewBurn and Expose Them All were also there. Who'd I leave out ?? I estimate 10 VNN'ers attended, all tolled.

Alex gave a rousing speech, and he was also interviewed, at length, by at least one MSM [mainstream media] reporter. Hopefully, somebody'll post the video of his speech, and other speakers, as well.

Ken Gregg did a great job as leader, in organizing and executing the courthouse demo. His group also conducted demo's at coupla Knoxville media buildings, I understand. And they held a Klan rally and crosslighting ceremony Saturday nite on private property. Ken btw, was a chapter leader in the old WPP in the 80's.

Some of our signs were deploreable. Next time, let's make up dozens of large, professional signs, and ban the crappy ones.

While there, I also met and chatted with Dr Fields, GA Klan leader J.J. Harper, John Howard who runs the Klan museum in SC, the MSM [actually, Miller probably meant NSM, for National Socialist Movement] commander and two of his young "soldiers", and coupla dozen other WNs. [Ed. Note: The NSM has since confirmed that its Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles and its Viking Youth Corps Director Nick Chappell were in attendance.]

The anti's tried to drown out our speechs with their own loud speaker system which played LOUD
Martin Looter Koon speeches. They deliberately "interferred with our exercise of free speech", a violation of federal law. I personally reported this violation to two separate cops, but nothing was done. Next time, we must give prior official notification to the cops that we'll file a lawsuit if the anti's interfere with our free speech again, in this manner.

I also noted Alex [Linder] and Dr Fields chatting together.

Jamie Kelso provided live radio broadcasting to Stormfronters of the entire demonstration. Thus, the audio and videos will reach tens of thousands. YouTube is also presenting the video to countless more thousands.

I really enjoyed being there, especially meeting old friends again. I hadn't planned on going, but my conscience drove me, so I said "freak it" Friday morning, jumped in my pick-up, and hit the road for Knoxville. Got back home this morning at 1:30 AM - 1,300 mile round trip.

Sieg Heil !!!

Another VNN Forum member in attendance, who posts under the nickname "Sgruber", provides a more abbreviated but equally useful eyewitness account:

Good rally. As one of the “strictly neutral” (LOL) observers, I thought it went well, although I was pissed off by the large amount of police present. It looked like May Day 1952 on Red Square, with the addition of a sprinkling of us, some niggers, and the jews across the street.

And of course, that helicopter was there. Buzzing around.

Observations: Alex, Jamie Kelso, and the MC with the Jesse Ventura voice (sorry, don’t have his name) were great, even though Alex sort of gave up under the onslaught of the lawyer with the loudspeaker. But his divorce analogy was brilliant, and I liked his use of the n-word (aka NIGGER). The Presidential Candidate guy was not so good, slightly ridiculous (though clearly nowhere near as ridiculous as the antis). [Ed. Note: Since Miller disclosed an NSM presence at this rally, there can only be one Presidential candidate who would have attended - the NSM's John Taylor Bowles. Now confirmed.]

The best thing was most speakers NAMED THE JEW. They CALLED OUT THE JEW, loud and clear, over and over. That was SUPERB.

Other statements about how “God is going to...blah blah blah” -- all that CI “Yahweh” crap -- well, that was dumb. I understand it gives some people inner strength. I’m not knocking that. But it deflects attention from the real enemy. The real enemy isn’t someone who says “Jesus” or “Zeus.” The real enemy is real-life, genetic, biological jews in political power.

A miscalculation to be mindful of in the next rally was speakers addressing the antis across the street, arguing and pleading with them. The gist of this was “You don’t know what you’re doing - you need to wake up - why, you’re destroying your own race!” That was dumb. The white-skinned antis across the street were jews. Just look at them. I didn’t see one that was NOT a jew...

The rest of his post was more of a philosophical discussion of white nationalist ideology and tactics in general. His counsel to avoid addressing antis excessively is useful; however, it is appropriate to occasionally direct barbs at the opposition to embarass and shame them.

Finally, one of the VNN Forum members responsible for providing VNN's audio coverage briefly addressed the poor quality of the audio. Tony (who posts as OnThePathToTruth) explained as follows:

At this time I would like to apologize for the less than ideal sound quality of our broadcast yesterday. I was sure that a Bluetooth headset with mic at head level would be just the ticket for quality greater than that of the first rally. Dietrich and I were talking about this last night and we'll have it down for the next rally. He and I both have laptops and are working on live video streaming.

This rally was a success in accomplishing the mission of publicizing the disproportionate amount of black-against-white crimes and the wall of silence normally accompanying many of these crimes, as well as the Jewish role in setting the races at loggerheads against one another. The cooperation of multiple pro-white venues, to include VNN, Stormfront, Klan, and even the NSM was unprecedented and gratifying. With each successive rally, organizational and technical problems will be confronted and solved.

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