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Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder Pleads Not Guilty To Charges In Knoxville Court

Alex Linder (pictured at left with his back towards the viewer), the editor of the Vanguard News Network who led the May 26th Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally held in Knoxville, appeared in court in Knoxville on Monday, June 4th, 2007 and pleaded not guilty to charges related to his conduct at the rally. This post combines and summarizes initial stories from WBIR Channel 10 , WVLT Channel 8, and WATE Channel 6, all in Knoxville.

Click HERE to watch video from WBIR. This issue also being discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum, where further updates will be posted by others.

Linder (again pictured at left) was charged with multiple offenses, including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, vandalism, and assaulting a police officer.

According to some of the estimated 100+ rally participants, the event was organized to bring more media attention to the January murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. One of the main issues was the disparity of coverage between black-against-white vs. white-against-black crimes. While the latter are frequently designated as "hate crimes" right off the bat", the former rarely are designated hate crimes. The desire is to expose this contradiction as primary justification for eliminating the concept of "hate crimes" altogether.

However, even though all five of the accused perpetrators, four of whom face state charges, are black, local officials claim there is yet no evidence that the crimes were not racially motivated.

Linder is scheduled to appear in Sessions Court on July 24th.

Commentary: Alex Linder was arrested at the outset of the rally. From all accounts, he refused to process through an entry control point set up by local law enforcement for pro-white protestors to enter the "designated area" set up for them. He ventured out into the street midway between the pro-white area and the anti-white area. He was then accosted by Knoxville police officers, escorted back to the pro-white area, but then was inexplicably and brutally slammed to the ground by the KPD officers. Here are a couple of eyewitness reports posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

First, OnThePathToTruth reports the following:

The area in which Alex entered was not marked with any signs or notices that entering the street was prohibited. There was an entry way open and clearly there for the purpose of allowing people to travel up and down W. Main Street. During the time that Alex WALKED, NON-THREATENINGLY, on the street no police officer at any time told Alex that his behavior was prohibited and in fact never gave Alex any directive at all. They also failed and made no attempts to communicate with him.

Two cops walked briskly over to Alex, grabbed his arm and jerked in around 180 degrees catching Alex by surprise. They walked Alex to the other side of the street and threw him down onto the hot asphalt. Two cops sat on top of him injuring his ribcage and thoracic area and causing excruciating pain upon each inspiration. A third cop had his hand clamped around Alex's throat cutting off his air supply. His face was shoved into the asphalt road upon which he bled. The prescription glasses he had purchased two months ago were lying on the road, twisted, and covered with blood.

Alex was denied his glasses during his brief incarceration as well as suffering several indignities by the jail personnel. Alex's 5 pages of speech and other notes were stolen from his possession during the time his was in the custody of the various Knox County leos [law enforcement officers] and detention facilities. They have not been returned to him.

Next, Yankee Jim, who operates The Hudson Valley Freeman blog as a pro-white news analysis service for the Lower Hudson Valley in New York, reports the following:

I was standing right at the entrance to the rally when this happened.

There were at least two officers standing right there, which Alex walked right in front of...and they BOTH stood there with a very confused look on their faces.

They looked at each other as if to say..."whadda we do now?" Alex continued to hold up his sign while walking down the middle of the street and they stood there and watched him the ENTIRE TIME...and NEVER ONCE ordered him to stop, come back, or anything. As I said...they looked totally confused, as they seemed to KNOW that Alex had broken NO LAWS!

I would be willing to testify in court as to the truth of my above statement.

Also...I can't swear to it...but I don't recall seeing ANY signs saying "stay out" or anything along those lines. I could be wrong on this...but I don't remember seeing ANY signs. I'll have to look throught all the pictures to see if I'm right.

Both posts are part of a VNN Forum discussion thread entitled "Alex Linder: Political Prisoner".

Based on the eyewitness testimony and the photographic evidence available, there is no evidence that Alex Linder either resisted arrest, committed vandalism, or assaulted a police officer. Note how two separate charges of "resisting arrest" and "assaulting a police officer" for the same specific act are levied; this is an example of how the system deliberately overcharges pro-white political activists. The only charge which might carry some weight is "disorderly conduct", commonly a misdemeanor resulting in a nominal fine. Perhaps the two eywitnesses, as well as others, might be permitted to submit depositions remotely to save them the expense of returning to Knoxville.

However, the arrest of Alex Linder failed to defuse the rally, much to the dismay of the dress-wearing antis. White nationalist talk show host Hal Turner stepped into the breach and delivered a memorable speech which kept the fires of enthusiasm stoked for nearly an hour. While I don't suggest that Turner "saved" the rally, it would have received far less publicity without his presence. Here are two links to Hal Turner's speech:

Click Here for audio only

Click Here for VIDEO OF SPEECH

Another group of pro-white activists will be staging a another "second-wave" rally in Knoxville on Saturday June 16th. This rally will be more elaborate; the primary rally at the Knox County Courthouse at 1:00 P.M. will be preceded by picketing at several local media outlets. Click HERE for more details about the June 16th rally.


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