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Nearly 200 Pro-White Activists Already Committed To Attend June 16th Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally In Knoxville

Nearly 200 pro-white activists have already committed to attend the June 16th Channon Christian-Chris Newsom Memorial Rally to be held in Knoxville, and the number could grow to as many as 500. This conclusion is based upon information provided by Stormfront's senior moderator Jamie Kelso.

Special Note: For those of you who cannot attend, the Vanguard News Network has announced that VNN Broadcasting will run from ~9AM until ~3PM EST (on June 16th), with live reportage from Tony (who posts on VNN Forum as "OnThePathToTruth") and Alex [Linder]. That's right, the same Alex Linder who led the May 26th rally and was brutally slammed to the ground and arrested. Also, the event will be "live-blogged" on the front page at with still photos updated as they come in. Monitor this VNN Forum thread for more information about the broadcast.

In this Stormfront post, Kelso discloses the following:

I just spoke with Pastor Ken Gregg by phone. He will get the information out, on this thread, and elsewhere as to the particulars of Saturday morning activities preceding the 1pm rally on the Knox County Courthouse steps and lawns.


One of the locations for morning activities preceding the 1 P.M. main rally is the nearby offices of the Knoxville News Sentinel, just 2.0 miles away on surface streets... . It is the Knoxville News Sentinel which has failed its journalistic duty to report the real facts about non-White against White crime in Knoxville, including the horror perpetrated on Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom .

Pastor Ken Gregg indicated in our phone conversation that the rally speakers will focus on the whole burning issue of the media blackout on crime against Whites by non-Whites, in which the Christian/Newsom murder is the latest outrage. Pastor Gregg asked that patriots please think of signs that focus on the whole betrayal by the controlled media. For example, the fact that the recent FBI crime report listed 36,000 rapes of White women by Blacks in 2005, and anywhere from zero to 10 rapes of Black women by White men in the same year. This shocking fact, and all the other shocking facts of "
The Color of Crime" go unreported by the anti-White controlled and politically correct media. [Ed. Note: Also see American Renaissance's other report "Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait".]

For folks coming in on Saturday morning, there will be patriots at the Knox County Courthouse to direct you to join us at any nearby rallies in front of media outlets like the Knoxville News Sentinel. There will be patriots at the Knox County Courthouse to help you no matter when you arrive. So don't worry about getting lost...we'll be there. All sorts of maps will go up to help you find the Knox County Courthouse, and nearby parking.

Pastor Ken Gregg has had so many signups for his private campout activities nearby to Knoxville on Friday night and Saturday night that he is very optimistic that a large turnout is likely, since so many patriots have already maxed out his campout facilities (almost 200 people).

The 200 people who plan on remaining overnight are merely the more committed stratum of activists who aren't attending merely for the rally, but also to network and brainstorm each other for more activist ideas. For every ONE person remaining overnight, there will be at least one person who shows up at the rally just for the day. A conservative estimate is that at least 400 pro-white activists and sympathizers could show up for the rally. This number could easily grow to 500 as last-minute publicity efforts take effect. Here is the list of scheduled events:

1). Picket at WATE-TV Channel 6 at 9 A.M.

2). Picket at Knoxville News-Sentinel at 10 A.M.

3). Assemble at Knoxville Police Department parking lot at 12 Noon.

4). Rally on courthouse steps from 1 P.M. til 3 P.M.

Click HERE for more complete details on the rally.

On May 26th, Alex Linder and his intrepid band of 30 pro-white commandos, assisted by at least 70 others, knocked a hole in the wall of silence surrounding black-against-white crime. However, on June 16th, at least 500 Stormfront-inspired regulars will pour through the breach and widen it. Will YOU be one of them? If you're within driving distance and have no other binding commitments, BE THERE.

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