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National Alliance 2007 International Holocaust Revisionist Conference In West Virginia Characterized As A Success

Update posted on June 13th, 2007 in green to provide more information on Dr. Ed Field's participation.

During the weekend of May 26-27, the National Alliance's 2007 International Holocaust Revisionist Conference took place as advertised in Mill Point, WV. While receiving none of the mainstream publicity garnered by the 2006 Conference in Tehran, participants characterized it as a success. This post combines reports from Newsnet14, the National Socialist Movement, and the National Alliance. The conference was also discussed on the National Alliance's Resistance Discussion Forum.

Holocaust revisionists met to discuss the issue of the Holocaust, its historical reality, and its effect on current events. They were treated to inspiring and informative presentations from several prominent authors and activists.

For the benefit of those unaccustomed to Holocaust revisionism, revisionists do NOT deny that it occurred, or that Jews died in large numbers, some put to death contrary to the laws of National Socialist Germany. Revisionists merely dispute many "facts" put forth about the Holocaust, to include the demographics (number of victims considered inflated), the methodology (serious questions about whether gas chambers were used to execute victims), and, in particular, the singularity (Organized Jewry believes the Holocaust is "unique" and that no other genocide, regardless of magnitude, can possibly compare with it).

On Saturday, May 26th, Paul Fromm, a Canadian free speech activist who was recently physically attacked by antifa hooligans in his own country, opened up the conference by discussing free speech and explaining how the Holocaust industry represses free speech by censoring discussion of the Holocaust. Willis Carto, the editor of both the American Free Press and The Barnes Review, followed by discussing his lengthy experience in Holocaust revisionism. Mark Franklin then gave a multi-media presentation demonstrating the problems of the current Holocaust tale.

On Sunday, Joseph McGinness delivered an extremely interesting speech revealing the depths to which the U.S. government will stoop to deport alleged ‘nazi war criminals’, regardless of the facts or innocence of the accused. Dr. Arthur Butz, a professor at Northwestern University who wrote the groundbreaking book "The Hoax of the 20th Century", was the next speaker. He spoke concerning strategy that can be useful in unmasking the mythology corrupting the Holocaust story. Finally, Danish revisionist Knut Eriksen spoke and Lady Michele Renouf, who authored "Jailing Opinions", ended the conference speaking about her experience in defending free speech and pointed out the anti-white role of the Abrahamic-based religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) reported that Dr. Ed Fields, the editor of The Truth At Last newspaper, was also in attendance. According to a later National Alliance News report, Dr. Fields gave a very dramatic and passionate speech regarding the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

The NSM comrades also reported that they met two of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell's original stormtroopers, but did not identify them.

Ingrid Rimland-Zuendel, the wife of imprisoned German activist Ernst Zuendel, was scheduled to appear but did not show. No further reference was made to Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans, who was not mentioned on the original National Alliance announcement but was referred to on the Resistance Forum.

However, there were a few sour notes. Erika Gliebe, the wife of National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe, reported that several of the speakers were subjected to pre-conference pressure from former NA members associated with the Kelso-Strom-Lindstrom axis not to attend. In addition, NSM comrades also report that some dissident national socialists attempted to disrupt their own efforts.

Participants were quite pleased by the speeches and the opportunity to network and exchange ideas in an ideologically-permissive environment. Some attendees were impressed with the national office campus and were "wowed" by the extensive array of products available at the warehouse facilities. The National Alliance looks forward to even more successful revisionist meetings in the future.

The National Alliance intends to make a DVD of the conference available for sale at a future date. Monitor the National Alliance website for further information.

Click HERE to read the transcript of Erich Gliebe's American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 2nd, where he discusses Holocaust Revisionism at length.

Commentary: Despite the lack of mainstream media coverage, it looks like the Conference was a success, with some prominent guest speakers to make it a solid attraction. Erika Gliebe reported that it was the largest crowd they've had on the Hillsboro, West Virginia compound ever.

The fact that the warehouse was well-organized and filled with products indicates that the National Alliance continues to make a steady recovery under the steady hand of Erich Gliebe. While many white activists continue to denigrate Gliebe over mistakes made during his first tenure as chairman, he appears to have learned from these mistakes. Not a week goes by without at least one report of a National Alliance literature drop somewhere in the United States.

Attendance at this conference undoubtedly would have been greater had there not been two competing pro-white events the same weekend. First, there was Nordic Fest 2007. But more importantly, there was the first Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally in Knoxville, organized by the Vanguard News Network. Around 100 people showed up for that event.

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