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First Report On June 16th Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally In Knoxville

Special Update: Local media reports now filtering in. Also, one clarification issued by Yankee Jim on VNN Forum. Update posted 3:47 P.M. AST in green.

The second Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally in Knoxville, TN concluded moments ago. Preliminary reports show at least 200 pro-white activists participated, although the first report from the Knoxville News-Sentinel claims 100 protestors and 70 antis. This is less than I expected but was in line with what one of the primary organizers, Stormfront's Jamie Kelso, had predicted, based on the number of people who made camping reservations for the entire three-day period (June 15-17).

Reports are still filtering in, but apparently no serious problems resulted, and Vanguard News Network (VNN) editor Alex Linder made a surprise appearance and gave a "fiery" speech. The same Alex Linder who would never have been allowed to even post on Stormfront in the past was now sharing the stage with Stormfront and other pro-white activists and playing a prominent role. Congratulations, Stormfront, for setting aside your paradigms about VNN and putting race ahead of ego. However, Yankee Jim, a prominent VNN activist who also operates The Hudson Valley Freeman blog, reminds us that Linder received the invitation from Pastor Ken Gregg himself, and not from any Stormfront official. I find this distinction academic, though - it still represents a significant collaborative step between the erstwhile rival venues.

Here's the primary media account from the Knoxville News-Sentinel, also posted on VNN Forum:

Protesters, opponents rally downtown
June 16, 2007

Another downtown rally against interracial crime ended peacefully today as more than 300 police officers, deputies, state troopers and federal agents stood guard. [Ed. Note: Some better reporting. For once, it was called a "rally against interracial crime" rather than a "white supremacist rally".]

A little less than 100 people gathered on the lawn of the City County Building on Main Street for a protest "in honor of" Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, the white Knox County couple who police said were raped and killed during a January carjacking. Four men and a woman, all black, face various charges in their deaths.

The protesters, led by Ken Gregg of the Jefferson County-based ABC Group, claimed the media has ignored the case and refused to report all the details of what happened. They began by protesting this morning outside WATE, Channel 6, on Broadway and on Western Avenue near the News Sentinel building, then headed downtown for the rally.

About 70 counter-protesters stood across Main Street, shouting and waving signs in opposition as soul music and the words of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. played on a stereo.
[Ed. Note: WHOOPS! They forgot the "Doctor" in King's title. Did they view the website and find out MLK plagiarized his PhD thesis? LOL!]

Today's rally marked the second such protest downtown. The first happened May 26th and began with the arrest of its organizer, Alex Linder of Kirksville, MO.

The event today saw two arrests, police said. The Tennessee Highway Patrol [THP] arrested two men as they parked at the corner of Gay Street and Cumberland Avenue just before the rally began at 1 p.m., Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said.

David Michael Hahn, 49, of Knox County was charged with carrying a gun with intent to go armed, DeBusk said. A THP trooper spotted him getting out of his vehicle with a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol, DeBusk said.

Timothy Tierney, 48, of Cincinnati was charged with possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, DeBusk said.

The rally ended around 3 p.m. as the protesters marched to their cars past a jeering crowd.

Other local media reports have been filed by WVLT Channel 8 and WATE Channel 6, both of Knoxville. The only additional information of consequence from these two sources were some snippets from Pastor Greggs' speech and reaction from Gary Christian, both from WVLT. First, Pastor Gregg:

We're white people! We founded this land and you're not going to take it!", said Pastor Ken Gregg, one of the rally's organizers. "You animals, you better crawl back in your hole!"

"Yahweh, who's our god, inspired our people to stand-up because our people are being murdered all over the world," Pastor Gregg said.

Next, by Gary Christian, the father of Channon Christian (in a separate story):

Channon Christian's father, Gary, responded to the rally that took place in Downtown Knoxville today.

"I think it was a hate crime. I think any kind of crime like that is a hate crime. Was it racial, no, I don't think so," Christian said.

He said he doesn't like anyone using his daughter's pictures for their own agenda.

Christian also said that he did not like the ralliers visiting Channon's grave site and says he will stop them if they try it again.

White nationalist radio host Hal Turner has posted the following information on VNN Forum:

AUDIO ARCHIVE OF TODAY'S KNOXVILLE RALLY! I am pleased to have been able to broadcast this live on June 16 The audio archive is about 2 hours long, sadly, we lost the feed after about two hours! The speakers at this event kicked ass and took names. They looked the assembled blacks in the face and told them "We are tired of you savage beast, Jungle Bunny Niggers attacking White people!" They cited FBI statistics showing out of 645,000 violent inter-racial crimes, ninety percent (90%) are perpetrated by Blacks against Whites, yet Whites are charged with 65% of the "Hate Crimes!" I was proud to carry this event live and make this audio archive available free! My goal in airing this event was to prove with deeds, my commitment to working with others in the pro-white movement. Actions speak louder than words and I hope this gesture on my part, which allowed the event to air not only on the internet but also on 95.1 FM in New York City and 90.3 FM in Fort Smith Arkansas, helped prove my willingness to put aside any differences from the past and work with various groups and individuals. We may have differing approaches to White Nationalism, but we're on the same team!

Click HERE for AUDIO broadcast of rally. Recommend the Turner broadcast because some technical problems with the VNN broadcast were reported.

Unfortunately, there's one sour note. American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White is taking some serious issue with the rally, to the point where he is in imminent danger of crossing the line between disagreement and disrespect. In one VNN post, he implicitly compares Stormfront with ACT UP! (a queer anarchist group) because of the involvement of Jamie Kelso. In another VNN post, he formally accuses Kelso of being a homosexual without providing corroborative evidence.

So what if Kelso may be queer. Does he demand "special rights"? No! Does he demand taxpayer-funded spousal benefits? No! Does he attend gay-straight club meetings and recruit high school students? No! So what's the problem. Homosexuality is incompatible with white nationalism, but queers have been amongst us since Sodom and Gomorrah. We can't just summarily execute them, so, until the time we can cure them pharmacologically, we simply have to keep them closeted. That means if they do it, they keep their mouths shut about it, keep it consensual, and stay away from our kids.

But what really pushes Bill White across the line from mere disagreement to actual disrespect is to post this criticism on the day of the rally. To flame somebody else's rally on the day of occurrence is not merely disagreement with someone else's activism, but disrespecting it. It's like going up to someone else's wife and grabbing her "happy bits" (as they say in Australia). It simply isn't accepted, and you get into trouble for it. Bill White has gotten into enough trouble within the movement for his courageous exposure of Satanists, pedophiles, whiggers, and general misfits, but it's his IMPETUOUSITY that keeps him in the doghouse. There's no reason why Bill White couldn't have waited until TOMORROW to publish his own "post-mortem" of the rally, out of respect for the organizers and participants. His impetuosity undermines his otherwise obvious integrity and commitment to focused activism through the ANSWP.

Follow further discussion of the rally on this VNN Forum thread.

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